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6 unusual sports you can try in Singapore

A new sport can not only spice up your fitness routine, it can also help you develop new interests and better all-round health.



Are you in desperate need of a change of pace? Or looking for new ways to relieve stress after a hard week at work? From new activities to try out on a weekend with friends, or unique ways of getting that much-needed adrenaline hit, here’s a list of new and unusual sports that are sure to do the trick.


More than a decade ago, the empty-hand fighting style of Wing Chun exploded in popularity thanks to Donnie Yen’s compelling performances in the Ip Man series of martial arts films.

Wing Chun places an emphasis on close-quarter combat, featuring quick punches and a tight defence to overcome opponents. It is most notable for its iconic movements which “stick” to an adversary that allow you to control and destabilise your opponent, and redirect their energy to your advantage.

While Wing Chun may take years to master, it’s also a practical form designed to be picked up more quickly relative to other Chinese martial arts. There is never a bad time to start, by gaining an understanding of its principles, theories and basic skills. After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (into HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok).

For beginners looking to follow the footsteps of Grandmaster Ip Man, HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok offers Wing Chun classes on a term basis.


HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok is also a sanctuary for IRL (in-real-life) first-person shooter fans.

Laser Quest is a laser tag experience that combines Hide-and-Seek, Tag, and high-tech laser guns and vests – a heart-thumping experience that can accommodate up to 10 players per game. Paintball junkies can also frequent the Paintball Arena at the heart of HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok – which features state-of-the-art equipment including paintball guns and strategically-designed terrain to deliver adrenaline-packed sessions of wholesome fun.

Likewise, HomeTeamNS Khatib is home to TactSim, or Tactical Simulator – Singapore’s first indoor Player-versus-Player (PvP) airsoft arena. Airsoft, is a team game where participants seek to eliminate opponents by tagging them out of play with air-powered guns which fire plastic pellets.

TactSim offers two PvP airsoft arenas for gameplay and a target shooting range to hone your skills. At the arenas, TactSim is played in short skirmishes for a heart-thumping experience with classic game modes like Capture the Flag and King of the Hill.


You may have heard of surfing on the beach, but have you heard of stand-up paddleboarding? A modern take on surfing, this new-age sport involves propelling oneself on a paddleboard (which looks similar to a surfboard) with the help of a paddle.

Aside from being a chill and fun sport, stand-up paddleboarding also offers several benefits that can help you to relax. Through the rhythmic flow of paddling and cruising through water and wildlife, it encourages you to ease your mind and relieve stress while soaking what nature has to offer.

HomeTeamNS members can try out the Stand-up Paddleboarding course at various PAssion WaVe outlets. HomeTeamNS-PAssion co-brand card holders can enjoy the course at PAssion member rates.


All-terrain-vehicle (ATV) riding is a fast-paced outdoor activity where you ride rugged four-wheeled bikes across rough terrain. Enter Singapore’s first and only ATV facility at Gallop Kranji Farm Resort: Mud Krank. Rain or shine, Mud Krank offers action-packed ATV trail riding experiences for all ages.

No experience? No problem. The ride involves multiple segments, which first involves training and preparation for beginners and a practice run, before participants can take off for a high-octane joyride around the farm.

Get your gear on and head on over to Mud Krank today to get your much-needed dose of vehicular adrenaline.


Did you know that hooping has rapidly gained popularity among young adults as a sport? Hoop Fitness at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier and HomeTeamNS Khatib is a proprietary programme designed to help shave your belly fat and trim that waistline down to perfection. It features a fusion of traditional slimming principles with a hula hoop regime that seeks to achieve overall slimming, with a focus on the abdominal, thigh and buttock areas. Led by passionate, experienced instructors, this is definitely an activity to try – especially if you’re on the hunt for fun ways to fulfil that new year slimming resolution!

Get hooping by signing up for a course with Hoop Fitness at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier and HomeTeamNS Khatib today, with sessions running twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday, and Wednesday respectively.


Feeling a little crazy? Or maybe you’re on the prowl for that much sought-after adrenaline rush after a stressful week at work? Nothing gets quite as exhilarating as a reverse bungee experience at Slingshot. Visitors have their pick of two heart-dropping rides – the 70-metre Slingshot into the sky, or a 40-metre freefalling Extreme Swing over the Singapore River. Each Slingshot ride propels you over the city skyline at speeds of over 120kmh – 160kmh! How’s that for living in the fast lane?

In urgent need of an adrenaline hit? Slingshot at Clarke Quay awaits!

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Close Up Featured

Meet the SCDF NSman who’s rock climbing to new heights

LTA (NS) Khairul Asyraf Khan Surattee discovered rock climbing in his late teens but and he hasn’t looked back since.



