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Shape Up

Mastering consistent exercise: tips to make working out second nature

Struggling to maintain a regular workout routine? Discover effective ways to overcome this challenge and stay on track with your fitness goals.



We’ve all been there before. We make a New Year’s resolution to get in shape, only to hit the gym regularly for a few weeks before losing steam and abandoning the goal.

If you’re tired of being caught up in this vicious cycle and are serious about upping your fitness levels and improving your Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) scores, here’s the one thing you need to do: make exercising a habit.

While it’s understandable that not everyone can form a habit through sheer will, this is why we have listed the following ways that would not only help make exercising a goal, but also an indispensable part of life.

Set a clear goal

One of the biggest mistakes we make when setting out on a fitness journey is not setting goals or setting vague ones like “I want to have killer biceps”.

Be specific. Determine your goal, how often you want to exercise, and what you will do. For example, plan to do three types of bicep exercises thrice a week, with the ultimate goal of seeing the muscle grow an inch within three months. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all exercise that works exactly the same way for everybody, so do not be discouraged if you don’t see results as fast as you hoped. Consistency remains key in any fitness journey.

Making specific and realistically attainable goals that are easier to maintain will encourage you to stick to the routine and track your progress. Progress is important because seeing it will likely motivate you to continue working out!

Need help tracking your goals? Apps like Habitica, Goalify, and Way of Life offer easy and fun ways to do so.

Reward yourself

Trying to create a habit is hard work, and we all deserve to be rewarded for it.

That being said, be mindful about what you reward yourself. It would be counterproductive to indulge in a bucket of ice cream after a 30-minute workout.

One reward that would be perfectly aligned with your fitness journey would be a relaxing spa treatment. What’s more, you can even make use of your HomeTeamNS membership to get more out of it.

Check out the amazing 1-for-1 spa treatment at Atos Wellness beauty spa (choose either Urban Face Therapy or Urban Body Massage Therapy worth $180) valid till 30 April 2024.

Alternatively, reward yourself with some retail therapy that supports your fitness goals.

Get yourself some flattering workout attire – HomeTeamNS members get to enjoy 20% off regular-priced items with no minimum spend at Under Armour.

Keep it simple

Those who are struggling to pass their IPPT and lack general fitness should avoid overcomplicating the fitness journey with too many kinds of workouts. Stick to full-body exercises for the moment as they are great ways to work multiple muscle groups within a short period of time.

Examples of full-body exercises include squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and burpees.

If you are uncertain about which exercises to incorporate into your workout, consider searching for a “full-body workout” video on YouTube. Besides being free, such videos also allow you to exercise in the comfort of your home. Alternatively, you can get expert guidance from a fitness trainer at the Fitness Workz gyms located in every HomeTeamNS clubhouse.

HomeTeamNS members working out at Fitness Workz gyms enjoy special rates starting from $262.41 for a 12-month membership.

But don’t just focus on exercising; set aside some time for recovery as well. Stretch before and after your exercises to minimise the occurrence of injuries that would affect your gains.

Sneak exercise into your life

One of the most common reasons why people give up on their fitness goals is the lack of time. The struggle of juggling work and family commitments is real, and while there is no way we can increase the number of hours in a day, we can certainly slip in quick exercises.

For example, opt to walk or cycle to your destination instead of driving or taking public transport when possible. You’ll get to save money by doing so too.

If finding a 30-minute block for exercise seems impossible, break your workouts into smaller, more manageable sessions. You’d be surprised at how many short windows of opportunity present themselves throughout the day.

Supervising the kids as they play in the living room? Take this chance to do a plank. Perform some squats while brushing your teeth. Carry out a few sets of push-ups while catching up on your Netflix series.

Eat in moderation

Keeping fit isn’t just about getting physical. Much of it also has to do with what we’re eating.

To many people, eating healthy and losing weight means ditching that nasi lemak for a salad. But this is one misconception that often throws people off track in their fitness journey.

Let’s face it – Singapore is a food paradise. It can be incredibly difficult to give up your favourite hawker fare. If you’re constantly forcing yourself to eat a salad instead of what you love, chances are you’ll be feeling disgruntled and hungry all the time. And we all know what happens when we’re constantly feeling “hangry” – we end up satiating that hunger with junk food.

The solution? Eat in moderation. Try having less rice than you’re used to. Don’t go “cold turkey” and immediately cut out all your favourite foods from your diet. Rather, have a healthy salad for lunch and indulge in laksa for dinner.

Check out Backyard Fresh for yummy produce grown on our very shores. HomeTeamNS members get to enjoy 24% off all vegetables purchased valid till 30 April 2024.

Make it fun

Everything is easier when it’s fun. If you find yourself getting bored of the conventional YouTube workout videos, try exercising to those by content creators like @TheFitnessMarshall, who incorporate dance moves and trending songs into a workout routine.

Alternatively, crank up your favourite rock or dance tunes to get the adrenaline pumping.

If you’re an audiophile, remember that HomeTeamNS members can enjoy 10% off storewide on authentic, top-notch audio gear at SeeHearLive, the authorised brand distributors of top-leading audio brands the likes of Shure, JBL Pro, AKG, and many more. Don’t miss out!

Another way you can up the fun factor is getting your loved ones involved. For instance, go on hikes, organise a cycling session through the park connectors, or join a fitness course. You can also create a challenge and include a reward (e.g., loser pays for dinner) that gets everyone excited. The great thing about working out together? You’ll get to motivate one another!

