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4 reasons you should join the HomeTeamNS family

In recognition of our SPF and SCDF heroes, HomeTeamNS offers a home-away-from-home experience at its clubhouses, and countless member benefits around Singapore.


Having just celebrated its 15th anniversary last year, HomeTeamNS remains true to its original mission. That vision was a simple one: To recognise the invaluable contributions that Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) NSmen have made towards the nation’s safety and security. More than just an assortment of recreational spaces, each HomeTeamNS clubhouse is dedicated to offering these homegrown heroes and their loved ones a platform to live, play and build connections across a growing community of close to 200,000 members.

Here’s what new members can expect when they join the family.


The HomeTeamNS Khatib Clubhouse features TactSim, Singapore’s first and only Airsoft Arena.

Islandwide accessibility is the name of the game at HomeTeamNS. Its clubhouses are located at key locations around Singapore: Balestier, Bukit Batok, Chinatown, Khatib and Tampines, with an upcoming one at Bedok.

Excellently-furnished members’ lounges and a host of exclusive F&B outlets that serve cuisines from around the world offer an oasis from the bustle of city life. Meanwhile, amenities like swimming pools and Fitness Workz gyms cater to those seeking to stay trim and look fab.

Each of the clubhouses offer unique facilities as well. For example, the HomeTeamNS Khatib Clubhouse features Singapore’s first and only Airsoft Arena at TactSim. It’s also home to Adventure HQ, Singapore’s largest multi-installation indoor adventure centre. The Bedok clubhouse, set to launch in 2022, has been designed as a waterfront haven nestled in Bedok Reservoir Park. This new location will host an indoor water adventure and concept villas for a luxurious family getaway.


A host of activities are organised for members, including Skillfest, an activities-based programme for children between the ages of five and 12.

“Boredom” isn’t a word you’ll find in the HomeTeamNS family dictionary. Dozens of sports courses are available. These encompass a wide range of activities including aikido, badminton, hoop fitness, karate, pilates and yoga. Members also get first pick across a broad spectrum of regularly-scheduled events like SkillFest, an activities-based programme that seeks to boost the holistic development of children between the ages of five and 12.

Other events include mobile gaming tournaments, annual golf championships, and the annual REAL® Run. Home-grown interest groups even offer an opportunity for like-minded hobbyists to come together, including Auto Adventure for avid drivers who loves to travel on a trip together and Golflinks for golf enthusiasts.


Singaporeans love a good deal – and if it’s one thing we’re proud of here at HomeTeamNS, it’s that we can certainly call ourselves lobang kings. Just signing up for membership gives one access to curated treats from a diverse range of merchants islandwide. Privileges span the food and beverage, lifestyle and entertainment, staycations, and beauty and wellness sectors.

Some popular benefits include all-day, everyday 1-for-1 movie treats at Cathay Cineplexes, as well as discounts at Sinopec petrol stations. Oh, and did we mention the birthday goodies that are available for every member? There are few better ways to celebrate like getting pampered silly (at a discount!) at G.Spa – a nature-inspired retreat and one-stop spa destination rolled into one.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of these amazing treats and birthday goodies for yourself.


HomeTeamNS Family members enjoy special play rates at T-Play at the HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok and Khatib clubhouses.

Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind – and this is true even of HomeTeamNS memberships.

We invite your families to be a part of ours, and we make it easy by allowing members to sign their whole family up under the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme for as low as S$20. Under this initiative, you just need to pay membership fee for the 1st family member, and membership fee for the second and all your subsequent family members below the age of 21 within each family is free (subject to a $10 admin fee)!

Sign your little ones up for HomeTeamNS Family Membership to enjoy free T-Play membership for the duration of your membership. This grants excess to exclusive perks including special play rates at both T-Play Bukit Batok and Khatib and a host of discounts and freebies on your child’s birthday month.

