How staying cool helped these PNSmen save a life

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Wearing civilian clothes from left: SGT (1) (NS) Kor Zhe Ming, SGT (1) (NS) Faiz Hakim Sim Jun Wei and SGT (2) (NS) Cao Liang.

This team of PNSmen used their first aid training and teamwork to make a crucial difference during their in-camp training.


On 20 November 2022, four Divisional Special Task Force (DSTF) Police National Servicemen (PNSmen) officers from Jurong Police Division, INSP (NS) Maung Kyaw Yan Shinn, SGT (2) (NS) Cao Liang, SGT (1) (NS) Kor Zhe Ming, and SGT (1) (NS) Faiz Hakim Sim Jun Wei, were patrolling along Block 501-504, Jurong West Street 51.

A member of the public informed them that someone had fainted at a nearby market and required immediate medical assistance. The DSTF officers rushed to the scene and noticed a large crowd surrounding an unconscious person whose spouse was crying beside him.


INSP (NS) Maung and his team calmly took charge of the situation while awaiting the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) personnel to arrive. Relying on the first aid training received during his full-time National Service, SGT (1) (NS) Faiz performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) while INSP (NS) Maung ensured that his airway was clear and removed metal items from the patient’s body.

SGT (2) (NS) Cao Liang retrieved an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) from a nearby community club, while SGT (1) (NS) Zhe Ming summoned for an ambulance and updated his Ops Room and Jurong West NPC of the situation.

An SCDF ambulance arrived soon after and the officers were informed that the patient was resuscitated en route to the hospital. They were relieved and glad that their initial assistance during the critical period had helped the patient survive.

SGT (2) (NS) Cao Liang believed that teamwork was a crucial factor in the team’s ability to help save a life.  

“Clear communication, trust, and mutual respect among team members were key to a successful outcome. Each team member was aware of his role and responsibilities and was able to communicate effectively with one another. The team’s cohesion and cooperation made a significant impact on the outcome of the situation and helped save lives,” he said.

SGT (1) (NS) Faiz felt the incident highlighted the importance of first aid knowledge.

“It has also made us realise that more people should know how to administer first aid. From now on, we would highly encourage everyone to take up first aid course as it is a very important life skill,” he said.


The DSTF officers credited their ability to respond quickly to the training during their Police Officer Basic Course as well as vocational training at Jurong Police Division.

“Life is unpredictable. Anything can happen to our loved ones at anytime. I think with general medical knowledge and training, you might be able to save a person’s life one day. I will expand my knowledge in the general medical field so that I would be able to save another life if the same scenario takes place again,” said INSP (NS) Maung Kyaw Yan Shinn.

“In this new year, we would definitely encourage our friends and families to take up a First-Aid Course as this is a life skill that would come in handy in a medical emergency. We would also try out the myResponder app, serving and providing assistance to the communities even when not donning on our blue uniform,” added SGT (1) (NS) Kor Zhe Ming.

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