Playing your favourite sport is also an ideal way to have fun while building fitness. Get the guys together for a game of futsal every week. Treat it as a workout and give it your all.

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Club Buzz Featured Spotlight

Home Team Day 2024: Celebrating Family Ties Among Singapore’s Guardians

HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir’s Executive Committee Member LTC (NS) Shahrudin Bin Salleh recounts the joy and community spirit he experienced at the inaugural Home Team Day 2024, highlighting its significance for Home Team personnel and their families.



On 24 February 1997, then-Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Wong Kan Seng, launched the Home Team concept. The concept describes the significance of viewing the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), along with its 10 Home Team Departments (HTDs) as one collective entity despite each department holding its own specific and integral role within the Home Team. With this in mind, HTDs can operate more seamlessly, leverage on each other’s strengths, and work together as one MHA family — all with the goal to preserve and strengthen Singapore’s safety and security.

This year, in appreciation for Home Team officers’ contributions to Singapore, as well as to commemorate how far the MHA family has come in working together as one, 24 February has been earmarked as Home Team Day, which will be celebrated annually. To celebrate, HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir hosted the inaugural Home Team Day carnival. In what ultimately turned out to be an unforgettable and joyous occasion for Home Team personnel and their families alike, we invited HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir’s Executive Committee Member LTC (NS) Shahrudin Bin Salleh to be a guest writer for Frontline digital, sharing his firsthand recount of the day’s event.

“As an NSman, Home Team Day holds profound significance, serving as a tribute to all Home Team personnel and embracing our families into the larger Home Team community. It’s a day that recognises our collective efforts and the support of our loved ones.

During the Home Team Day carnival held at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir last month, my family and I enjoyed an adventure across three playing venues, each filled with excitement. From traditional carnival games to cutting-edge virtual reality experiences, we indulged in a plethora of activities that not only brought back cherished memories, but also created new ones.

Among a myriad of experiences, one stood out as our highlight of the day — the moment we stepped inside a gigantic, air-filled transparent dome adorned with colourful balloons. Capturing a family photo within this enchanting setup evoked a sense of wonder, akin to being immersed in a magical snow globe. It was a unique twist on the traditional photobooth and a memory we’ll treasure forever.

Celebrating Home Team Day alongside my family fills me with immense pride. As we navigated through bustling crowds and witnessed other families of Home Team officers eagerly participating in the festivities, I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of camaraderie within the Home Team community, where we rally our families together to celebrate a common achievement and pride. Seeing my son, Isa, engrossed in collecting stamps and completing game cards further reinforced the importance of family bonding and attested to the joy we can get from involving our children in the Home Team.  

While the allure of the carnival games kept us entertained, I regret not seizing the opportunity to explain my duties as a Home Team officer to my family. However, the event itself served as a testament to the Home Team’s dedication to fostering family engagement and appreciation. Despite the original intention to stay for just an hour, we found ourselves “overstaying” for more than two hours due to the sheer enjoyment and fun that the event had fostered.

The Ministry and HomeTeamNS’ efforts in honouring the contributions of Home Team officers and their families are commendable. From corporate events like promotion ceremonies to organising such carnivals, they continuously strive to involve families and recognise their support. Moreover, the offer of a complimentary one-year membership to eligible Home Team officers and their families underscores their commitment to nurture a strong sense of community among us, the Guardians of Hearts and Home.

In recapping our experience at the Home Team Day carnival, it’s evident that beyond the games and festivities, the event truly epitomised the spirit of unity, appreciation, and family within the Home Team community.”

To thank our Home Team Officers for their contributions to the safety and security of Singapore and Singaporeans, eligible Home Team officers, national servicemen, and those serving in the Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) and Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU), will be given a complimentary one-year HomeTeamNS membership from mid-March 2024. They can also sign their family members up for a complimentary one-year family membership, for them to enjoy the same perks and benefits. Click here and here for details.

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In The Force

From friendly skies to lifesaving highs

Cabin crew-turned-volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Nur Aishah Binte Mohamed Roslan shares the defining moments that reshaped her career and ignited her passion for saving lives.


You may recall the widely-reported story of a cabin crew who saved the life of a cardiac arrest victim at Yew Tee Point. Meet the protagonist of that tale: Ms Nur Aishah Binte Mohamed Roslan.

Following this pivotal event, she embarked on a profound career shift, transitioning from the aviation sector to become a clinic assistant while concurrently volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU)

Rescue995* met up with SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah to delve into the experiences that ignited her passion for volunteering with the CDAU.

“I was a cabin crew at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the number of international flights were greatly reduced, I was seconded to Yew Tee Point as a customer service officer,” recalls SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah.

One day, while working at the concierge, she was alerted to a medical emergency, where an elderly cleaner had fainted in the toilet. “When I found him unresponsive, without any pulse and not breathing, I immediately commenced cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and requested the mall’s security officer to fetch an automated external defibrillator (AED),” she shares.

SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah’s prompt intervention – along with the security officer’s assistance – proved instrumental in reviving the cleaner. “When the SCDF paramedic later told me that our swift intervention had saved the man’s life, I felt so relieved and was moved to the brink of tears,” she says.

In recognition of her decisive actions that day, SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah received several accolades: the Community First Responder Award from SCDF in September 2020, the CEO Service Excellence Awards from Singapore Airlines in 2021, as well as the Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award in August 2021. More importantly, the incident solidified her determination to chart a new career trajectory.

SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah receiving the Community First Responder Award from SCDF in September 2020.

Following the incident, SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah continued as a cabin crew for two more years, before taking a leap of faith by pursuing a new career as a clinic assistant. This move may have surprised many of her colleagues and loved ones, but for her, the calling to save lives and serve the community had become her newfound purpose. At the same time, SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah joined the CDAU as a volunteer, undergoing the Emergency Medical Technician Course conducted by the SCDF. She had initially contemplated a full-time career with the SCDF, but decided not to as she was happy with her current work-life arrangements.  

SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah expresses gratitude towards her workplace for fostering a supportive environment, facilitating her commitment to CDAU duties on her days off. “I can undertake full-day duties, which allow me to contribute more to every shift,” she adds.

Reflecting on her experiences at Changi Fire Station, SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah acknowledges the unique challenges and responsibilities encountered. During medical incidents, there is significant scrutiny from the public, with bystanders taking photos and videos of SCDF officers in action. Although this adds an additional layer of pressure, responding crews need to remain focused on patient care, and maintain their composure and professionalism despite surrounding distractions.

She recalls an incident in which she exercised her soft skills to gain the cooperation of a patient: “An elderly man had broken his teeth in a fall,” she recounts. “However, he was extremely resistant to seeking treatment at the hospital. Ignoring the clicking of cameras from bystanders, I sat with him, held his hands and told him gently, ‘Uncle, you are 75 years old, and your blood pressure is very high – therefore, I cannot leave you alone. I am sure your daughter would not want you to be left alone.’ He looked at me, relented and agreed to be conveyed to the hospital.” 

Played out under the watchful eyes of the public, this incident is a testament to the soft skills of empathy and tact that SCDF EMS officers are required to possess.

SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah on duty at Changi Fire Station.

“As CDAU volunteers, our uniform is almost identical to that of regular officers and NSFs, bearing the same EMT tab. Therefore, when I wear my uniform, I represent not only SCDF and CDAU, but also my personal values as a volunteer. It is a symbol of my commitment to saving lives,” says SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah. 

Her stint with the CDAU has also unexpectedly enriched her duties as a clinic assistant. During her EMT training, she had learnt to perform the Patient Assessment Model, which now comes in handy in her daily work at the clinic, allowing her to swiftly evaluate patients and provide important information to the attending physician.

SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah is a firm believer in the community’s role in emergency response and preparedness. She advocates the importance of basic community intervention, emphasising that the public’s actions – such as checking on someone who has fainted and calling 995 for emergencies – can help save lives.

“Never let your doubts stop you from helping during an emergency,” she urges. “The AED comes with easy instructions for use, even if you don’t have formal training. Moreover, when you call 995, SCDF’s operations centre specialists will provide instructions over the phone, guiding you on how to help the patient until SCDF arrives.”

SGT1 (V) Nur Aishah’s fulfilling journey as a CDAU EMT is evidence of her unwavering passion for service. She hopes that her story will inspire others to play an active role in emergency response and community healthcare, irrespective of their backgrounds.

*This story has been edited from an interview that was originally published in SCDF’s digital magazine, Rescue995.

Interested in serving beyond your obligations? Consider the Volunteer Extension Scheme, which allows PNSMen who have completed their NS liability to continue serving beyond their statutory age. PNSMen (With NS liability) who have passed their statutory age of 40 years (Junior Officers) & 50 years (Senior Officers) may apply.

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Spotlight Technology

AI Trends That Will Change The Way We Live In 2024

From the use of natural language text prompts to generate content on social media, to the expansion of the metaverse, experts from various fields — alongside insights from research conducted online — discuss how such tech trends will shape the new year.



Given the impact that generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) had in 2023, it’s safe to say that the technology — which can generate text, images, and other data in response to prompts — will continue to feature heavily in 2024.

But there are more applications to AI technology than ChatGPT, a  GenAI tool that lets users enter prompts to receive humanlike images, text, or videos. As Ian Buck, Vice President of high-performance computing at American multinational technology company NVIDIA, puts it: “AI is set to become the new space race, with every country looking to create its own centre of excellence to advance research, science and national prosperity.”

Frontline speaks to experts from various fields, including Home Team NSmen, who share their take on what exciting developments this race might bring in their respective industries.


According to Home Team NSman LTC (NS) Derek Ho, a sales manager at a global cloud services provider, 2024 will likely see the widespread application of GenAI in all aspects of personal and corporate life. While AI tools like Grammarly and already help with tasks such as transcribing meetings as well as drafting emails and proposals, you can look forward to GenAI being integrated into social media apps such as WhatsApp and TikTok. This could be used to create convincing virtual replicas of people, or enable content creators to use natural language text prompts to generate photorealistic images.


Machine learning algorithms analyse data patterns to predict resource demands, improving scalability and efficiency in cloud infrastructure. As more companies move their existing technology infrastructure to the Cloud, expect further adoption of technologies enabled by it, including analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), and GenAI.

Derek contends this will allow businesses to innovate faster. He cites Moderna as an example of how tapping on scalable storage infrastructure can achieve unprecedented results. In this case, the biotechnology firm leveraged cloud computing technology to expedite the development of the COVID-19 vaccine by facilitating rapid data sharing, collaboration, and analysis. While cloud technologies may allow new technologies to enter our lives more rapidly than before, this means we will also need to be more mindful of cyber security and data privacy issues.