Thinking of signing up? As part of a special promotion to mark the launch of the Family Scheme, the one-time administrative fee of S$10 for each new Family Member application will be waived until March 31, 2022.

Learn more about the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme and be a part of the family today.

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Taking the holistic path to a balanced and healthy life

HomeTeamNS’ Body to Soul event showcases safe, practical ways to stay physically and mentally fit


How can one lead a balanced lifestyle? Here’s a hint – it involves so much more than just physical wellbeing. HomeTeamNS’ upcoming Body to Soul event at the HomeTeamNS Khatib clubhouse will focus on physical and mental health. With workout routines thrown into disarray, the organisation wants to help members regain their fitness mojo once again in an enjoyable, balanced way.

Happening on November 27 and 28, the Body to Soul event includes talks on mental health to bolster one’s resilience, as well as a variety of classes from yoga to workout routines that use hydraulic machines for more effective results.


Any kind of exercise is good for the body, but if you’re just restarting your fitness journey, low-impact exercises tend to be more enjoyable. It’s easier – and safer – to adopt a repetitive routine and focus on your movements. Four versions of such exercises will be introduced at Body to Soul, so members can get a taste of works best for them.

The Low Impact Aerobics Class is ideal for anyone looking for a light – and light-hearted – cardio-focused workout led by Fitness Workz instructors.

If you think Yoga is only for the super-flexible, a trial session may change your mind. While being supple helps, yoga helps improve your balance, tone your body and improve posture through slow movements and deep breathing. It’s a gentle form of strengthening and a relaxing, refreshing activity.

If you prefer using machines in your workout, the Hydraulic Machine class and its specialised equipment ensures a controlled workout that is effective and safe. Exclusive to Fitness Workz Premium, these machines are engineered to help engage target muscles but remove the impact through its smooth, cushioned delivery.

Finally, the Guardian Bridge circuit class is led by the gym’s Fitness Ironmen Committee. Don’t be intimidated by their name – the friendly trainers will teach a series of low-impact circuit exercises that allow participants to train by themselves anywhere to improve on their overall health and conditioning.


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that mental well-being is just as important as the physical and needs to be maintained through healthy habits. Discover how you can improve your mental health with the Mental Wellness Talk by The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) and Montfort GoodLife! @ Yishun. Learn about conditions like depression and dementia as well as understand how active ageing and self-care plays an important role in managing your overall well-being.

Other event partners will be offering wares and services at the foyer in support of the theme holistic wellness.

Starbalm, for instance, will be showcasing their sports therapy products, targeted to soothe problem areas through balms, lotions and patches. Nature One Dairy offers dry sampling of their adult nutrition formula which can help with bone and muscle health. You may get their nutritional formula at a huge discount and every purchase offers a chance to participate in a sure-win lucky draw.

Made some new friends? Revamp your mobile services with TPG Mobile to stay in touch at plans suited for your lifestyle. After trying out all the physical activities, the Fitness Workz team will introduce its many facilities and offerings.


Brought to you by the Health Promotion Board, learn how to build muscle strength as well as balance and flexibility in the Rolling Good Times showcase. You can also learn about minimising fall risk. Members will get an opportunity to register their interest should they like to progress onto the whole programme.

Sign-up for the Body to Soul event to access these programs, as well as a free goodie bag worth S$50.

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Over the moon

From painting lanterns to indulging in guilt-free mooncakes, HomeTeamNS members and guests were pampered with exciting Mid-Autumn treats.


Mid-Autumn Festival at HomeTeamNS was filled with delectable mooncakes and colourful lanterns. As the traditional festival is also known as the “Reunion Festival”, HomeTeamNS members and guests were treated to a mix of fun online and onsite bonding activities.  



For the first time at HomeTeamNS, families gathered to release sky lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Some 50 participants had a blast crafting and lighting their own lanterns before taking part in a Digital Scavenger Hunt at HomeTeamNS Khatib Clubhouse.

