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The Singapore Police Force: Transforming through the generations

The ‘A’ Division NS Commander of the Singapore Police Force, DAC (NS) Patrick Fung, has witnessed a lifetime’s worth of changes during his 40 years in service.



For a sense of how the Singapore Police Force (SPF) has evolved, look no further than senior officers like DAC (NS) Patrick Fung, 56, who enlisted in the mid-1980s. This transformation is even evident in the way National Service officers are selected to join the SPF. “It was a different path to the Force back then,” he recalls. “We all did our Basic Military Training on Pulau Tekong and a handful of us were selected for training at the Police Academy from there, unlike today, when most start with police training.”

DAC (NS) Fung was first posted to Police HQ, within its Strategic Planning Department. He only began serving in a land division – in his case, the ‘A’ Division – during his subsequent in-camp training cycles, whenever he returned on holiday from law school in the United Kingdom.

Patrolling the streets of Singapore in the early 1990s was an “eye-opening” experience. “I got to see a very different side of Singapore,” he reminisces. “On the surface, everything is very nice and polished. But when you start walking the streets, you’re exposed to another side of life: Suicide, domestic disputes.” Like many of his counterparts, DAC (NS) Fung acknowledges that he himself had lived quite a sheltered life. “But being in the Force was a privilege as I got to see and understand these social issues first-hand and not take our own luck for granted.”

He remembers the first suicide he was dispatched to assist with. “I think it was in Toa Payoh. Back then, we didn’t have those blue tents to cover the bodies. We had to use newspapers, or whatever we could find to clean up the area.”

How would today’s officers fare in that world? “It was a different time,” he stresses. “There was no channel for us to talk about how we felt or to prepare us for what we were going to do. Of course, that’s not the case anymore. Now, the wellbeing of our officers is something we are very concerned about — and with good reason, I think.”


As the NS Commander of the Singapore Police Force’s ‘A’ Division, DAC (NS) Fung is tasked to look after the welfare and wellbeing of his NSMen. Structural changes have made this easier, as there are policies to support SPF officers, both NS and regular. “These extend to mental wellbeing and care, which is very encouraging,” he explains.

He sheds light on progressive changes within the organization as well. “Most admirably, we’ve moved away from being a ‘boys’ club’ — women now have a place in every part of the SPF, which was very different from the past, when they were restricted to operating our phone lines or manning our stations. As a father of three daughters, I can confidently encourage any of them to take up a career in the SPF today.”

DAC (NS) Fung also oversees the deployment of NSmen to support key events in the ‘A’ Division, which covers central Singapore. Given this area, this means that he and his team are responsible for supporting the security operations for major events like the F1 Grand Prix, New Year’s countdown parties and the Shangri La Dialogue. But the event that stands out the most to him is the annual National Day Parade, which comes under the ‘A’ Division’s purview, whether it is held at the Padang or the Marina Bay Floating Platform. “I think the only time we didn’t support it was during the first year of COVID-19, when it was held at the STAR Arts Performing Theatre.”

NDP holds a special significance to the servicemen of ‘A’ Division shares DAC (NS) Fung. “And because we do so many events a year, our people are quite up to date on what needs to be done. Doing it once gives our men a good idea of what is expected of them. Through regular deployments like these, our NSmen can build closer working relationships with their regular counterparts and learn more about current policing procedures.”

It is usually at events like these that many of his men interact with members of the public as well. Just as the SPF has evolved to meet with the times, it has also had to rethink the way it interacts with the public. “In the old days, you could easily get compliance from the public. But as our population has become more educated and discerning, we have had to change our tack,” he explains. “There may be questions about our procedures and instructions, so our officers need to be trained to answer those sensitively and yet, firmly.” In this area, NS officers have an advantage over their regular counterparts. “They spend most of the year as civilians, so they definitely have a good grasp of public sentiment.”

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In The Force

How staying cool helped these PNSmen save a life

This team of PNSmen used their first aid training and teamwork to make a crucial difference during their in-camp training.


On 20 November 2022, four Divisional Special Task Force (DSTF) Police National Servicemen (PNSmen) officers from Jurong Police Division, INSP (NS) Maung Kyaw Yan Shinn, SGT (2) (NS) Cao Liang, SGT (1) (NS) Kor Zhe Ming, and SGT (1) (NS) Faiz Hakim Sim Jun Wei, were patrolling along Block 501-504, Jurong West Street 51.

A member of the public informed them that someone had fainted at a nearby market and required immediate medical assistance. The DSTF officers rushed to the scene and noticed a large crowd surrounding an unconscious person whose spouse was crying beside him.


INSP (NS) Maung and his team calmly took charge of the situation while awaiting the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel to arrive. Relying on the first aid training received during his full-time National Service, SGT (1) (NS) Faiz performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while INSP (NS) Maung ensured that his airway was clear and removed metal items from the patient’s body.

SGT (2) (NS) Cao Liang retrieved an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) from a nearby community club, while SGT (1) (NS) Zhe Ming summoned for an ambulance and updated his Ops Room and Jurong West NPC of the situation.

An SCDF ambulance arrived soon after and the officers were informed that the patient was resuscitated en route to the hospital. They were relieved and glad that their initial assistance during the critical period had helped the patient survive.

SGT (2) (NS) Cao Liang believed that teamwork was a crucial factor in the team’s ability to help save a life.  

“Clear communication, trust, and mutual respect among team members were key to a successful outcome. Each team member was aware of his role and responsibilities and was able to communicate effectively with one another. The team’s cohesion and cooperation made a significant impact on the outcome of the situation and helped save lives,” he said.

SGT (1) (NS) Faiz felt the incident highlighted the importance of first aid knowledge.

“It has also made us realise that more people should know how to administer first aid. From now on, we would highly encourage everyone to take up first aid course as it is a very important life skill,” he said.


The DSTF officers credited their ability to respond quickly to the training during their Police Officer Basic Course as well as vocational training at Jurong Police Division.