In 2024, we can expect the rise of predictive analytics. AI powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) will bring a wave of new features and possibilities for data teams, analysts, and users. Expect data specialists to start using AI to better filter and classify unstructured data, allowing them to glean sharper insights. This should be translated to better products and services, with a higher degree of personalisation.

Home Team NSman DAC (NS) Mohammed Azhar Yusof, Director, Coach Singapore, is an avid user of AI at work and has initiated various projects that utilise the technology to complete tasks more efficiently and on a greater scale. He feels that the number of AI-powered analytics tools will only increase, as it allows us to “pull information in a coherent way very quickly.” He adds that: “Given the speed of response, it allows us to perform our work in less time and therefore more efficiently. The information that it pulls out is also more comprehensive as it trawls available information on the web.” For example, AI and Big Data can be applied to sports, predicting player performance based on a range of metrics. This is especially useful when it comes to injury management and prevention as coaches will be able to draw on a wealth of information to make the best decisions.


Expect more immersive virtual worlds created by enterprising companies for their customers, with GenAI enabling even more personalised content. AI-driven algorithms analyse user behaviour, preferences, and inputs to create tailored experiences, from virtual worlds to personalised avatars. Home Team NSman MAJ (NS) Shabirin Ariffin, Head of Marketing & Creative, Stellar Ace, says the surging popularity of Augmented Reality (AR) tools has transformed various industries. “It has enhanced everything from shopping experiences to interactive education. It is reshaping how we engage with the world.”

Shabirin sees AR becoming a greater part of our daily lives soon; driven by our desire for more engaging experiences. Businesses will leverage AR to create immersive marketing campaigns, while educational institutions will integrate AR into curriculum for more interactive learning. As AR technology becomes more accessible, Shabirin also expects a “paradigm shift” in entertainment, with AR-enhanced gaming experiences captivating audiences.


According to Kimberly Powell, Vice President of Healthcare, NVIDIA, the day has come where surgeons can use AI to augment what they understand inside and outside the surgical suite. She predicts that with AI, surgeons will get better training, and surgeries will be safer thanks to real-time feedback and guidance.

Dr Seamus Phan, CTO, Head of Training & Content of McGallen & Bolden, sees medical professionals benefitting from local LLMs, as these can be stored on devices as small as a smartphone or tablet, giving them secure access to vast amounts of information without the need for network connectivity. “Imagine being a doctor, a TCM physician, or a pharmacist, where you can run queries on conditions, diagnoses and medications off your smartphone,” says Dr Seamus Phan, CTO, Head of Training & Content of McGallen & Bolden.

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In The Force

Realising his dream of joining the Force through volunteering

As part of the Citizens on Patrol (COP) volunteer scheme, Mr Shamshul Haniz Selamat plays a vital role in championing community safety.


After an injury derailed his aspirations of joining the Singapore Police Force, Mr Shamshul Haniz Selamat found a new avenue to serve his community – by volunteering with the Citizens on Patrol (COP) scheme.

His journey is an example of how determination and a passion for service can shape one’s path in life. “Joining COP was as close as I could get to being part of the Force,” shares the 35-year-old portering senior supervisor, who had first learnt about COP while he was on reservist. “It caught my interest by offering me an alternative way to contribute to crime prevention and public education.”


As a volunteer with the Home Team (Punggol NPC), Mr Shamshul takes to the streets for two-hour patrols around the neighbourhood once a month. However, his responsibilities extend beyond routine surveillance. His role is pivotal in enhancing the well-being of his community through awareness and engagement. “It’s about ensuring safety and educating the public about rising crimes as well as crime prevention measures,” he explains.

A father of three, Mr Shamshul derives a sense of accomplishment from contributing to a safer environment as well as fostering a sense of security and reassurance among the residents in his community.


A key aspect of Mr Shamshul’s responsibilities as a volunteer is to engage with and educate the community.

Mr Shamshul’s experience in COP is filled with memorable encounters, such as inspiring a fellow resident who expressed interest in joining the patrol team.

He recalls one particularly meaningful interaction during a home visit in his first year with COP. “A resident was happy to see us doing our rounds and gathered every member of her household to listen to what we had to share. Moments later, she was spreading the word through WhatsApp, urging her relatives and friends to pass on the information to protect their loved ones before they fell victim.”

Such interactions not only help to strengthen community bonds, but also highlight the significance of the COP scheme. “The community is appreciative of our presence, and is keen to listen and very attentive,” says Mr Shamshul, who adds that he has observed fewer complaints and incidents within the communities he patrols.


Mr Shamshul believes in the collective impact of volunteerism to build a stronger community.

Mr Shamshul believes his role significantly contributes to Singapore’s safety by educating the public about current crimes and scams. Through his work with COP, he relays essential information from the Neighbourhood Police Centre’s Officer-in-Charge to his personal and community networks.

He shares a key insight from his experiences: “Working with COP has taught me the importance of adapting our means of communication to suit different preferences. Some people respond better to personal interactions and visual aids, rather than solely on oral communication.”

During his patrols, Mr Shamshul always prioritises a friendly approach when engaging with the public and introducing his team and COP’s purpose – an effort that has proven effective in rapidly disseminating important updates within the community.

In this way, he plays a key role in crisis management and information sharing, reinforcing the tenets of Total Defence with every interaction.


Mr Shamshul encourages those who have been contemplating volunteering with the Home Team to “do it with an open heart and mind”. Emphasising the broader impact of such volunteer work, he adds: “Our efforts help in raising awareness, which is integral to Total Defence.”