To better understand how much stronger LTA (NS) Khairul Asyraf Khan Surattee became after he started rock climbing in junior college (JC), just look at his pull-up record. While he used to do six pull-ups, that has since swelled to 30, he says.

But the 27-year-old didn’t pick up the sport to gain muscle or physical prowess. He just thought it would be an interesting sport, he recalls. “Like many other boys, I grew up crazy about football. I would play every weekend with my father and I thought I would naturally go into football during JC.” But he found out early in his time at Serangoon Junior College that he was in one of the five schools that offered rock climbing as a co-curricular activity. “I thought, why not just give it a try?” he says.

That began a decade-long love affair with rock climbing that continued through his National Service stint, during which he served at Tampines Fire Station. He remains with the 2nd SCDF Division as an NSman, serving as a Deputy Company Commander in the 21 Rescue Unit. Rock climbing was also a passion when he enrolled in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to read accountancy and business – he even became the president of NTU’s mountaineering club.


His rock climbing adventures had been confined to man-made spaces like climbing walls and boulder parks. Having gained confidence in his abilities, LTA (NS) Khairul began venturing into rock climbing at natural areas. “Most local climbers would know about the climb at Dairy Farm,” he says, referring to a quarry in Singapore that offers climbs of up to 28 metres.

He has also travelled to Southern China to climb. His most memorable climb was during his university days when he competed in the Overall National School Bouldering Championship “V Division – Boys Team” event and was crowned champion twice.


When asked about what drives his passion for the sport, LTA (NS) Khairul points to its unique blend of mental and physical effort. Contrary to popular belief, climbers don’t just climb to the top—they follow different routes and paths that can differ dramatically in difficulty.

“You may have to figure out how to make it from one point to another, even on a rock wall. That’s a lot of problem-solving and split-second decision-making, which is thrilling,” explains LTA (NS) Khairul, who works in the digital content and strategy arm of a global bank.

It’s no wonder then that he defines a “good climb” as one filled with challenging routes. But he adds that although it may seem like a solitary sport, rock climbers also benefit from having supportive friends. “I still meet a few friends whom I started climbing with in university every few weeks to climb for a few hours before we catch up over dinner. It is a great way of keeping our friendship going.”

And it’s not just old friends who brighten LTA (NS) Khairul’s experience. “The rock-climbing gyms I go to are buzzing with positivity; people are always cheering one another on, even amongst strangers,  and this creates a really warm environment for everybody to climb in.”

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“I’ve had nine years of injuries because of rock climbing,” jokes LTA (NS) Khairul, who was recovering from a wrist injury when we spoke. “I’m still not fully recovered yet, so I can’t wait to heal and get back to climbing.” Here are some tips for avoiding an injury if you decide to pick up rock climbing as well:

  • Warm up
  • Know your level (and stick to it). Don’t be too ambitious on your first attempt.
  • Rest sufficiently between attempts.
  • Climbing works very specific muscles, and many common injuries are caused by muscular imbalances. Finish every session by training the opposite muscles—good exercises to consider include push ups and reverse wrist curls.
In The Force Featured

Tales from the line of duty

From a recruit to being emplaced as an NS officer, LTA (NS) Mohamed Ibrahim Musa, Deputy Company Commander, Public Shelter and Resilience Unit 13A shares his memorable moments of serving Singapore.


LTA (NS) Mohamed Ibrahim Musa, 36, enlisted for National Service in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) back in 2006. Since then, he has remained a proud and committed member of The Life Saving Force. As an NSman, LTA (NS) Ibrahim continued to display dedication towards National Service and his stellar performance secured him the National Service Excellence Award in 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. In recognition of his exemplary performance, LTA (NS) Ibrahim was emplaced to the rank of Lieutenant (LTA) after he completed the Officer Conversion Course from 20 to 24 June 2022.


When LTA (NS) Ibrahim first received news of his enlistment into SCDF, he recalled feeling nervous yet excited. However, after he realised the importance of his role, his feelings of uncertainty subsided.

“During my recruit training, I learnt about my role as a fire and rescue officer and understood the importance of SCDF personnel to the community as part of the lifesaving force and that gave me the confidence to carry out my duties,” he says. “To this day, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to help save the lives and properties of my fellow Singaporeans.”


LTA (NS) Ibrahim’s skills were put to good use for the first time when he responded to a road traffic accident with his teammates. “Unfortunately, it was a fatal accident and we had to extract the driver from the vehicle,” he recounts. “As it was my first time responding to a road traffic accident, I felt the added pressure of performing my duties in public. I could still remember how that felt.” 