“Life is unpredictable. Anything can happen to our loved ones at anytime. I think with general medical knowledge and training, you might be able to save a person’s life one day. I will expand my knowledge in the general medical field so that I would be able to save another life if the same scenario takes place again,” said INSP (NS) Maung Kyaw Yan Shinn.

“In this new year, we would definitely encourage our friends and families to take up a First-Aid Course as this is a life skill that would come in handy in a medical emergency. We would also try out the myResponder app, serving and providing assistance to the communities even when not donning on our blue uniform,” added SGT (1) (NS) Kor Zhe Ming.

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Club Buzz Spotlight

How volunteering with HomeTeamNS sparked a friendship across the forces

Runs, encounters with ministers and ‘makan’ sessions are among the experiences shared by DAC (NS) Muhamad Azfar Bin Ramli and MAJ (NS) Shahrudin Bin Salleh.

DAC (NS) Muhamad Azfar Bin Ramli and MAJ (NS) Shahrudin Bin Salleh play distinctly different roles in safeguarding the public interest. The former is the commander of Clementi Police Division while the latter, is the deputy commander for 21A Public Shelter Rescue Unit of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). Despite serving different roles, DAC (NS) Azfar and MAJ (NS) Shahrudin have developed not just a friendship but a common goal as well – to provide fellow HomeTeamNS members with the best recreational experiences possible. As members of the recently-opened Bedok Reservoir clubhouse’s Executive Committee, the two HomeTeamNS volunteers contribute to decisions involving clubhouse operations. The committee, for example, oversees tender evaluations for external parties that provide services like internet, swimming pool maintenance and renovations.

The pair first met back in 2017, when they were on the executive committee of the Bukit Batok clubhouse. Recalling first impressions, MAJ (NS) Shahrudin says that DAC (NS) Azfar, who works as a senior scientist at A*STAR, exuded an air of self-confidence.

“I was a newcomer to the HomeTeamNS volunteer team, and DAC (NS) Azfar immediately made me feel welcome. He also struck me as a highly intelligent but humble individual,” says MAJ (NS) Shahrudin, who is the subject Head of PE/CCA at Ngee Ann Primary School.

DAC (NS) Azfar, on the other hand, found his new counterpart to be “genuinely amiable, friendly and easy going”. Soon, they were shooting the breeze about clubhouse matters and personal interests. “We’re just very likeminded people and love chatting about anything under the sun,” says MAJ (NS) Shahrudin.

All for the common good

MAJ (NS) Shahrudin Bin Salleh
MAJ (NS) Shahrudin Bin Salleh

Even though the two men may not agree on every subject, they both share a strong affinity for the HomeTeamNS family. DAC (NS) Azfar’s decision to volunteer stems from a desire to make fellow NSmen feel appreciated. “As a long-serving NSman, I fully understand the sacrifices that our NSmen make for the security of the nation. Hence, I feel it is important that HomeTeamNS sufficiently represents the interests of our NSmen and to show our appreciation for them,” says DAC (NS) Azfar, who has served as a NS leadership appointment holder at the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for more than a decade.

While the circumstances surrounding MAJ (NS) Shahrudin’s volunteer journey are different – he jokes that he was “arrowed” (cajoled) to volunteer – he has come to cherish his role.

“I see the men under my command as my band of brothers. Being their voice in HomeTeamNS means a lot to me. It also aligns with my purpose of contributing to the Force and country,” says MAJ (NS) Shahrudin, who also volunteers at the Punggol 21 Community Centre’s Malay Activities Executive Committee (MAEC), The Terrace Residents’ Network, and his mosque.

Dignitaries and healthy distractions

DAC (NS) Muhamad Azfar Bin Ramli at the HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir roadshow.
DAC (NS) Muhamad Azfar Bin Ramli (fourth from left) at the HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir roadshow.

The two friends have fond memories of their volunteer work at HomeTeamNS. For DAC (NS) Azfar, this includes an opportunity to host Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and the Minister for Law, and Ms Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information and Second Minister for Home Affairs, during the official opening ceremony of the HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir clubhouse in January.

“It was an honour to show them around the new clubhouse and highlight the work of various HomeTeamNS volunteers who helped with the clubhouse development process,” he says. MAJ (NS) Shahrudin has also rubbed shoulders with a high-profile guest. He helped with the filming of a promotional video for the HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok clubhouse that featured Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development, Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, who is also President of HomeTeamNS.

The cherry on top? MAJ (NS) Shahrudin’s son was also part of the cast.

MAJ (NS) Shahrudin and his son, Isa, competing in a friendly round of Mario Kart with Assoc Prof Faishal Ibrahim at PlayPen.

“My son Isa was so excited about getting to be in the film that he made it a point to memorise the script and rehearse it with his mum. The entire experience was such a positive one for him and I’m glad he was given the opportunity to be involved,” recounts MAJ (NS) Shahrudin.

“He even went to ask Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim what his PSLE score was after I told him that the minister is a very learned man!”

Both NSmen are regular participants of the annual HomeTeamNS REAL Run — not least for the camaraderie the event fosters. “Various NSmen from my SPF unit volunteer as marshallers for the run every year. I have always found it heartening to see them develop enduring friendships during this annual affair. I thoroughly enjoy mingling with them and listening to them share their backgrounds and cultures with me,” says DAC (NS) Azfar.

 MAJ (NS) Shahrudin echoed the sentiment. “This event is when I get to meet my fellow NSmen from across the Home Team. We usually chit-chat and laugh heartily during the run, crossing the finish line before we know it. I think this also sums up my volunteering journey,” he says. “To be honest, I’m not really in this for a workout. I’m more interested in the makan session I always have with DAC (NS) Azfar at Kampung Chai Chee Restaurant in Punggol after the rehearsal and actual runs!”

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Club Buzz Lifestyle

How to celebrate Mother’s Day at HomeTeamNS

This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation for the mums in your life with these delightful deals on gifts, wellness treatments and family-friendly feasts.