A testament to how a positive attitude can lead to meaningful contributions within the community, Mr Shamshul’s story also serves as a reminder of how every individual’s effort counts towards the collective strength and resilience of Singapore.

To get to know him better, we had Mr Shamshul play a game of “Would You Rather?”.

Here are his answers and the reasons why:

1. Power of flight – “To respond quickly in urgent situations.”

2. ⁠Only watch comedy films – “After a long day’s work, some laughter is what you need.”

3. ⁠Time travel 100 years backwards – “To understand lessons of the past and look at what could have been done better”.

Join the Home Team Volunteer Network and make a difference in your community today! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about our 11 different volunteer schemes and how you can contribute.


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Family Time

Ultimate Easter Weekend Guide: Enchanting Family Adventures in Singapore

This Easter, make every moment count with a delightful array of activities that caters to every member of your household.



As the long Easter weekend beckons, families are looking forward to an extra day of leisure. Why not seize this opportunity to engage in a mix of activities tailored for all ages? Below is our curated guide to an exciting Easter weekend filled with family fun.


Have an ‘Easter Eggcellent Day’ at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier with various engaging activities to mark Singapore World Water Day. Meet the endearing PUB mascots, Water Wally and Sally, participate in water conservation games, and express creativity with Easter egg painting. Join the Easter Hunt, collect colourful eggs, and trade them in for surprises. Delight in complimentary popcorn and cotton candy as you learn and play. What’s more? Activities are free for HomeTeamNS and JOM members!


The Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience adds a sprinkle of magic to your holiday. Perfect for die-hard “Potterheads” and new fans alike, this enchanting trail weaves through lush landscapes, bringing the wizarding world to life. With a wand in hand, explore interactive stations, encounter mystical creatures, and cast spells to reveal your patronus (a spectral guardian animal featured in the fantasy series). The adventure is sweetened by themed treats like Butterbeer and chocolate frog mud cakes, available alongside a treasure trove of merchandise.


Egg-streme baking coming your way! Watch your little master chefs try their hand out at baking Easter Bunny cakes and Easter nest cupcakes at Genius R Us’ Easter workshops. Located at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier and HomeTeamNS Khatib, don’t miss this delightful opportunity to celebrate Easter while letting your children explore the wonders of baking in a fun and engaging environment that promises smiles all around.

HomeTeamNS members get to enjoy a 15% discount based on regular fees.


T-Play at HomeTeamNS Khatib and HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok transforms play into an exciting learning adventure. Kids will immerse in a world of interactive stations and themed play areas at this first-of-its-kind indoor playground, which will enhance their mental agility and motor skills. The Bukit Batok venue celebrates transportation, while Khatib features vibrant Peranakan culture. Look out for free special programmes that add an extra dimension of enjoyment to your visit.


Seeking traditional Easter fun? Look no further than the Easter Carnival at Mindful Space in Newton. At $95 for a parent-child duo, you can decorate Easter cakes, engage in an eco-friendly egg hunt, and navigate a teamwork-focused obstacle course. It’s a day to foster family bonds and revel in the spirit of Easter.


Celebrate Easter with your pets at Crane Pets Weekend & Food Fair in Joo Chiat. Treat yourself and your pets to seasonal bakes, engage in pet-friendly activities, and shop for unique homeware. End the day with a culinary journey through Katong’s vibrant shophouse district.

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Discover 8 top Halal eateries for breaking fast during Ramadan, perfect for you and your family

Discover Halal eateries nestled within HomeTeamNS clubhouses, as well as those located near police centres and fire stations. These spots offer convenience and comfort for our dedicated servicemen and women to break fast.



The holy month of Ramadan is a time of reflection, devotion, and community. For Muslims, fasting from dawn to sunset is not just a physical discipline; it is a spiritual journey that fosters self-control and compassion. The break of fast is more than just a dining experience; it’s a cherished ritual that reinforces family and community ties.

As the sun sets and the call to prayer resonates, finding the right place to break fast is essential. For our Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers and HomeTeamNS members, here are 8 top Halal eateries that combine great value with the convenience you deserve.


If you’re craving authentic flavours after a day of fasting, Sri Bistari is your go-to spot at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir. Its signature ayam penyet, smashed fried chicken dish perfectly paired with fragrant rice, is a must-try. You can also savour a selection of grilled delights, including barbecued squid and prawns; and Western favourites like black pepper sirloin steak and classic fish and chips. For the perfect finale, order a warm Belgian waffle topped with creamy gelato. 

Check out their special Ramadan menu featuring delectable dishes the likes of barbecued stingray, salted egg chicken, sweet and sour fish, tom yum soup, and more with sets for up to 6 pax.

HomeTeamNS members enjoy 10% off the total bill (not applicable for promotional menu items).


Whether you want to enjoy breakfast classics for dinner or just a quick bite, Heavenly Wang is your Halal-certified choice for traditional Nanyang breakfast sets, complete with kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs, and your choice of coffee or tea. Other local delights include mee siam, mee rebus, and more. Heavenly Wang operates at multiple locations around Singapore.

HomeTeamNS members enjoy 20% off the total bill at the HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok outlet.


Gather your friends and family for a delightful communal dining experience at Suki Suki Hot Pot, located at HomeTeamNS Khatib. Feast on over 40 ingredients, including thinly sliced beef, tender chicken, homemade fish paste, an assortment of vegetables, and a variety of mushrooms. Elevate your hot pot meal with seven flavourful soup bases, ranging from Nourishing Chicken to the rich Singapore Lemak Laksa and the zesty Sawadee Tom Yum Goong. It’s the perfect way to bond over food and conversations.