In such situations, LTA (NS) Ibrahim is extremely grateful he could rely on his team for assistance. “My Encik (Warrant Officer), who was an experienced specialist, came to my aid and provided the mental and physical support I needed during the incident. After the incident when we were back in the station, he continued to share with me his experiences and how I can be better prepared in carrying out my duties for future activations. I have learnt a lot of useful skills from my team while serving my full-time National Service with SCDF.”


As we celebrate 55 years of National Service (NS) this year, LTA (NS) Ibrahim expresses his joy in sharing the knowledge he acquired during his NS with another future NSF – his son. “My years of service have been meaningful beyond words. Every year, I look forward to reporting back for duty and have always made it a point to impart my knowledge and experiences onto those in my charge. After all, we are The Life Saving Force.”

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On The Edge Lifestyle Featured

Planning an adventure-themed holiday? Here are 5 adventurous activities to do while you’re abroad

Adventure awaits on your next holiday, so don’t just lounge by the pool. Blow off some steam with your family and friends by trying out exhilarating activities outside of Singapore.



Holidays aren’t just a time to laze around the beach or hotel room bathtub. They’re also a great time to step out of your comfort zone and have an adventure.

Besides being a change of pace from the daily grind, engaging in adventurous outdoor pursuits has been shown in studies to increase happiness and life satisfaction, while reducing stress levels.

Best of all, Singapore’s ideal location means that we’re a hop, skip and a short flight or ferry ride away from some of the most exciting regional destinations around, whether you’re a solo daredevil, or travelling with kids in tow. If you’re still looking for inspiration on where to travel to, here are some nearby accommodation options with discounts for HomeTeamNS members.


The Island of the Gods has been a must-visit surfing destination since classic surf film Morning of the Earth (1971) depicted it as an idyllic paradise, with perfect white-capped waves crashing in slow motion on an unspoilt shoreline.

These days, the original surfer town of Kuta is a highly-developed tourist spot bustling with cafes, bars and hotels. But Kuta Beach itself still has the same easy, small waves that suit beginners and less-confident surfers, and numerous surf schools along the sand to teach surfers of all ages the basics, including paddling, balancing and standing on a longboard.

Advanced surfers will prefer Uluwatu, down south from Kuta and Ngurah Rai International Airport. The waves at Uluwatu are generally fast and powerful – rising as high as 15m in some places – and surfers have multiple breaks scattered along the coastline to choose from. Beware of sharp rocks and coral reefs, though.


The Andaman Sea is known for its beautiful blue waters, which are home to an intimidating array of big game fish: Sailfish, wahoo, mahi-mahi, barracuda, yellowfin tuna and marlin, among others.

If the idea of hooking a fish bigger than a grown man, fighting it into submission and hoisting it up for a triumphant photo is one that floats your boat, head to Phuket. There are boat charters available with experienced captains who can bring you outside the National Marine Park no-fishing zone to an area known as the Drop-off, where large schools of tuna and other species loiter around sea-mounts, hoping to snack on the smaller fish taking shelter there.

Be sure to practice responsible catch and release, so that any record-breaking fish you manage to haul in has a chance to live on, procreate and continue to play their role in the marine eco-system. And if the prospect of battling marine monsters is a little too tiring to contemplate, there are more relaxed cruises that offer a casual angling experience while island-hopping.


Tourists on two wheels will enjoy exploring Georgetown for its quaint cafes, famous street food stalls, charming wall murals (including the famous Children on a Bicycle) and fairly flat roads.

But for an adventure outside the town centre, rent a bicycle and head out along the Eastern Coastal Route, a dedicated cycling path that runs from Georgetown to Queensbay in Phase 1, and from Queensbay to Batu Maung in Phase 2. Along the way, you’ll cycle across the Pinang River, pause for a breather by the seafront promenade named Dataran Persiaran Karpal Singh, and stop for a selfie at the Penang Bridge, which connects the island to the mainland.

Going even further off the beaten path, head to the western side of Penang and ride from the kampungs of Balik Pulau down to Pulau Betong Fishing Jetty. Art aficionados will want to stop at Kampung Terang for the portraits painted and displayed on shipping containers, as part of the Penang International Container Art Festival. When you’ve reached the jetty, cycle up again – this time hugging the western coastline – in order to luxuriate in nature at the Balik Pulau Paddy Field and the Pantai Malindo Mangrove Forest.


Bintan is more than an island full of resorts and golf courses. It’s also the home of Mount Bintan, a 336m high summit also known as Gunung Bintan Besar.

Considered a fairly easy climb for amateur hikers, the trek up Mount Bintan can be accomplished in three to four hours. The trail is well maintained, making it a good choice for older children and groups of varying fitness levels.