If you’d like to show your appreciation to your Mum for always having your back this Mother’s Day (May 14), check out this list of curated promotions for HomeTeamNS members. Whether she’s a fashionista, wellness enthusiast or a devoted foodie, you’ll find something here to make this an occasion she’ll look back fondly on for the rest of the year.


Step up your gifting game with Sunnystep

Keep Mum one step ahead — literally — with S$10 off shoe products at Sunnystep. It’s a footwear brand started by a spine injury patient who came up with the idea for comfortable walking shoes that would help minimise stress on the feet and body.

HomeTeamNS members can find the promo code on the HomeTeamNS Mobile App for online purchase. Alternatively, they can flash the digital membership card in-stores. The promotion runs until 31 June 2023. 

Mum’s time to shine with Chrono Collection

If Mum’s into a bit of bling, she’ll want to check out Chrono Collection’s customised Casio G-SHOCK and BABY-G range, which boasts playful names like Cotton Candy, Solitaire and Rainbow Unicorn, all plated in options like silver and rose gold and decked out in colourful gem-based hues.

HomeTeamNS members can enjoy S$30 off all products with the exclusive promo code on the HomeTeamNS Mobile App.


Care for Mum’s hair at Black Hair Salon

Give Mum’s crowning glory some TLC at Black Hair Salon, where HomeTeamNS members enjoy an array of discounts when they flash their membership card in the HomeTeamNS Mobile App. These include 15 per cent off any chemical or treatment services, as well as any hair products, and 10 per cent off haircuts, styling, and wash-and-blow services.

If it’s your birthday, enjoy a one-time 25 per cent discount off all hair services, and 20 per cent off all hair products.

All promotions listed are only valid until 31 December 2023.

Help her unwind at Euvie Aesthetics Wellness

Has mum been looking tense and tired lately? Help her rejuvenate her senses at Euvie, where she can pamper herself with an array of treatments – from a Bamboo Body to Jade Eye treatments. Have her leave the spa looking refreshed with youthful and glowing skin,  with a free trial of one of these three treatments:

  • Hydrating facial
  • Essential body massage
  • Maintenance body treatment

If she’s already a customer, she can enjoy a 30-per-cent discount on all three treatments. The promotion is valid until 28 February 2024. To enjoy the offer, just flash your digital HomeTeamNS membership card in the HomeTeamNS Mobile App.    

Live the K-drama lifestyle at Spa-1 Wellness

Mums who love their Korean dramas will be familiar with the Jjimjilbang experience, a Korean take on a spa that includes saunas, traditional treatments and healthy, plant-based meals.

All of the above are available at Spa-1 Wellness, which is offering 10 per cent off the Main Treatment and Day Pass to HomeTeamNS members until 31 May 2023.

The promo code can be redeemed on the HomeTeamNS Mobile app. Mention the code when you book an appointment via Whatsapp at 9806 8001.

Find holistic beauty at Multiflora

Mums get the best of both worlds at Multiflora, which combines traditional Eastern remedies with the latest science-based methods in Western beauty treatments.

HomeTeamNS members who are first-time Multiflora Noibara customers, or who have not visited in the past 12 months, are entitled to a 20-minute Yang Enliven Therapy treatment for S$38 if they show their digital HomeTeamNS membership card.

The rate does not include GST and is valid till 31 August 2023. It cannot be combined with other promotions or offers, and is limited to one redemption

Make it an occasion at Yunomori Onsen & Spa

Too hot? Too cold? Not enough micro-bubbles? With 11 pools and six different types of baths, Mum can soak exactly the way she wants to at Yunomori Onsen & Spa

HomeTeamNS members who present their digital membership cards will enjoy a discount of 10 per cent on the Onsen Entry Day Pass. This promotion is only available for new bookings and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or privileges.


Slurp up halal beef noodles at Nuodle

Hailing from the northwestern Chinese province of Lanzhou, these beef noodles – known as beef la mian – are spicy, aromatic and swimming in a hearty broth. Singaporean brand Nuodle is bringing this traditional dish – along with its Lanzhou-style fried bee tai mak noodles – to a wider audience via its halal Chinese fast-food chain with outlets across the island, making it convenient to treat Mum wherever she lives.
HomeTeamNS members can sign up for the Nuodle membership package worth S$53 for only S$8.88 – a value-for-money deal that includes an S$8 welcome voucher, one set meal voucher, one S$8.88 birthday voucher and five free drinks, redeemable with the purchase of one main course.

To enjoy this offer, claim the promo code through your HomeTeamNS Mobile App and head to a Nuodle outlet to speak to a staff member. Be sure to provide your mobile number and display your digital HomeTeamNS membership card when asked.

Buffet all day at Spices Café

Variety is the spice of life – a motto that Spices Café at Concorde Hotel Singapore is living up to with its popular Singapore Flavours Buffet Lunch and Harvest of the Sea Buffet Dinner. Let Mum enjoy lunchtime local delights like laksa and fruit rojak or share cooked-to-order crabs in different sauces with the rest of the family at dinner.

HomeTeamNS members enjoy 20 per cent off the regular prices for both buffets when they present their digital membership cards at check-in.

Reservations are required and the promotion is not applicable during festive periods, such as Christmas or New Year. The discount does not apply to senior and child prices.

Get your grill on at Yakiniku Shokudo

Anyone who cooks will tell you that it’s always more fun to cook when you don’t have to clean up the kitchen. That’s why Japanese-style BBQ places like halal-certified Yakiniku Shokudo are packed on weekends, where families feast on Wagyu beef and chicken cooked over table-top grills.

Making the experience even more savoury, HomeTeamNS members enjoy 10 per cent off their total bill at Yakiniku Shokudo when they present their digital membership card at the point of payment.

This promotion is valid until 1 June 2023, and cannot be redeemed in combination with any other promotions, discounts, offers or memberships.

Taste Texan flavours at Decker Barbecue

If Western-style barbecues are more to Mum’s taste, check out Decker Barbecue’s smoked meats, traditional Texan sides and sweet Southern hospitality. Pair their nachos, buffalo wings, melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu brisket or burnt ends with bottled cocktails, a cold beer or free-flow iced tea.