This Ramadan, tantalise your tastebuds with specialty desserts; mango with sweet fish sauce and Thai ice kachang and enjoy attractive promotions when you dine with your family.

HomeTeamNS members enjoy 10% off the total bill.


Bahrakath Mutton Soup, located at Adam Road Food Centre, is a culinary gem with a legacy dating back to 1973. Awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand status, this stall is famed for its rich and savoury mutton soup, steeped in a blend of traditional herbs that creates an unforgettable, moreish taste.

Don’t forget to pair it with bread, perfect for savouring every last drop of the flavourful broth. Situated just a short walk from Bukit Timah Neighbourhood Police Centre, Bahrakath Mutton Soup is a must-visit for a hearty meal that warms the soul.


Located near Clementi Police Division HQ, Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre, and Clementi Fire Station, this Halal-certified buffet restaurant at Grantral Mall serves as the ideal spot for families to gather and break their fast. With a spread of over 60 meats and other diverse ingredients on offer, Captain Kim Korean BBQ and Hotpot promises a satisfying dining experience for our dedicated servicemen and their families .


At Coba Coba (‘give it a try’ in Bahasa Indonesia), you’re invited to explore an array of Indonesian cuisine. Located within walking distance from Yishun North Neighbourhood Police Centre, this eatery is the place for nasi ambeng and nasi padang. With over 30 dishes to choose from, including tahu telur, lemak siput sedut, and stuffed sotong sumbat, your taste buds are in for an adventure.


A stone’s throw from Yishun Fire Station, Lepak One Corner offers a unique dining experience in its trendy container-style setting. Managed by well-known Halal restaurant Yassin Kampung, this coffeeshop presents a smorgasbord of Halal-certified delights. From mookata and lok lok to dim sum and pastas, every dish is a tummy filler. Whether you’re a firefighter or a food enthusiast in the area, this spot is a must-visit.


The Simpang Bedok outlet of beloved homegrown brand Spize offers a variety of dining options. From sizzling local stir-fries and street food to Mediterranean roasts, along with an assortment of healthy salads and soups, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Conveniently located for those at the nearby Changi Fire Station, this eatery caters to late-night cravings too, welcoming guests until 11pm daily.

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In The Force Technology

CSI-Worthy: How Singapore Police Force Forensics Specialists use cutting-edge technologies to solve crimes

Their high-tech tools include 3D scanners that help recreate crime scenes and a mixed reality system deployed to train officers.


Cutting-edge technology has revolutionised criminal investigations, providing law enforcement with powerful tools to unravel complex cases. Advanced forensic techniques, including DNA analysis and digital forensics, enable investigators to establish links and solve crimes more efficiently.

This is certainly the case at the Singapore Police Force (SPF), where our Forensic Specialists utilise cutting-edge technology to capture detailed and accurate visual representations of a crime scene, thereby assisting Investigation Officers in their work. Here are some modern tools, as revealed in this SPF Police Life Magazine article, that bolster law enforcement’s capabilities.


3D laser scanners enhance crime scene documentation by swiftly capturing precise spatial information. Emitting lasers to form point clouds, which comprise millions of data points, these scanners generate digital replicas of crime scenes. Today, Forensic Specialists deploy a suite of 3D laser scanners, each tailored to specific working distances, to comprehensively document scenes.

Terrestrial 3D laser scanners are used to document general crime scenes, and are equipped to capture an entire football field-sized scene in a single scan through strategic positioning.

Terrestrial 3D laser scanner
A terrestrial 3D laser scanner mounted on a tripod to document a mock scene.

Complementing these are handheld 3D laser scanners that navigate obstructed areas beyond the reach of terrestrial scanners. In addition, there are also high-resolution 3D laser scanners that capture intricate details. The data generated from each laser scanner can be amalgamated into a holistic dataset, revealing everything from information about general scenes to minute details. This contributes to more efficient investigations by reducing reliance on manual measurement methods, minimising evidence disturbance, and facilitating forensic reconstruction.


Developed in collaboration with the Home Team Science and Technology Agency’s (HTX’s) Human Factors & Simulation Centre of Expertise, the Mixed Reality Training System employs an innovative training approach. By superimposing virtual evidence such as weapons and bloodstain patterns onto real world set ups, the system allows trainees to practise processing scenes through the lenses of mixed reality goggles. This technique enables bloodstain pattern recognition capabilities, ensuring a more productive training outcome.

The adoption of advanced technology not only revolutionises crime scene processing but also significantly enhances training methods for Forensic Specialists. This undoubtedly represents an extraordinary leap forward in forensic investigations and training within the law enforcement community.

Interested in serving beyond your obligations? Consider the Volunteer Extension Scheme, which allows PNSMen who have completed their NS liability to continue serving beyond their statutory age. PNSMen (With NS liability) who have passed their statutory age of 40 years (Junior Officers) & 50 years (Senior Officers) may apply.

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Club Buzz Singapore Buzz

6 savvy money management tips for a healthier bank balance

These wallet-friendly budget hacks can help you to save more and plan for your future.



(No) thanks to inflation and other factors, the cost of living is going up, with necessities like water and public transportation already seeing price hikes.

But fret not, there’s a silver lining for your wallet. With these six smart money-saving strategies, your financial goals – from buying your first home to planning for retirement – will still be within reach, and you won’t have to resort to a diet of bread and water to achieve them.