Start around 8am, and you can make it back to your resort by lunchtime, including the drive of less than an hour from most Bintan resorts. As you walk, admire the lush tropical foliage and let your guide educate you about the various plant and animal species living in the forest.

At the end of the trail, you’ll find Kolam Puteri – known in English as the Princess Pool – and a waterfall where tired, hot climbers are known to take the occasional dip before settling back to enjoy the panoramic view from the top.


Langkawi might be synonymous with the beach life, but for a shot of adrenaline, check out all-terrain vehicle (ATV) tours. These ATV adventures will bring you to plantations and traditional villages, and give you the opportunity to navigate through streams and paddy fields on your way to the Lubuk Semilang Waterfall, a popular stop for tourists.

For those who prefer their thrills all in one convenient place, there’s the Langkawi Adventure and X-Treme Park. You can still go on an ATV jungle ride at the park, in addition to a wide range of other adrenaline-fuelled activities, such as the flying fox, indoor go-kart (perfect for rainy days), paintball, archery, and the Langkawi SkyBike, which brings cycling up to a whole new level.  

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7 fun family activities for the school holidays

The school holidays have finally arrived – Here are seven fun family activities that won’t break the bank!



The December holidays. It’s the most anticipated time of the year, filled with festive lights, celebrations, and overseas trips. If you find yourself fresh out of ideas for fun activities to do with your family during the school holidays, we’ve got you covered. From taking flight at the highest open-air panoramic ride in Singapore to going on quests, there will never be a dull moment as you end the year with a bang.


Escape rooms are one of the best ways to bond with family and friends. Combine your wits to solve the puzzles and make a break for it before your time’s up. Themes range from spine-chilling horror to brain-wracking mysteries.

One stellar example is the Trapped Escape Room, which features over 50 escape room props and animatronics, and several thrilling themes that can bring your nightmares to life. This season’s horror themes include Carnevil, Hide and Seek, and 28 Days of Night.

Dare to give it a go? HomeTeamNS members enjoy $5 off standard price until 31 December 2023, with a minimum purchase for four pax. Simply flash your digital membership card from the HomeTeamNS Mobile App.

Trapped Escape Room Singapore

  • Address: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #B1-08/09/10, S229233
  • Nearest MRT Station: Dhoby Ghaut
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10.30pm


Horse-riding has become much accessible in Singapore, with a variety of stables and horse-riding centres available. Imagine trotting away into the sunset on your majestic steed, alongside your significant other. Gallop Stable accommodates riders of all levels with horse and pony riding lessons!

With two outlets at Bukit Timah and Pasir Ris Park, HomeTeamNS members can enjoy exclusive rates for pony rides and horse or pony riding lessons. Pony rides cost S$8 (U.P. S$10), while members signing up for rising lessons enjoy 10% off regular riding rates for new students. This promotion is valid till 30 June 2023. Please visit our website for more information on the riding rates at Gallop Stable Pasir Ris Park and Horsecity. All you have to do is flash your digital membership card from the HomeTeamNS Mobile App.

Gallop Stable at Horsecity (Bukit Timah)

  • Location: 100 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287992
  • Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 7pm; Friday to Saturday, 8am to 9pm

Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris Park

  • Address: 61 Pasir Ris Green, Carpark C, Singapore 518225
  • Operating Hours: Closed on Monday; Sunday to Thursday, 8am to 7pm; Friday to Saturday, 8am to 9pm


The school holidays wouldn’t be the same without a visit to a park. The parks by the Mandai Wildlife Reserve – Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, and Night Safari are home to gorgeous huddles of wildlife. They offer an ideal opportunity for the family to get up close to some of nature’s most graceful creatures – from the majestic White Rhinoceros to the cuddly Giant Pandas – shoutout to Kai Kai, Jia Jia, and little Le Le!

HomeTeamNS members enjoy 40% off tickets to the Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, and Night Safari, if bought on Monday to Thursday. For tickets bought from Friday to Sunday, members can get 10% off tickets

Singapore Zoo, River Wonders & Night Safari

  • Location: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826
  • Operating Hours: Singapore Zoo – Monday to Sunday, 8.30am to 6pm; River Wonders – Monday to Sunday, 10am to 7pm; Night Safari – Monday to Sunday, 7pm to 10am


Get in touch with your inner Superman at Singapore’s highest open-air panoramic ride, the SkyHelix Sentosa. As you strap on the open-air gondola and rise 79 meters above ground, soak in the mesmerising 360-degree views that span from Sentosa to the Keppel Bay area and Southern Islands.

Whether it’s for a date or a family outing, the SkyHelix Sentosa is the perfect way to end the day on a literal high with your loved ones. With the wind in your hair, take a sip of your complimentary beverage and enjoy the sky-high rooftop bar vibe.