Whether you choose to dine in or takeaway from their outlet at Robertson Quay, HomeTeamNS members enjoy 10 per cent off Decker Barbecue until 15 December 2023. This discount cannot be combined with other promotions, offers, or loyalty programmes, or exchanged for cash or products.

Everyday HERoes

If you’d like to give Mum a gift that keeps on giving, why not consider a HomeTeamNS Family Membership?

In recognition of the contributions of the wives and mothers of Home Team National Servicemen towards National Service (NS), HomeTeamNS introduced Everyday HERoes, a new Family Membership with expanded female-centric perks. This offers all wives and mothers a 2-year Family membership at a special rate of just S$10, so they enjoy all the same perks and privileges for less. Give the women in your life an exclusive treat that lasts year-round and longer, by signing up here

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Club Buzz Featured Spotlight

7 questions with HomeTeamNS volunteers

Meet the dynamic individuals driven by diverse passions — from motorsports to design — who contribute to HomeTeamNS’ clubhouses.



They work tirelessly behind the scenes to facilitate the smooth operations of HomeTeamNS’ clubhouses. You may even have spotted them at buzzy HomeTeamNS events, without comprehending how they’ve helped to ensure they’re carried out without a hitch. But what drives our tireless volunteers, who’ve sacrificed their precious weekends for the Home Team? Meet the passionate individuals without whom our lively social calendars would not be possible, and discover what they’re really like behind their professional demeanour.  

The dare-devil with a soft spot

LTC (NS) Jahan De Silva

LTC (NS) Jahan De Silva
LTC (NS) Jahan De Silva

What do you do at HomeTeamNS and SCDF?

I’m the battalion commander of a rescue unit in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). I am also a member of HomeTeamNS’ Management Committee and the Chairman of its IT Committee.

Are there any similarities between your volunteer and job roles?

I work as an IT professional. My roles are somewhat complementary because both require me to look at operational issues and policies that affect how the organisations are run. Each role involves adapting management methodologies that are relevant to younger people entering the organisation.

Why did you decide to volunteer with HomeTeamNS?

HomeTeamNS is an organisation for NSmen. Hence, I believe the best people to help form policies and improve it would be the NSmen themselves.

What does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteering is important because it allows us to give back to society and help those who aren’t as fortunate. I volunteer with my wife at an old folks’ home, and also offer career counselling pro-bono. I’ve really enjoyed working with fellow volunteers to bring plans to fruition. Take for instance, the new Bedok Reservoir clubhouse – this major project required us to work together to tackle challenges such as the long lead times for critical backbone network hardware caused by the global chip shortage. While volunteering, I’ve interacted with various stakeholders, from those within the clubhouse management to subcontractors.

LTC (NS) Jahan De Silva is a motorhead.
LTC (NS) Jahan De Silva is a motorhead.
LTC (NS) Jahan De Silva scuba diving.
LTC (NS) Jahan De Silva scuba diving.

What are your hobbies?

I love diving. I’m actually a divemaster. I also like motorsports and have taken part in races overseas, such as Sepang in Malaysia, Germany, and the Philippines. One of my most exciting races was at Germany’s Nurburgring track, which was extremely challenging. I’ve always been a gear head and have loved cars since I was a kid. I started karting in my teens and have never looked back since. 

That being said, I also enjoy chilling out on my couch and catching the latest movies and television shows. I recently watched The Mandalorian and The Last of Us. I’m also a fan of non-fiction programmes such as those on The Discovery Channel.

Name the dishes you cannot live without.

There are too many to count! I do love a good burger. Fatburger is one of the best places in Singapore for a proper gourmet burger. I also love pizza and am a huge Domino’s fan. When I return home from travels, the first thing I eat is a bowl of fishball noodles. I dare say that my wife and I make the best fish ball noodles, which are chockful of ingredients. Another Asian dish I enjoy is nasi lemak, so much that I’d take a long drive from home to my favourite joint, Aliff Nasi Lemak at Bedok North Street 3, just to have it.

If you had the power to change the world with the snap of a finger, what would it be?

I would end hunger and poverty. My mind is boggled that such problems still exist in a world that has gotten so advanced, scientifically speaking. I feel very lucky to be able to choose what I eat because there are many people in other parts of the world who don’t even have food to put in their mouths.

Don’t call him an anti-social engineer

LTC (NS) Cheng Chee Wee

LTC (NS) Cheng Chee Wee
LTC (NS) Cheng Chee Wee

What is your vocation in the Home Team?

I’m an officer in the Public Shelter and Resilience Unit in SCDF, which is responsible for managing public shelters during a national emergency. I was formerly a police officer during my NSF days, but transferred to the SCDF after completing my National Service as they needed personnel.

What do you enjoy the most about being an NSman?

I really enjoy catching up with my fellow reservists. We have formed very strong bonds over years of undergoing operational training exercises together. This makes training more enjoyable.

How does your volunteer work complement your career?

At SCDF, I’m an engineer who spends most of his time doing programming and running test programmes – not a very social job. On the other hand, HomeTeamNS provides me with an opportunity to interact with the public and use my time meaningfully, which I really enjoy.

Name one memorable experience from volunteering with HomeTeamNS.

There was a year where we got to organise a swimming event with the help of some reservists who weren’t HomeTeamNS volunteers. I really enjoyed working alongside these new faces as they brought fresh energy and perspectives to the table.

How do you decompress from work?

I’m mostly at the gym or jogging during my free time. I like running along the Singapore River at Clarke Quay in the morning. I’ve also been trying to pick up reading again, after 20 years! I’m currently reading Chip Wars by Chris Miller.

Name your poison of choice.