With lanterns in hand, participants ventured through the Clubhouse – visiting Fitness Workz Premium, Mancaves and T-Play – while competing in different challenges. They scanned QR codes placed around the Clubhouse to download questions and receive helpful hints. Challenges included taking a family wefie at the Identity Corridor and Headgear display at the lobby. A total of S$300 worth of food hampers and Do-It-Yourself (D-I-Y) Minion Snowskin Mooncake kits were up for grabs.

The evening ended on an enchanting note, with families writing their wishes on their lanterns and witnessing the release of a sky lantern at the clubhouse’s roof garden.

“My children and family had a very good time. The event was very well planned and very safe for kids,” shared participant Michel Lam.


In partnership with Chocoelf, an award-winning chocolate brand established in Singapore, HomeTeamNS-JOM organised two contests for members that garnered a total of 132 entries.

Four winners brought home S$288 worth of Sugar-Free Snowskin Mooncakes. The giveaway boxes each contained some of Chocoelf’s best-selling flavours, such as Pure Lotus, Intense Dark Nibs, Osmanthus Green Tea and Strawberry Chia Seeds.

“I find this contest engaging; it reminds me of my younger days when I was told of the story of Chang Er. The prize was awesome too and I like the taste of the mooncakes,” shared HomeTeamNS member, James Goh Ming Sia.



Some 100 children showcased their artistic skills at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok‘s Colouring contest. Held on-site at the Clubhouse over the course of a week, the young talents coloured various designs like images of mooncakes and lanterns.

Participants with the highest number of votes for their uploaded artworks on the Clubhouse’s Facebook Page stood to win attractive prizes. The winner received a HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok goodie bag, which included a Sketchers bag, shoe bag, tumbler and portable charger.


Over at T-Play at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok and HomeTeamNS Khatib, Junior HomeTeamNS members and their families bonded over a Lantern Painting Competition. The competition attracted 50 participants, who showed off their creativity while learning about the Mid-Autumn Festival with their parents and siblings.

Their works of art were posted on HomeTeamNS T-Play’s Facebook Page. Three winners were picked from each T-Play facility and they each received a Premium Art Pack consisting of home craft activity booklets, The Intan’s Peranakan tiles, T-Play stickers, and other art paraphernalia.

Watch this space for coverage of more clubhouse activities, including Children’s Day and Halloween.

Note: All Mid-Autumn Festival events were held before the implementation of Safe Management Measures for the Stabilisation Phase.  

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Levelling up

Back by popular demand, SkillFest makes a comeback during the September school holidays, where junior HomeTeamNS members and friends took away essential life skills through a five-day programme.



HomeTeamNS kicked off the second edition of SkillFest on 6 September 2021. Blending fun and learning, the five-day programme seeks to uplift the academic and personal development of children between ages five and 12 through a series of activities. These touched on areas that included L.I.F.E, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), S.T.E.M, Athletic and Hike skills.



Participants were introduced to the four pillars of life — Leadership, Initiative, Friendship and Empowerment — through an assortment of activities conducted at HomeTeamNS Khatib‘s Adventure HQ. The children were first divided into small groups, after which they used their leadership, physical and creative proficiencies to overcome various obstacles. Highlights included activities that improved physical coordination, as participants solved mysteries in the Fossil Labyrinth; built team spirit by conquering the Urban Climb; and strengthened muscular endurance and agility while navigating through the Ninja Course.



Held at the Peranakan-themed T-Play at HomeTeamNS Khatib, Day Two of SkillsFest taught participants how to express their emotions appropriately through art and emojis. The activities were infused with aspects of Peranakan culture — from a creative twist of ‘Baba Says’ that tested the reflexes and control, to a cooking session that included a blind taste test of spices.

As they immersed in the world of the Nonyas and Babas, the children learnt how they could self-manage positive and negative emotions. They also had a blast during the playground playtime, where they indulged in imaginative play, fostered teamwork skills and made new friends.