Enjoy up 20% off SkyHelix Sentosa (U.P S$18) as a HomeTeamNS member until 31 December 2022.

Skyhelix Sentosa

  • Location: 41 Imbiah Rd, Sentosa, Singapore 099707
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 9.30pm


Even if you’re not heading abroad during the school holidays, you can still have a lot of fun at the airport. If you’re a fan of all things Jurassic, be prepared to take a trip back in time. Teleport back to the Cretaceous period as cadet rangers and come face-to-face with gigantic augmented-reality (AR) dinosaurs. Round up the kids, get equipped with a TimeLens, and peep through the verdure of Shiseido Forest Valley and Canopy Park within Jewel Changi Airport to hunt for these behemoths.

As you go about your Quest, you’ll get to complete missions and play games while learning fun facts about dinosaurs. HomeTeamNS members can enjoy 20% off the Jewel-rassic Quest. Simply download the HomeTeamNS Mobile App to retrieve the promo code to enjoy this promotion.

Jewel Changi Airport

  • Location: 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666, Level 1 Concierge Counter
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10.30am (first timeslot) to 5.30pm (last timeslot)


This one is for all the bookworms out there! A visit to POPULAR is a Singaporean’s favourite past time – especially when restocking stationery for a new school term. From now till 18 December 2022, BookFest@Singapore, Singapore’s largest book and stationery fair returns! Set at Suntec Convention Halls 401 to 406, take part in an assortment of games and activities, and shop till you drop.

As the fair spans across 130,000 square feet, you can look forward to various workshops, talks, and performances – featuring Mediacorp LOVE 972Fm deejays, Wallace Ang and Violet Fenying.

On top of the 10% discount for student or adult POPULAR members, HomeTeamNS members can get up to S$20 cash e-vouchers, Sure-Win Gachapon prizes (worth up to S$10,000), and receive a bonus gift (Collapsible cup worth S$12.90), when you sign up for a 3-Year POPULAR Membership via the POPULAR SG App.

Suntec Convention Centre Singapore

  • Location: 1 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039593, Convention Halls 401-406
  • Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6pm 


The Wings of Time is a captivating water light show – featuring lasers, fire and water effects synced to a majestic soundtrack – that concludes with a stunning fireworks display!

Journey with Shahbaz, a mythical bird-like creature and his human friends, Rachel and Felix – and learn about friendship and courage. Travel with them across gorgeous landscapes and artistic interpretations of the British Industrial Revolution, the Silk Road, Mayan Pyramids, Underwater World and African Savannah.

HomeTeamNS members enjoy 20% off the standard price tickets (U.P. S$16.20) to Wings of Time at Sentosa, till 31 March 2023. Simply flash your digital membership card from the HomeTeamNS Mobile App.

Wings of Time, Sentosa

  • Location: 50 Beach View, Singapore 098604, Wings of Time Theatre, Siloso Beach, Sentosa
  • Show Times: Monday to Friday, 7.40pm; Saturday, Sunday, Eves of Public Holidays & Public Holidays, 7.40pm and 8.40pm

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Club Buzz

World Cup 2022: A tale of many cultures

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is more than just a chance to watch great football – it’s also a great opportunity to celebrate the cultures of other countries



Former Argentine national footballer and legend Sergio Aguero arguably summed up the global appeal of the World Cup best when he said: “The World Cup is a way of discovering other cultures. It’s up to us to break down the barriers between cultures. There’s no other way”. The FIFA World Cup is known for igniting the passion of football fans worldwide as they root for their favourite teams and players. But what if we told you that there’s more to uncover this season other than cheering through a screen?

As the games roll on and produce some unforgettable matches – from France’s sublime performances to Japan and Korea’s giant-killing feats on the pitch – it’s also raised interest in other countries, cultures and cuisines.


England’s World Cup group stage was concluded against Wales, which paved the way to their victory and set up a last-16 tie with Senegal. If you’re a big supporter of the Three Lions, known as the England national football team, why not get to know more about their culture too?

Besides football and other icons like the Royal Family – and yes, Harry Potter –horses also play a prominent role in English culture. During royal commemorations, weddings, festivals, soldiers on horseback are a sight to behold in England. While horses are a rare sight on our shores, what if we told you that you could trot to your heart’s content and experience that magnificent dream right here?

Gallop Stable at Pasir Ris and Horsecity

Gallop Stable offers a range of activities including riding lessons, pony rides and feeding sessions. Opened in 2003 with 13 ponies at Pasir Ris Park, Gallop Stable has expanded to Bukit Timah at the former Turf Club. HomeTeamNS members can enjoy exclusive rates for Pony Rides at S$8 (U.P. S$10), and 10% off regular riding rates (new students only) for Horse or Pony Riding Lessons until 30 June 2023. Simply flash your digital membership card found in the HomeTeamNS Mobile App upon checkout for the promotion.