Whisky, in moderation. I don’t have a favourite type at the moment – I guess I’m still in search of that perfect bottle. I usually only drink whisky when I’m home. When I’m out, I usually drink coffee – I have three cups every day, after every meal. I guess you could say that coffee is my only vice.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Supportive. I always try to give my teammates the tools they need to accomplish their tasks. I find this to be a more effective leadership style than simply ordering people around. People tend to learn better if they are given support as well as room to think for themselves.

Blueprints and body kits  

SGT2 (NS) Shawn Quek Tze Kuan

SGT2 (NS) Shawn Quek Tze Kuan
SGT2 (NS) Shawn Quek Tze Kuan

What do you do in SCDF and HomeTeamNS?

I’m an Engineering Section Commander in SCDF’s 21 Rescue Unit. My unit responds to major incidents in Singapore that involve rescue and recovery missions. I work closely with my Rescue Engineering Team to ascertain whether a collapsed building structure is safe for entry, or if we need to deploy emergency shoring techniques to mitigate the risks.

Meanwhile at HomeTeamNS, I’m a member of the Executive Committee for the Bukit Batok clubhouse as well as the Development Committee for the new Bedok Reservoir clubhouse.

What has been your greatest contribution to HomeTeamNS?

As the founder of interior design and construction firms, I’ve been able to contribute to design and technical matters for the Bedok Reservoir clubhouse. I’ve also advised on building maintenance and refurbishment exercises held by various HomeTeamNS clubhouses.

Name one memorable experience from your time volunteering with HomeTeamNS.

I was really happy to be involved in the redesign of the atrium wall at the Bedok Reservoir clubhouse. As we wanted to evoke a sense of pride and nostalgia, one of the directions we gave to the architects was to use past and present vehicles of the Forces in a display showcasing their journey through the decades.

The reimagined atrium wall, named “The Driving Force”, portrays the evolution of the Home Team through a variety of vehicles ranging from the old Volkswagen Beetle police car to the SCDF Marine Division’s latest Heavy Fire Vessel.

Why did you join the renovation and construction industry?

I’ve always been creative. During my college days, I dabbled in graphic and interior design and multimedia art. As I really enjoyed the interior design process and helping people create their dream homes, I decided to make a career out of it.

SGT2 (NS) Shawn Quek Tze Kuan at an SCDF event.
SGT2 (NS) Shawn Quek Tze Kuan at an SCDF event.

What are your other passions?

I’ve always liked cars. My first was a 1991 Mercedes E200. I enjoy seeking like-minded people online and researching ways to refurbish these vintage cars to give them a new lease of life. I’ve driven and owned different models of Mercedes-Benz cars over the past 20 years.

What is your dream car?

A Mercedes AMG GT R. I’m also a big fan of Formula 1 and I try to catch all the races every season. No prizes for guessing that my favourite team is the Mercedes AMG F1 Team, and my favourite driver of all time is Lewis Hamilton.

What is your life philosophy?

There’s this quote I came across a while ago that goes, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. This really resonated with me. As a business owner, I believe that the best way to lead is to serve, and this is why I try my best to support my employees, especially the foreign workers in my companies.

Working with migrant workers, I have learned to be appreciative of what we have in Singapore. Living in a First World country, we sometimes take things for granted because we’re in this little bubble where everything works well. A lot of the things we complain about are relatively trivial problems. For the migrant workers, many seemingly ordinary things that we have in Singapore are considered luxuries. Leading these individuals in the construction industry has been a humbling experience.

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Club Buzz Featured

When Mum wears many hats

On Mother’s Day,  HomeTeamNS volunteer LTC (NS) Simon Foo tells us why his wife, Adena, is the wise one in the family. 



You may have spotted LTC (NS) Simon Foo and Adena Lim at the various HomeTeamNS clubhouses, which they visit once or twice a month on the weekends. “We usually have lunch at one of the restaurants at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier,” says LTC (NS) Foo. “We love the chill ambience there.” As a family, they’ve also created fond memories at the clubhouse, such as last year’s World Cup which saw the family of five — LTC (NS) Foo, Adena, their two daughters (aged 15 and 13) and their 10-year-old son — snacking their way through several qualifier matches as well as the thrilling final between Argentina and France.

LTC (NS) Foo, who works in his family’s ship repair business, is a volunteer with the Executive Committee at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier. Together with his fellow National Servicemen from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), he assists the Committee by offering support and providing ideas regarding operational matters, events and activities, and financial goals.

He says that Ms Lim’s support is crucial in bolstering his ability to volunteer: “I have the comfort of knowing the children’s emotional needs are met,” he shares. “Adena is my pillar of strength, she is wise and nurturing. Our children look up to her, especially the girls. She speaks to their emotional needs better than me.”


Like many mothers, Adena, who works in the public service sector, has found that being a parent requires her to take on numerous roles, of which emotional support is only one. “Being a mother, I am looked up to as a role model by my children,” she says. “They watch how I talk, what I eat, what I wear, what I do on a daily basis — it’s like being under CCTV all the time! So, I have to be responsible for my behaviour and actions as these may influence them. They also regard me as a walking encyclopaedia, asking me questions ranging from history to mathematics to biology.”

All this is on top of her daily duties as a working mum who divvies up the responsibilities of ferrying the kids to and from school, co-curricular activities and tuition classes with her husband. “There are days when I am back late from work or have teleconferences in the evenings. My husband will help to supervise the children’s schoolwork, oversee their assignments and ensure their needs are met,” she says. “Similarly, whenever Simon is out for an overnight exercise during his reservist stints, I will take care of the children.” In addition to making sure the children’s physical needs are met, Adena carves out time to chat with her daughters about what happened in school during the day as well as coach her son in his schoolwork.


Despite the lack of rest and personal time — “sleep is usually the first to be foregone,” admits Adena — motherhood has been a deeply fulfilling experience for her. “Motherhood has helped me to appreciate that life is not about oneself, but the giving of oneself to build the lives of my children,” she reflects. “It has given me a fresh perspective on what is selfless love and giving. I find joy and meaning in being a mother — it is worth it!”