Participants spent the third day of the programme refining their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M) skills through unique and fun gameplay at HomeTeamNS Tampines’ Clip ‘N Climb and Laser Quest.

Who knew that climbing up a rock wall (at Clip ‘N Climb) could teach one about Newton’s law of gravity? And at Laser Quest, scoring as many points as possible when striking laser lights on targets helped participants understand the mechanics behind the laser device.

The children also embarked on an Eco-Trail at Our Tampines Hub’s Eco Garden to learn about solar technology and how the slightest efforts in improving the natural environment can create a positive impact in the long run.



Geared up for a sporty day, participants tried out various physical activities at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok’s Fitness Workz and Adventure Centre, and learnt about the value of strength, speed and coordination.

The children were pumped up as they tested their limits on the climbing rope course and rock-climbing wall, and sweat it out at the Fitness Junior Masterclass workout. With a focus on speed and coordination, the futsal clinic gave participants tips and tricks on how to win a match.



The attendees turned into happy campers and adventurers at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok Clubhouse on the last day of the programme. They learnt various outdoor skills such as tent-pitching, setting up a fire for cooking, map and compass reading, and administering basic first aid.

The activities were designed to cultivate effective teamwork and leadership skills among the participants, as they relied on one another to pitch a tent as a team. At the same time, first aid skills were taught to impart the knowledge of how to react in emergency situations.

Participants were then brought to Little Guilin for an exciting hiking experience, where they put their map and compass reading skills to use, and led their teams through the scenic park.

Missed out on all the fun? Stay tuned for the next edition of SkillFest coming up during the November and December school holidays! Check out the HomeTeamNS Official Facebook Page for the latest updates.

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Celebrating 56 with a bang

HomeTeamNS clubhouses commemorated the nation’s 56th birthday with exciting festivities – celebrated from the comfort of home and at clubhouses.





WHEN 2 to 22 August 2021

HomeTeamNS Khatib kickstarted its National Day celebrations with fun activities that brought back the kampung spirit. Visitors dropped by the clubhouse over two weekends to meet and greet Singa, Singaporeans’ favourite Courtesy Lion, and reminisced about old-school games like Chapteh, 5 Stones and pick-up sticks.


WHEN 20 July to 7 August 2021

Over 3,000 HomeTeamNS members and patrons collaborated to complete the National Day centrepiece at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok. Made of DIY paper roses, the artwork was an expression of visitors’ appreciation to the heroes at home – their families. Participants were guided by friendly Customer Experience Ambassadors on how to fold the paper roses.


WHEN 10 August 2021

Over at HomeTeamNS-JOM, a group of participants took part in the ‘Learn to draw Merlion’ workshop. Using different drawing techniques to sketch the half-fish, half-lion statue, they brought the iconic Singapore landmark to life.

Don’t miss the ‘Learn to draw Merlion’ workshop featured on Channel 8 News.


WHEN August 2021

For displaying their patriotism by dressing in red or white, more than 100 HomeTeamNS-JOM visitors were welcomed with Singapore flags and gifts.


While some members and their families were having a blast at the clubhouses, others tuned in to live gameshows and workshops at the various HomeTeamNS Clubhouse Facebook pages.

WHEN 4 August 2021

61 viewers put their game faces on during the ‘How Singaporean Are You?’ Pictionary live gameshow hosted on HomeTeamNS Khatib’s Facebook Page. With up to S$300 worth of vouchers up for grabs, the participants battled it out and made guesses on drawings that represented all things Singaporean, while embracing the nation’s lingo – Singlish.     



WHEN August 2021

Close to 60 HomeTeamNS members got their mystery fix in the Digital Scavenger Hunt on HomeTeamNS’ Official Facebook Page. Prizes worth a total of S$1,700 were on the line, as participants solved three Singapore-themed riddles. The top three winners took home S$428 worth of HomeTeamNS facility passes, Cathay Cineplexes Digital Movie Passes and Swensen’s food vouchers. Ten consolation winners bagged four Cathay Cineplexes Digital Movie Vouchers each, while another 10 won this year’s NDP Funpack.