Japan prides itself on its delectable sushi and the strong culture of cleanliness. Their shock win over Germany in the group stages captured headlines around the world. Equally noteworthy was the sight of Japanese spectators voluntarily helping to clean up the stands post-match. Even if you couldn’t be in Qatar to witness football history being made, there are other ways to celebrate all things Japan.

Hei Sushi (Halal)

Serving over 200 delectable Japanese dishes such as the Aburi & Tobimayo Sushi and Soft Shell Crab Udon, Hei Sushi is Singapore’s first halal-certified conveyor belt sushi restaurant. HomeTeamNS members can either enjoy 10% off the total bill, or a Tea Time Buffet at $19.80+ (U.P. $28.80+) at any Hei Sushi outlet.

Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi is also a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Singapore that serves up affordable and authentic Japanese dishes such as Una Kyu Temaki and Cha Soba and Yasai Tempura Gozen. HomeTeamNS members enjoy 10% off the total bill until 31 August 2023. This promotion is valid at all outlets except Sakae Sushi Tai Seng.

Yunomori Onsen and Spa

Japanese hot springs, otherwise known as Onsen, are popular across Japan. Filled with mineral-rich warm waters, the baths are said to provide various health benefits and can help you to relax. If that sounds like something you need, we’ve great news. With a combination of traditional Japanese Onsen therapies and the healing effects of Thai massages, Yunomori Onsen & Spa allows you to experience a great escape to relaxation and rejuvenation. Be spoiled for choice from a total of 11 pools with six variations of baths and facilities like saunas and steam rooms. HomeTeamNS members get 10% off Onsen Entry (Day Pass) and is valid for new bookings only.

Simply flash your digital membership card found in the HomeTeamNS Mobile App upon checkout for the promotions above.


Germany, also known as ‘The Land of Poets and Thinkers’, is very well-known for getting together for city-wide festivals like Oktoberfest. Did you know that Germany produces over five thousand different types of beer and exports over 1.5 billion litres? About 7 million liters of beer are consumed during Oktoberfest alone!

Baden Restaurant & Pub

If you’re a fan of German football, how about popping open a cold one with your buddies at Baden Restaurant & Pub? Established in 1990, the pub is well-known for serving up a comprehensive range of beer, and popular menu items such as pork knuckle, currywurst, and schnitzels. HomeTeamNS members enjoy 15% discount for all food items, and an extended Happy Hour till 10pm on Monday to Saturday, and 12am on Sundays. Additionally, you can also enjoy a birthday drink on the house.

Simply flash your digital membership card found in the HomeTeamNS Mobile App upon checkout for the promotions above.


The Eiffel Tower in Paris and sweet-scented lavender fields in Provence are some of the most enchanting things about France. It’s common for locals and tourists to indulge in piping hot beignets paired with café au lait, or red Bordeaux accompanied by bread and cheese. With France becoming the first team to qualify for the Round of 16, what better way to celebrate than with a glass of red wine?

Sinopec Petrol Stations

From now till 31 December 2022, HomeTeamNS members can enjoy 50% off the Popular French (Bordeaux) Reds at all Sinopec petrol stations. Choose between Laville Pavillion Bordeaux and Duchesse De Berry Bordeaux at only S$24.50 per bottle. And most importantly, always remember to drink responsibly!

To enjoy this promotion, flash your digital membership card found in the HomeTeamNS Mobile App upon checkout for the promotions above.

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Close Up

The dashing hero

HomeTeamNS REAL® Run participant, 57-year-old Kalaichelvan Ramachandran, has been ‘going the distance’ since he was a teenager and has inspired his children to take up the sport too.



Running is not just Mr Kalaichelvan Ramachandran’s lifelong hobby – it is also a passion that he’s proud to have passed down to his three adult children, who took up the sport when they were still young.

Mr Kalaichelvan, known as Kalai, started running cross-country races in secondary school. During his National Service stint, he continued to take part in marathons. Today, he runs twice a week for leisure, going up to three or four times when he is in training for a specific event – such as the HomeTeamNS REAL® Run, which he has taken part in an impressive 25 times.

With the physical race having taken place on 8 October 2022 at Gardens by the Bay, REAL® Run is currently holding a 10km Virtual Run for those who missed out on the earlier physical event.

The REAL® Run 10km virtual run 2022 allows participants to complete the given distance at their own time, pace and running route between 25 October 2022 to January 2023. All that’s needed is to register for the run – the last day to do so is 31 December 2022 – and send in a screenshot of your running app showing the date, time of run and the distance covered. Finishers receive an exclusive The North Face T-shirt and a 20-litre canvas bag, worth a total of S$59.


