Passing The Torch

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The HomeTeamNS Branding & Publicity Committee (BPC) marks two milestones this year: the first is the transition of Frontline into a fully-digital platform. The second is leadership succession, with SUPT (NS) Jason Lim taking the reins as Chairman of the committee from LTA (NS) Adrian Chye, who has headed the committee since 2017.

The duo has a lot in common: both are seasoned media professionals and both started serving on the BPC in 2013. Recalling how he got involved, LTA (NS) Chye, 41, says, “I was approached by somebody from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) communications team about a possible opening in the BPC. I said yes, even though I didn’t have much information about the scope of work.”

He continues, “I’ve always believed in giving back with my time and talent.” And he discovered he could do just that as a member of BPC. The committee, which comprises seven members, provides ideas and guidance to the HomeTeamNS communications team in its branding and marketing efforts. This is closely related to LTA (NS) Chye’s work running a digital marketing agency. “So it was a good fit!”
SUPT (NS) Jason Lim Shi Aun
Social Media Entrepreneur, Stratgeist

Years serving HomeTeamNS: 8

CHAIRMAN (Immediate Past)
LTA (NS) Adrian Chye
General Manager, Mediafreaks

Years serving HomeTeamNS: 8

MAJ (NS) Hisham Hasim
Deputy Director, Communications, Yayasan MENDAKI

Years serving HomeTeamNS: 8

SUPT (NS) Lim, 37, agrees, sharing that one of his earliest memories of volunteering with the committee was of helping choose the masthead design for Frontline in 2017. “I’m really glad we went through with a new design, which has become a signature look for the magazine till today because of its bold, strong feel,” he says. “Through the years, our team has been privileged to be able to make constant recommendations to improve the magazine. The goal has always been to make it a better tool for connecting with our NSmen.”

Indeed, providing editorial and design guidance for Frontline remains one of the committee’s core work. This has been a meaningful experience, explains LTA (NS) Chye. “Frontline has always been an informative read, full of stories about my peers in the Home Team, as well as the happenings at the clubhouses.” Given media consumption trends, it was only a matter of time before the familiar magazine went fully digital.

The decision to go digital was an easy one to make since the entire BPC and wider HomeTeamNS team were united in its vision. Says SUPT (NS) Lim, “Embracing digital channels as a means of communication with Home Team NSmen is the first step in the right direction. I hope to empower our team here to drive forward digitally with great storytelling to reach out to the NSmen of the Home Team.”
LTA (NS) Chye is confident that the current committee will continue to excel under the stewardship of SUPT (NS) Lim. As Vice-Chairman since 2017, SUPT (NS) Lim has worked closely with the former chairman for four years. The camaraderie and mutual respect between the two are obvious during our virtual chat.

SUPT (NS) Lim shares that LTA (NS) Chye has left an indelible mark on him. “I’ve always looked up to Adrian as a mentor. Back when I was first starting out in digital media, he took the time to sit down with me and share his wealth of experience and knowledge. He might not even be aware of how much of an impact his conversation had on me.”

Looking back, LTA (NS) Chye says that he will miss the joy of working with the other communication professionals on the committee. “What has made the past eight years so much fun is that the whole committee and I share the passion of serving NSmen. Many of us are in the branding and marketing space, so there’s a lot to learn one from one another.”

This sharing of knowledge and best practices is amplified by the hands-on nature of the committee. It often breaks up into smaller working groups to take on big projects, such as the redesign of the HomeTeamNS website in 2017. “And we’re always prepared to share and listen to each other. I know that my fellow teammates bring deep knowledge and experience to the table each time, and we all know that we have ample opportunities to weigh in on topics and share our views,” says LTA (NS) Chye.
The Branding & Publicity Committee’s new Vice-Chairman, MAJ (NS) Hisham Hasim, 46, on his hopes for Frontline’s next chapter.
“Media and communications run in my blood — I’ve been in the field for more than 22 years. As one of the oldest members in the group, I am happy to share a different perspective with my fellow members. And they too share their experiences and best practices. That diversity of views and talent has kept the committee running strong all these years!

I hope that Frontline will continue to be a valuable link between our NSmen. When they see the magazine, albeit in a new form online, I hope it will evoke in them the same pride as when they wore their uniforms and served our nation all those years ago. As we go forward, I hope we will continue recognising and honouring the strong role models within our NSmen community as they juggle professional, personal and national responsibilities. Through these, I hope we can cultivate a lasting attachment between NSmen and HomeTeamNS.”

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