As a mother, she tries her best to impart the values she would want her children to live by: “I always tell them that between being a successful person and being a person of good character, it is more important to be the latter. Being honest, generous, gracious, kind, having integrity and courage to do what is right — these values will take them very far in life, and differentiate them from the crowd.”

In helping her children navigate their childhood and adolescent years, Adena has also learnt some lessons of her own. “All three of my children are unique,” she explains. “The eldest is street smart, the second is very driven and hardworking, the youngest is the baby who is charming in his own way. I’ve learnt to embrace their strengths and weaknesses. This has also helped me to approach people I encounter in life in the same way, and to respect each person for their own individuality.”

She adds that she has also learnt how to be patient and gracious. “More often than not, children may disobey us, say things that are hurtful or discouraging, or fight with one another,” she says. “We learn to forgive them and also find teaching moments to inculcate the correct values in them. So yes, being a mother is also being a teacher in their lives!”


Despite her hectic schedule and the multiple roles that constitute the job of being Mum to three kids, Adena is happy to support LTC (NS) Foo volunteering at HomeTeamNS, which he has been doing for the past two years: “I am proud that he is doing his part to serve the nation,” she shares. “He is passionate about his volunteer work at HomeTeamNS and often comes home to share with us what he does, and about the people he works with. It gives him motivation and fresh perspective on life.” In return, LTC (NS) Foo has some heartfelt words for his wife and mother of their children this Mother’s Day: 

“Adena, thank you for journeying through life together with me. You make me want to be the best version of myself.”

The sacrifices of mothers like Ms Lim and many more at our clubhouses are an inspiration to us all. To celebrate the unwavering contributions of the ladies behind our Home Team National Servicemen, HomeTeamNS launched Everyday HERoes, a new Family Membership with expanded female-centric perks. At only a nominal fee of $10, members are entitled to 1,000 +HPoints (worth $10), access to exclusive perks and benefits, and more!

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Club Buzz

Meet the stars of HomeTeamNS Awards 2023

The latest edition of the HomeTeamNS Awards celebrated Home Team National Servicemen (NSmen) who went the extra mile in serving their comrades, as well as showcased performances by talented volunteers and staff.



HomeTeamNS honoured exceptional Home Team NSmen volunteers for their exemplary service and contributions to the Home Team at its biennial Awards Ceremony held on 5 April. The event was also marked by the Appreciation and Appointment Ceremony, which paid recognition to members of the organisation who completed their service and went the distance. Here, volunteers for the new term were also announced.  

Held at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir, the newest clubhouse that officially opened in January, HomeTeamNS Awards 2023 was attended by close to 130 volunteers.

From left: CPT (NS) Raja Kamarul Bahrin (20 Years Long Service Award Recipient); Commissioner Hoong Wee Teck (Vice-President of HomeTeamNS).
From left: CPT (NS) Raja Kamarul Bahrin (20 Years Long Service Award Recipient); Commissioner Hoong Wee Teck (Vice-President of HomeTeamNS).
From left: SUPT (NS) Jim Tan (Gold Meritorious Award 2023 Recipient); Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim (President of HomeTeamNS).
From left: SUPT (NS) Jim Tan (Gold Meritorious Award 2023 Recipient); Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim (President of HomeTeamNS).

A total of 36 Long Service Awards and 27 Meritorious Awards were conferred on volunteers who contributed their time and expertise to HomeTeamNS.

Unique wooden mementos for the awardees, sustainably crafted to demonstrate HomeTeamNS’ commitment to the environment.
Unique wooden mementos for the awardees, sustainably crafted to demonstrate HomeTeamNS’ commitment to the environment.

All mementos were engraved with the HomeTeamNS Guardians symbol, which forms the letter T and resembles an upward-facing arrow. Back in 2019, the symbol was launched alongside the Guardians’ Volunteer Network that continuously engages NSmen volunteers and serves as a resource panel for HomeTeamNS.

Bearing the tagline, ‘WECrAFT’ (short for ‘Creating A Future Together’), the symbol represents NSmen from Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) coming together to elevate HomeTeamNS toward greater success.

Opening Address by Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, President of HomeTeamNS.
Opening Address by Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, President of HomeTeamNS.

“To all HomeTeamNS volunteers, I thank you for your contributions to the nation, to HomeTeamNS and to your fellow Home Team National Servicemen. HomeTeamNS is truly a set-up led by NSmen, for NSmen,” said Guest-of-Honour Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development and President of HomeTeamNS, in his opening address.


It was a night for NSmen, by NSmen, complete with song and dance performances staged by our talented volunteers.

The audience was thrilled by an energetic dance routine starring NSmen volunteers and staff.
The audience was thrilled by an energetic dance routine starring NSmen volunteers and staff.

The night kicked off with a bang as 15 NSmen volunteers and staff —including Mr Cheah Kok Keong, PBM and DAC (NS) Jonathan Wan, Co-Chairmen of Guardians Committee — surprised the audience with a flash mob performance. The group had trained for two weeks prior to the event to awe the audience with their sleek dance moves, accompanied on stage by the dance group “alt.titue”.

Amping up the lively atmosphere was CPL (NS) Sharne Sulaiman, who performed rousing renditions of classic tunes like “Proud Mary” and “Man in the Mirror”.

CPL (NS) Sharne Sulaiman demonstrated his vocal chops.
CPL (NS) Sharne Sulaiman demonstrated his vocal chops.


From state-of-the-art clubhouses, to digitalisation efforts and events aimed at fostering bonds among NSmen, HomeTeamNS’ successful transformation journey remains deeply anchored in the strong partnership between HomeTeamNS staff and the Guardians’ Network. The robust showing of the volunteers at HomeTeamNS Awards 2023 reflected the continued support of Home Team NSmen for the organisation.

“Many of us here are not only active volunteers at HomeTeamNS, but also active NSmen in your respective units. Most of you here hold Key or Command appointments, leaders in your respective units. You are a role model to the young men you lead and there are bound to be some who wish to follow in your footsteps, to come forward to offer their time and energy to serve, beyond the call of NS duty,” said DAC (NS) Jonathan Wan, Co-Chairman of Guardians Committee.