Mr Kalai and his daughter Divyaa after completing their events at the Yellow Ribbon Run 2012.

As a young man, Mr Kalai found running to be a rewarding hobby as he enjoyed beating the goals he set for himself: “Each time I clocked a new personal best, I wanted to keep improving it.” Now a spry 57, Mr Kalai – who works in the freight forwarding industry – has seen how running has enriched not just his own life, but also strengthened the bond between him and his children, two boys aged 25 and 19, and a girl aged 23.

Mr Kalai first introduced his children to running by enrolling them in age-appropriate races.

“They enjoyed running with other kids, so they looked forward to the events,” he recalled. “They wanted to run in order to keep fit. That’s the lesson I want to pass down to them – that running helps you lead a healthy lifestyle.” Running also helped him to maintain focus as a parent, despite all the pressures of daily life: “Running is a form of relaxation for me. On days that I am particularly stressed, I go for a run so that I keep my frustrations away from my kids.”

Mr Kalai has since ran in several events with his children, including a full marathon with his older son and two Yellow Ribbon Races with his daughter. Each event he and his children participate in creates new opportunities for bonding, he says. “Knowing that my kid is running in the same event as me is inspiring,” he reflected. “If we have an event together, I remind my children to train for it, and we run together a few times before the event. On the event day itself, although we may not be running side by side, we go down to the event together and return home together.”


Mr Kalai at REAL® Run 2004, where he represented Central Police Division during his National Service stint.

One of Mr Kalai’s favourite runs is the HomeTeamNS REAL® Run, which he participates in alongside his friends from a wide array of backgrounds and races. “When we used to train for REAL® Run races in Sentosa, a few of us from different walks of life would meet to have breakfast together on a lorry that was driven by one of the runners,” he reminisced.

While he finds the virtual REAL® Run – first held in 2020 – to be slightly less interactive compared to a physical race, he still embraces the challenge of completing the 10km on his own: “It has proved to me that running can be done anywhere and at any time. I find it rewarding that I can still run together with my friends for this event.”

When he is not training for events, Mr Kalai enjoys the social aspect of running – and has also started doing good with every step. “I am currently a member of a social running group known as the Thaarumaaru Runners, which is known not only among the Indian community but by many Singaporeans too.”

Originally founded in 2017 to encourage fitness among the Indian community, the Thaarumaaru Runners have expanded their activities to include helping others. “We are also a socially responsible group, as we have done fund-raising events,” he shared.

Besides connecting him to people, running has taught Mr Kalai more about his own strengths and resilience. Despite a slipped disc in 2010 that took him out of action for a year, he is proud to say that he is still capable of running long distances, while maintaining his previous timings. “I have realised that any injuries can be recovered from with good rest. They don’t have to hold me back from continuing in the sport after I recover,” he said. “I also feel that as an active person, we recover quicker from injuries in comparison to less active people.”

If Mr Kalai’s lifelong love affair with running has inspired you to participate in the HomeTeamNS Virtual REAL® Run for the first time, he has some useful tips for newcomers to the event. “When planning the route to run, try to follow those that offer the most realistic experience – including tarmac, beach and trail terrain. Also, form groups with friends who have the same interest, and run together.”

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In The Force

Running his way to a healthier lifestyle

National Service has given Mr Andriyan bin Awi a new perspective and a new-found love for running, here’s how it happened.



As Friday afternoon rolls around, Mr Andriyan bin Awi has one thing on his mind: His weekly cheat meal. “I learnt about the concept of a cheat meal from my training days,” says the 22-year-old. He had enlisted as an overweight recruit last February, weighing in at 99kg, with a height that was just over 160cm. To help him shave the pounds, his trainers put him on a low-carb diet, which means that he had to give up favourites like rice and pasta for most of the week.

Fridays were an exception though, as they marked the start of his book-out period and Andriyan could enjoy the food he loved. His trainers didn’t restrict this, but only asked that he exercised too. “Over the weekend, we would have to run a kilometre for every month that we had enlisted,” recalls Andriyan, which was when he discovered his newfound interest in running.


By the time his third month of enlistment rolled around, Andriyan said he looked forward to running his three kilometres over the weekend. It was a stellar improvement from what he could do at his heaviest. Back then, he would only be able to run 200m or so at a go, and even then, he would be incredibly out of breath. Andriyan’s “can-do” attitude has led to incredible results: Since joining the Force, he has shed more than 30kg and is now a trim 67kg, thanks to running and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Although he exercises self-restraint when it comes to food, he allows himself to enjoy a sinful meal every now and then. More often than not, his choice is a plate of steaming butter chicken from Al-Azhar, a famed Indian eatery along Upper Bukit Timah Road.