“Thank you for proactively arranging events for the members to participate and win prizes. Keep up the great work!” wrote Joey Lee, a Digital Scavenger Hunt participant.


Live cooking show
Live exercise session
Live band performance
Virtual craft workshops

WHEN 23 July to 5 August 2021

Together with their families, members connected virtually as they joined various live shows and workshops on HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok Facebook Page. From singing National Day songs with heartfelt gusto to striking a warrior pose for yoga, close to 100 viewers enjoyed a memorable National Day weekend.


The viewers tuned in for the ‘Live’ cooking show joined by a special guest from Minmed Group, as they whipped up healthy dishes such as Red Chicken Rice and Red Ruby Dessert for their families at home. 



Not forgetting to keep fit and healthy while staying home, members partook in the ‘Live’ exercise session with Yoga Instructor, Gina. Besides burning up the extra calories, they learned new short breathing practices as a way to de-stress.



Ending off the ‘Live’ Facebook shows on a high note, viewers flaunt their vocal prowess and patriotism by singing along National Day songs with acoustic duo, Choy and Ernest, from 二人世界  (Two of Us).



The clubhouse also hosted 2 virtual workshops ‘I’m Proud to be Yorchid’ and ‘Thank You For Masking’. Participating families were taught how to fold origami orchids and sew face masks in the comfort of their own homes, with the sewing kits and materials delivered to their doorsteps.


HomeTeamNS-JOM karaoke finals

WHEN 3 to 21 August 2021

HomeTeamNS-JOM celebrated the festive month with online quizzes, a karaoke contest and a durian giveaway.


171 fans participated in five quizzes about Singapore’s history on HomeTeamNS-JOM’s Facebook page. Winners took home Jom Makan BBQ Seafood dining vouchers worth up to S$600 in total.

“Thank you HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse and Jom Makan BBQ Seafood for the thoughtful giveaway,” expressed Irene Lim, a participant in the ‘CAN or CANNOT?’ quiz.


The second online edition of the annual HomeTeamNS-JOM Karaoke Contest saw 55 submissions from 25 participants. Ten finalists across two categories were selected through online voting and judges’ selection.

Finalists were announced by professional coaches from The Vocal Studio Singapore on 9 August. The finalists performed familiar National Day songs, including Home and We Will Get There on 21 August.

Professional vocal performers and coaches from The Vocal Studio Singapore — Nisha Mahtani, Hydir Idris, Harsha Channa, Hanna Ma, and Bojana Fabel — were guest judges. They also shared professional advice with the participants. Close to 720 viewers watched the show. Viewers were treated to goodies, including chances to win exclusive NDP fun packs and salad bowls from Indulge Teppanyaki & Grill House.


HomeTeamNS-JOM sweetened the festivities with an exclusive durian giveaway. Simply by registering their interest, members snagged a S$5 promo code to offset their online durian purchases from 99 Old Trees Durian.

Missed out on the National Day festivities with HomeTeamNS? Visit the HomeTeamNS website for upcoming activities and post-event coverage!

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To infinity and beyond

Continuing the REAL® Run legacy amid the pandemic.

TEXT Adlina Adam
PHOTOS Pierre Ooi Photography

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of REAL® (Regular Exercise Active Lifestyle) Run, the annual flagship event of HomeTeamNS. To adhere to COVID-19 safety measures, a four-month long virtual race was launched on 8 July 2021. The date was deliberately selected as the number ‘8’ resembles the infinity symbol — a sign that REAL® Run intends to keep running, no matter what obstacles lie ahead, especially during these unprecedented times.