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Club Buzz Featured

Behind every successful clubhouse, is a multi-tasking Mum

On Mother’s Day, WO2 (NS) Lim June Liang credits his wife’s resourcefulness as the reason he can commit to volunteering with HomeTeamNS.



In addition to the numerous facilities available at HomeTeamNS clubhouses, the year-round roster of activities is another draw that entices members to keep returning. From festival celebrations to craft and life-skill workshops, these events encourage like-minded folks to connect, while offering interesting experiences for members and their families. To make all of this happen, due credit goes to the Executive Committee at each clubhouse.

WO2 (NS) Lim June Liang knows this very well. He volunteers as an Executive Committee member at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok and helps to plan the clubhouse’s packed event calendar. But if it weren’t for his wife, Ms Florida Liew, this would not be possible.


WO2 (NS) June Liang began volunteering in April 2023, and is fully aware that he is able to do so only because of his wife. “My wife’s support in taking care of the family wholeheartedly allows me to volunteer with HomeTeamNS,” he admits. Planning the clubhouse activities takes him away from his family duties, but his wife believes that it is worth the exchange. “I am thrilled that my husband has decided to volunteer with HomeTeamNS,” she says.

“As a member of the Executive Committee, he will have the opportunity to help plan and organise events that bring families together.” Their own family of four visits the HomeTeamNS clubhouses almost every weekend, which is why Ms Liew is so familiar with her husband’s role as a volunteer. “I believe that his leadership abilities are a tremendous asset to the organisation,” she says.


WO2 (NS) Lim June Liang and Ms Florida Liew strutting down the fashion runway during the HomeTeamNS Everyday HERoes Launch on 14 May 2023 Bedok Reservoir clubhouse.

Between regular household duties and two children — a son aged 10 and a seven-year-old daughter — the couple understands the need to manage their time. “When it comes to sharing parenting duties, we believe communication is crucial. We ensure that both of us share our schedules on a regular basis and consider work commitments, school schedules, and any other relevant obligations,” says Ms Liew.

“By doing so, we can identify potential conflicts and work together to find solutions that are in the best interest of our children.” Motherhood, she adds has taught her the importance of being flexible and adaptable. “When unexpected challenges arise, like a sick child or a last-minute schedule change, I’ve learned how to adjust my plans and priorities to make sure my children’s needs are always taken care of,” she shares.

Since becoming a mother, Ms Liew admits that her “perspective on priorities has been irrevocably altered”. “The needs of my family now take precedence in all areas of my life,” she adds. Ms Liew acknowledges that she has also learned valuable lessons from her children, including “the power of unconditional love” which has given her “the deep, unbreakable bond” that she shares with her kids. She cites the Fitness Challenge at Chua Chu Kang Stadium in 2018 as one of her most memorable HomeTeamNS events — and why she appreciates her husband’s volunteer work.


WO2 (NS) June Liang says that his wife provides the support and care that the family requires to thrive, while at the same time supporting him wholeheartedly, including his work with HomeTeamNS. And although no words would be able to sufficiently express his gratitude, WO2 (NS) June Liang offers these to his wife: 

“I appreciate all that you do for our family — from being flexible with our schedules and attending events together, to things like keeping our home running smoothly.”

The sacrifices of mothers like Ms Liew and many more at our clubhouses are an inspiration to us all. To celebrate the unwavering contributions of the ladies behind our Home Team National Servicemen, HomeTeamNS launched Everyday HERoes, a new Family Membership with expanded female-centric perks. At only a nominal fee of $10, members are entitled to 1,000 +HPoints (worth $10), access to exclusive perks and benefits, and more!

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Lifestyle On The Edge

New and revamped attractions in Singapore you need to visit

These attractions prove that our island is small in size but big on fun activities for you and your loved ones.



Even though Singapore is just 710sq km, it’s a city-state that’s constantly evolving. From landmarks to malls and visitor attractions, change is constant, whether it’s a new attraction or one that’s been rejuvenated.

Here are seven new and revamped attractions that should be on your must-visit list, whether you’re organising a family outing or looking for a fun place to visit with your significant other.


Photo: HomeTeamNS

Recently refurbished, HomeTeamNS’ first flagship indoor playground, T-Play Bukit Batok is a 390sqm facility that is designed to engage a child’s brain development, motion coordination and sense of direction. Catering to children aged 6 months to 12 years old, updates to the transportation-themed playground include an extended ball pit, new party room area and new submarine interactive area.

T-Play was awarded the 2018/19 Young Parents SG Parents’ Choice for Kids’ Best Indoor Playground. Additional services offered include birthday party planning and excursions.


Photo: Van Gogh Expo Facebook

The artist Vincent Van Gogh’s remarkable art — made all the more poignant by his tragic life story — has captured hearts everywhere. So, imagine if you could now step into one of his works.

The organisers of Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience have brought their exhibition to Singapore, marking the show’s debut in Southeast Asia. Having been seen by more than 5 million visitors since 2017, the exhibition at Resorts World Sentosa will include a vast projection space, an intimate virtual reality experience, displays of his art in new forms, and an activity studio.


Photo: NParks Facebook

Officially opened in November 2022, the Rifle Range Nature Park extends the existing Central Nature Park Network by 66ha. Once the former Sin Seng Quarry, the trail has been extended by 7km, offering scenic greenery that houses a freshwater habitat.

As it is home to more than 300 species of animals, you just might be rewarded with a glimpse of the Malayan colugo, Sunda pangolin and leopard cat. The eagle-eyed might even spot one of the rope bridges stretching across the canopy, designed for arboreal or tree-living animals. Have the children keep count of the 40 cute bronze squirrels located at features like the pavilions. To take it all in, we recommend the trail’s highlight – a 31m lookout deck that offers a sweeping panoramic view of the forest.