It’s a short hop from Clementi Police Station, where Andriyan currently serves as an administrative officer, ensuring that the police station’s operations run without a hitch. “It opens your eyes to how important everyone’s role is,” says Andriyan, referring to his present role. “It could be as simple as ensuring rations for those in-camp, but it’s crucial for mission success.”


He started this role earlier this year, after a previous stint at the facility’s guardhouse, where he helped register visitors and members of the public. He enjoyed this role immensely as well, as it allowed him to develop his people skills. He first honed these skills during a string of part-time jobs while studying for his Nitec in Aerospace Technology at Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

“I worked at the Singapore Tourism Board as an ambassador for the Singapore Rediscover Vouchers scheme, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board as an usher, and Starbucks as a barista,” he says, adding that these experiences, together with his role at Clementi Police Station, have inspired him to pursue a new career path after his Operationally Ready Date next February.

“I would like to go into retail business management in the future,” he said.


In his present vocation, Andriyan works office hours, which means he has his weekends to himself.

It explains why he’s content to stay at home for the most part, relaxing and spending time with his loved ones. It’s a far cry from his earlier weekends during National Service, when he made it a point to go out as much as he could. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: Come Saturday evening, you’ll find him pounding the pavement on one of his weekly runs.

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Club Buzz

Make it a REAL® Run!

REAL® Run 2022 marked a welcome and popular return to a physical event.



In the early morning of 8 October 2022, close to 3,000 Home Team National Servicemen (NSmen), their loved ones and other avid runners gathered at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay for the REAL® Run. HomeTeamNS’ annual run was finally back as a physical race, and members eagerly soaked in the carnival-like atmosphere throughout the day.

Unique to this race, runners were flagged off by Singapore Police Force (SPF)’s Covert Bike and Emergency Response Team, and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)’s Fire Bike and Red Rhino. The runners were also greeted with a refreshing start, as the Red Rhinos sprayed water jets at the starting line. Guest-of-Honour Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, HomeTeamNS President and Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development, flagged off the event.


The run was open to group and individual competitors.

REAL® Run may be a race, but it is also an event for NSmen from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and SCDF to bond with one another. “I get to run with my father, which is something we can do together as a family, and together as Home Team members,” shared SC (NS) Muhammad Zidny Ilman Bin Edwan Nizar from the Public Transport Security Command (TransCom). It was his first time participating in REAL® Run with his father, COL (NS) Edwan Nizar from the 2nd SCDF Division, who is also a member of the Management Committee as the Co-Chairman of the Strategic Review Committee of HomeTeamNS.

Both NSmen and full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) competed in the 5km and 10km group and individual categories. For the 5km Flagbearer category, the NSmen from the Protective Security (ProCom) team of runners from SPF took first place, while the runners from the 4th SCDF Division came in second.


Supported by official sports care and recovery partners, STARBALM and, runners experienced a recovery massage performed using Theragun massage guns and STARBALM products.

Participants enjoyed various activities at the Race Village, which included carnival games, post-race massages and other highlights such as Human Foosball and Pedal Go-Kart. LTA (NS) Daniel Obadiah Lim and REC (NS) Koh Soo Tze Andy from the Civil Defence Academy (CDA) tried activities like hoop-throwing and Zumba.

“It was extremely engaging. There are so many activities to do here,” said LTA (NS) Lim. The pair added that the games provided an opportunity for family bonding, as parents played with their children. “The thing I missed most from these past two years is the fun-filled atmosphere. It’s nice that we hold it (REAL® Run) every year,” said REC (NS) Koh.


Longing for another reason to run? It’s time to gather your friends for the REAL® Run 10km Virtual Run. At your own time, pace and running route, complete the 10km Virtual Run till 31 January 2023. Register for the run by 31 December 2022 and send a screenshot of your running app displaying the date, time of the run and distance covered. If you are new to the virtual-running scene, you can use popular running and fitness apps that are GPS-enabled such as Strava, RunKeeper, Fitbit and Garmin Connect to clock in your run.

Entry fees for the virtual run are priced at S$19.90 and S$24.90 for HomeTeamNS members and the general public respectively. Runners will be entitled to The North Face Finisher Tee and a 20-litre Canvas Bag (worth a total of S$59) upon completion of the run. For more information on the run and entitlements, visit our website.

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A few words of encouragement from our REAL® Run Committee!

"It's not about the timing of the run, it's really about going out there and enjoying yourself together with your friends!"

"Life is an ultramarathon. It's more fun when you have likeminded people around you. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on."

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