Did you know that eating all three meals outside at a hawker centre, food court or kopitiam could set you back an average of S$16.89 per weekday?

Multiply that by 20 working days, and you could be spending $337.80 a month – or a total of $4,053.60 a year. That’s not even counting dining out at restaurants or ordering in when you don’t feel like leaving the house. Cooking at home is a cheaper alternative, but it’s often tough to find the time (or energy) to whip up nutritious meals after a long day at work.

The solution: Meal prep in large batches on weekends. Freeze your culinary creations in handy portions and grab one every morning to bring to work for lunch. This will also save you the time spent on queuing up, securing a table and walking to and from your lunch spot.

Meal prepping is not only cost-effective, but a huge time-saver as well.

Best of all, there are plenty of free recipes online that you can customise according to your dietary needs and personal meal preferences.


Sometimes, you can’t avoid spending on necessities such as clothes for important occasions or a quick bite from a nearby mall when you’re short on time. Why not make use of your spending to save on future purchases?

Major mall developers like CapitaLand and Frasers Property Singapore offer loyalty programmes that allow shoppers to scan receipts via their phones to accumulate points, which can then be redeemed for discount vouchers and freebies.

Similarly, HomeTeamNS has its own Rewards+ programme, where members earn +HPoints when they book participating facilities, make in-app purchases, and sign up for or renew their memberships, as long as there is a minimum spend of $10.

East Villa at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir is ideal for a family-friendly weekend escapade.

Every 100 +HPoints can be redeemed for $1 off payments made on the HomeTeamNS mobile app. This rewards programme makes planning leisure activities, such as a fun-filled staycation at East Villa, both enjoyable and financially savvy.


If you haven’t yet done so, don’t forget to claim your Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers for 2024. Rolled out last month, this government initiative aims to ease the burden of living expenses for Singaporean families. Each household is entitled to $500 in vouchers: Half for use at participating supermarkets and the other half at participating heartland merchants and hawkers.

Budget 2024, which was announced on 16 Feb, included another $600 in CDC vouchers as part of the Assurance Package’s $1.9 billion increase, with the same terms and conditions of usage.

To maximise the mileage of your vouchers, pair them with existing membership deals or promotions at supermarkets. For instance, FairPrice offers discounts ranging between two to three per cent on certain days to groups such as senior citizens, Pioneer and Merdeka Generations, and Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Blue cardholders. Be sure to check the designated day for these discounts and have your proof of eligibility ready to show at the cashier.

Keep a lookout for weekly promotions and discount schemes offered at supermarkets like FairPrice.

Other Budget 2024 initiatives include a Cost-of-Living Special Payment of between $200 and $400 in Sep for those aged 21 and above who earn less than $100,000 per year and own not more than one property. There are also U-Save utility rebates of up to $950, and a one-off Service and Conservancy Charges rebate for households in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats, with the amount to be determined by flat type.


Discover a world of exclusive discounts, rewards and benefits at a wide range of merchants with your HomeTeamNS membership. Enjoy perks such as one year of free travel or home insurance, 15% off handyman services for your household needs, and special rates at Thomson Medical.

For the young ones, T-Play at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok and Khatib clubhouses, along with Action Motion, offer fantastic active play experiences where children can burn off their excess energy and hone their competitive spirit.

A T-Play Membership, valid for two years, is currently priced at $20.37 for HomeTeamNS members, while guests are charged the full rate of $50.93.

Action Motion, in particular, features an innovative gamified system that displays player scores and timings on a leaderboard, adding an extra layer of excitement. HomeTeamNS members benefit from discounted rates at these venues. 

If your kids prefer cooling off in a pool or practicing their swim strokes, bring them to the nearest clubhouse pool, where HomeTeamNS Ordinary, Associate and Family membership holders enjoy free entry all day. 

Action Motion at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir is perfect for family outings. The Action Motion Squad Pass is priced at $151.54 for HomeTeamNS members during non-peak hours and $206.28 for guests.

Additionally, the HomeTeamNS membership entitles you to useful discounts on childcare and enrichment programmes. Promotions are updated throughout the year, so visit the HomeTeamNS website and mobile app regularly to catch the latest deals.

In celebration of the inaugural Home Team Day on 24 Feb, eligible members and their family can get a one-year FREE HomeTeamNS membership. Existing members will have their memberships automatically extended to 31 Mar 2025. Find out more here:


If you tend to indulge in hobbies or make impulse purchases, set a rule for yourself: Before you can buy another item, you need to first get rid of one – by selling it online. While you might not recoup the full cost, selling your pre-loved items helps declutter your space and allows you to continue funding your passions without having to dip into your savings.

Selling your pre-loved items is also a great way to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Tip: While most people are familiar with mainstream selling platforms like Carousell, look to niche ones if you have specialised items – such as Novelship for sneakers and collectibles, MadamMilan and Née Vintage for designer fashion, and Thryft for books and clothing (which can be exchanged for store credit only).


Trimming expenses is only part of the equation when it comes to achieving financial freedom. Giving your career – and, therefore, income – a boost is equally important.

Leverage your SkillsFuture credits on approved courses to upgrade your skillsets and nail your next career milestone, whether it’s a promotion or a shift to a preferred industry. All citizens aged 25 and above have an initial $500 SkillsFuture Credit, plus a one-time top-up of $500 in 2020 (valid until 31 Dec 2025). Those aged 40 to 60 received an Additional SkillsFuture Credit of the same amount as a form of mid-career support.

