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12 things you might not know about the HomeTeamNS clubhouses

Take a look at how the HomeTeamNS clubhouses have evolved over the years…


Behind-the-Scenes with Shaan Akhtar


[Exclusive footage] - On set with CPT (NS) Shaan Akhtar

SCDF Captain realises his dream of becoming a commercial pilot –
find out how NS had a role to play.
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Close Up

How an SCDF captain realised his dream of becoming a pilot

CPT (NS) Shaan Akhtar’s aviation career is soaring on the leadership skills cultivated through over 10 years at SCDF.

Shape Up

5 Dryland workouts for swimmers to boost your IPPT results

Out of the pool, Olympic swimmers such as Michael Phelps do these strength and conditioning exercises to maximise their performance. These tips are just in time for REAL Swim

DAC (NS) Mohammed Azhar bin Yusof explains how simple moves, combined with the use of equipment, can help you to achieve better IPPT results.

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Taking a walk on the wild side at HomeTeamNS’s nature trek

Stop to smell the bougainvillea – it’s what HomeTeamNS members and their families did on a nature trek at the Southern Ridges.

In The Force

What you need to know about the inaugural Centralised PNSF Promotion Ceremony

A group of NSFs saw their contributions to the country recognised at the inaugural Centralised PNSF Promotion Ceremony.

Food Spy

9 quirky restaurants in Singapore that will surprise you

If you’re planning a dining experience to remember, head to a Tex-Mex restaurant on a quaint riverboat, or a fine-dining eatery set in a futuristic biodome.

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Muscle bikers but HomeTeamNS members are no Hell’s Angels

Proud owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, HomeTeamNS members Mohamed Farhan bin Mohamed Tahar and Muhammad Khalis bin Zulkifli share on their love of adventure, their brotherhood of bikers and the rules of the road.