“The pandemic has significantly impacted a lot of running events including REAL® Run,” said MAJ (NS) Su Caizheng, Chairman of the REAL® Run Committee. “But rather than being negative about it, the team looked at it as an opportunity and an even stronger reason for us to continue what we have always been driving — which is to encourage our runners to maintain their regular exercises and active lifestyle.”


CPT Tan Chun Hui

Undeterred by the restrictions imposed on physical events, REAL® Run advanced and persevered through the challenges that it faced and organised its first full-fledged virtual edition in 2020.

Despite being new to the virtual race scene, the REAL® Run team rose to the occasion — they conducted research on how such events have been held around the globe. “We continued to follow our mantra of not limiting ourselves in terms of ideas and we are constantly thinking of new ways that our runners can interact virtually,” said MAJ (NS) Caizheng.

“It is nice to be able to still participate in the REAL® Run despite the ongoing pandemic, and I do appreciate how the team behind the event is always looking for ways to make a virtual race more fun!” expressed CPT Tan Chun Hui, an avid runner who represented the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) in the 10km Women’s Team Event at the Sundown Marathon 2019.


SGT Hamizah Binte Abdul Talib

As this year’s virtual 25km race period extends to four months, it is crucial that participants stay motivated and clock in their timings consistently. REAL® Run 2021 accommodates participants of differing ability and fitness levels through two running modes: Leaderboard Run (Competitive) and Sole-Mate Run (Non-Competitive).

Competitive runners can get head-to-head with their friends when participating in the Leaderboard Run, while leisure runners can run at their own pace and, at the same time, explore new places. To stay motivated during virtual runs, CPT Chun Hui indulges in friendly competitions with her friends, and aims to beat her own personal-best records.

In SGT Hamizah Binte Abdul Talib’s case, she perks her ears to a good running playlist and snaps photos of the good memories after crossing the finishing line.

“Some seasoned runners can do it alone and conquer the race, but it gets boring for me after a while. I get a close friend or colleague to accompany me for the run, so we can motivate each other,” shared SGT Hamizah, an Emergency Response Team (ERT) Officer from the Singapore Police Force (SPF).


MAJ (NS) Su Caizheng

From a small-scale SPF event of 500 runners in 1996, REAL® Run has grown to host over 10,000 participants from all over the world. REAL® Run has persevered through the years, with the committee members putting their unwavering efforts in ensuring that every edition remains astounding.

MAJ (NS) Caizheng plans to develop REAL® Run into a leading race event by finding innovative ways to engage youths and incentivise regular runners who have been supporting REAL® Run over the years. The team also intends to tap on technological solutions and engagements to make each REAL® Run event a pleasant memory for the runners.

“Throughout the 25 years that REAL® Run has been around, we’ve evolved so much – but one thing has never changed: our commitment to our runners and our Home Team NSmen,” said MAJ (NS) Caizheng.

New to the running scene?
Here are some tips to get your engine started!

After running, don't stop immediately. Walk slowly to bring your heart rate down and end off with a good static stretch to prevent injuries. Remember to hydrate well, wear a good pair of running shoes and plan your route before setting off.

SGT Hamizah Binte Abdul Talib, Singapore Police Force

Have a good dynamic pre-run warm-up, followed by running short distances. This helps to increase your heart rate, relax your muscles and loosens your joints. Start slow and build up your running mileage gradually. This prevent overtraining and injuries, which can hinder your progress.

CPT Tan Chun Hui, Singapore Civil Defence Force

Interested to know more about the 25th-anniversary edition of the REAL® Run? Read up and register for the run here.

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A Shiok-ingly good time

Club Buzz

HomeTeamNS Khatib: Built for NSmen by NSmen

The dedication and contributions of HomeTeamNS volunteers were celebrated in conjunction with the Official Opening of HomeTeamNS Khatib Clubhouse

Club Buzz

Safeguarding our water future

Club Buzz

Celebrating Women In Leadership

Because the world can always do with more of a woman’s touch