Photo: Made With Passion Singapore

Located within the lush surroundings of Dempsey Hill, this is one chocolate factory Willy Wonka would be envious of. Its open concept Chocolate Room offer visitors a view of their chocolate makers in action. It offers dine-in offerings and a curated drinks menu using sustainably sourced cacao beans from Asia. The Creation Station lets visitors create their own chocolate slabs with their favourite toppings. The Retail Section offers a variety of treats that make ideal gifts for the chocaholic in your life. 


Photo: Mandai Wildlife Group

When Jurong Bird Park announced its closure this year, entire generations were left bereft of a nostalgic icon. Opened in 1971, the avian attraction was a staple destination in every school excursion, and was once home to the world’s tallest artificial waterfall.

Come May 8, Bird Paradise will open its doors to the public. About 3,500 birds from 400 species will enjoy a new 17ha home, with eight walk-through aviaries simulating their natural habitats. Expect to see hornbills and spoonbills amid tall bamboo groves and paddy terraces, and witness penguins on land and underwater.


Photo: Shout Singapore

With a name like that, it’s hard not to get noticed. The new 19,000sq ft beach club at Siloso Beach Sentosa offers a mix of good food and great music. A dazzling rainbow-inspired colour scheme, and plenty of stage and lighting equipment give this venue a carnival-like atmosphere. Enjoy private cabanas by the pool, food and craft cocktails that will be Instagrammable as well as live music by international and local DJs.


Photo: Trifecta by The Ride Side

What if you can’t decide between skiing at the Alps in Switzerland, or surfing at Uluwatu Beach in Bali? Thanks to the people of The Ride Side, a local company that sells skates and snowboards, you  will be able to do both when Trifecta opens in Somerset later this year. It aims to be Singapore’s premier ski, skate, surf and snowboarding resort, where newbies and enthusiasts can live out their sporting dreams. It will combine a large skating park with two interior spaces, with specialty stations that provide infinity waves and slopes to let users surf and ski to their heart’s content.

There’s never a shortage of things to do in Singapore, and you’ll always find new activities to try at any HomeTeamNS clubhouse.

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Lifestyle Shape Up

What keeping a food and activity diary taught me about my overall wellness

Our writer learns that the first step to adopting a healthier lifestyle can be as simple as recording what you eat and do every day.



Looking at me, you’d never think that I was fat – I stand at 1.85m and weigh just over 70kg. But underneath my T-shirt lies one of my biggest secrets: a tummy. It’s the classic “skinny fat” syndrome, which means that I have a relatively high percentage of body fat and low muscle mass — despite maintaining a normal Body Mass Index (BMI).

To address this, I turned to Mr Muhammad Khir Bin Mohd Saleh, Fitness Trainer Assistant at HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz. “The biggest misconception about shedding belly fat is that more high intensity exercises like running, skipping meals and sit-ups are the only ways to achieve it,” he explains.   

Mr Muhammad Khir Bin Mohd Saleh, Fitness Trainer Assistant at HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz
Mr Muhammad Khir Bin Mohd Saleh, Fitness Trainer Assistant at HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz

He adds that there’s no point in doing those exercises if you don’t pay attention to your daily diet. “One of the main reasons why burning calories through exercise may still not result in weight loss is due to overexertion, or inflammation of your body. If you exercise too hard on a daily basis, there is excess inflammation in your body, which in turn makes you gain more weight,” he advises. Instead, he says a low-calorie daily diet is ideal for shedding belly fat. Getting at least seven hours of sleep from Monday to Saturday, and nine hours of sleep on Sundays, can also help you achieve your weight loss goals.

To help me achieve my goals, I documented my fitness routine and food consumption over the weekend. The diary didn’t just help Mr Khir make sense of where I could improve; it also forced me to take note of what I was putting into my body and how much I was exercising.

I’m not alone: according to Harvard Health, keeping a food diary can help you understand your eating habits and patterns. Research shows that for people interested in losing weight, a journal can be an effective tool to help change behaviours. And it worked. For example, only after recording my food intake, did I realise the significant amount of carbohydrates I consume.

Here’s Mr Khir’s review on my food and activity diary and his tips on how I can adopt a healthier lifestyle for the win:


Breakfast: Three wholegrain WeetBix squares with fresh blueberries, blackberries and banana, topped with fresh milk

Lunch: Pan-seared salmon, basmati rice and snow peas/baby corn stir-fry

Dinner: Pork dumpling noodles

Snack: Wholegrain bread with peanut butter

Mr Khir says: Try reducing your solid carbohydrate intake and concentrate on consuming liquid proteins such as protein shakes. With that being said, consuming foods that are high in protein and fibre, and contain iron, healthy fats and vitamins can also help maintain your healthy diet.”

Activity: A quick workout of 180 squats and 180 jumping jacks

Mr Khir says: “So far so good. To challenge yourself more, consider applying some intensity to your squats by hugging a 5kg packet of rice or a weight plate. You can keep yourself motivated by scheduling regular workouts and aiming for fun and variety – swimming, weight and interval training, jogging, walking and cycling are all great ways to lose weight.”


Breakfast: Minced meat noodles

Lunch: Rice, boiled chicken, broccoli

Dinner: Baby spinach salad with chicken thigh, egg (no dressing)

Activity: None

Mr Khir says: “Don’t be afraid of the occasional cheat day. You can plan this for when you’re not exercising, and return to a high protein diet on the days you do work out. The rationale is that by allowing yourself brief periods of indulgence you’re less likely to veer off course for your diet. Cheat meals can help to reset hormones responsible for metabolism and insulin regulation, replenish glycogen for increased energy and keep fat torching mechanisms high. Cheat meals really work for those who are on a strict diet plan or an intense workout regimen. A cheat day or cheat meal should be a small break before returning to your healthy diet.”


What to remember when keeping a food and activity journal:

  • Write everything down, no matter how small it seems.
  • Don’t rely on your memory at the end of the day. Instead, record your meals and activity using your phone’s notes app as the day progresses.
  • Be specific. Had fried chicken? Write it down instead of just stating, “chicken”.

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