This year’s Budget also comprises additional SkillsFuture credits of $4,000 and a monthly training allowance of up to $3,000 for Singaporeans aged 40 and above. Both are applicable to full-time programmes and courses that improve employability prospects to help individuals increase their chances of securing more skilled positions in the workforce.

NLB provides users with a wide variety of e-resources, including e-books, databases, newspapers and magazines.

For self-learners, the National Library Board (NLB) provides extensive resources beyond books. If you’re looking to start your own business or want to explore a different career, check out LearnX on the NLB website. The platform offers curated video and podcast playlists, learning packages and workshop listings on topics spanning diverse fields from digital literacy and sustainability to health and wellness and the arts.

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Leading by example: A woman’s trailblazing role in the Home Team

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, we spotlight Ministry of Home Affair’s (MHA) Senior Director of Finance and Administration Division, Ms Tay Wee Li’s impressive journey within the Home Team. From her start on the front lines in the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to her strategic role in MHA headquarters, Ms Tay shares her insights on leadership, female empowerment, and the power of community in policing.



Could you outline your career trajectory, including the roles and committees you’ve served on?

My journey began as an Investigation officer in Central Police Division in 2003. I became a team leader in Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre before taking on staff roles in planning and operations thereafter. In 2012, I moved on to my first milestone leadership role as the Commanding Officer at Bukit Panjang Neighbourhood Police Centre, followed by a series of leadership roles across different departments, from Integrated Checkpoints Command, Police’s Operations Department, Police Intelligence Department to Police Coast Guard, culminating in my current position as Senior Director of the Finance and Admin Division at the Ministry of Home Affairs since 2023. Alongside this, I am a member of various committees, namely the Police Paracounsellor and Women’s Committees, and I’m on the board of POLWEL Co-operative Society Limited and the Management Committee of HomeTeamNS.

What motivated you to join the SPF, and how did your experiences shape your journey within the organisation?

At the core of public service is a genuine desire to assist others. For the Singapore Police Force, our goal is also to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone. This mission has guided my decision-making, be it with policies or operations, and fuelled my commitment throughout my career.

You’ve led the planning and execution of various major public events, including the National Day Parade, the Singapore Grand Prix, and the Trump-Kim Summit. Which experience stands out for you?

Definitely the Trump-Kim Summit; the operation was an eye-opener. It showcased the remarkable efficiency of all the agencies involved, given that the turn-around time was extremely tight. Despite the sleepless nights, the effort was all worth it.

Could you share an example of a task that didn’t go as planned and how you addressed the challenges?

When it comes to challenges, I believe facing them head on objectively and maintaining clear communications with stakeholders are essential. Every setback is an opportunity to learn and improve.

As Deputy Chairwoman of the Police Paracounsellor Committee, why do you believe this role is vital?

Empathy, support, and resilience are crucial traits for our paracounsellors, who are the organisation’s bedrock for mental well-being. Their roles include providing peer support and counselling to fellow officers; promoting resilience and mental well-being efforts within the SPF; supporting affected officers and next-of-kin during crisis; and operational ground sensing.

Being a paracounsellor requires a blend of professional skills and qualities such as empathy and resilience to effectively support officers through challenging times, according to Ms Tay.

Having been a paracounsellor for 20 years, I’ve realised that Police work is challenging, and our officers carry a lot of emotional burden due to their cases on top of personal challenges in their own lives. Being on this committee has been a very gratifying journey and it’s deeply fulfilling to be able to support colleagues and learn about oneself in the process.

What was the career transition like going from working in the SPF to your current role in the Ministry of Home Affairs?

The transition was smooth, thanks to the support from the Ministry and my colleagues. Apart from the job scope, there is no difference in what is set out at the Ministry level and at the ground level. The core mission remains the same: to make Singapore a safe and secure place.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt working with the Home Team, and how has it influenced your approach to leadership and teamwork?

In the Home Team, we often have to deal with real-time incidents. We are expected to multitask and make decisions fast to the best of our capabilities. When things don’t go as planned, we should not shy away from accountability; we should work with relevant stakeholders to improve the situation. 

In light of the demanding roles you’ve undertaken throughout your career, how do you stay motivated?

Always remember why you joined the force and remain optimistic during challenging situations. Challenging times often foster the strongest team bonds.

As a HomeTeamNS Management Committee member, what has been the most rewarding aspect of your involvement?

It is heartening to see how the committee’s efforts have helped to enhance the clubhouses’ facilities for our Home Team community. It makes me proud to visit our HomeTeamNS facilities.

What future aspirations do you hold for HomeTeamNS?

I hope to see every Home Team officer and National Serviceman think of HomeTeamNS facilities as their first choice for private or official use.

As a member of the Police Women’s Committee, what are some key initiatives you have been involved in, and how have they impacted gender equality and empowerment within the force?

The committee is dedicated to enhancing the work environment, creating opportunities, and offering robust support to our female officers. There are many equal opportunities that are given to both female and male officers in the Police Force. Indeed, many capable female officers serve in various frontline and specialist units, working hand in hand with their male counterparts. We aim to position the SPF as a desirable career choice for women. In fact, we’re celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Women in Policing this year with a special recruitment event on 13 April, so be sure to look out for it!

Ms Tay is a proud member of the Police Women’s Committee, a pivotal force in supporting and empowering female officers and fostering a tight-knit community among them.

In my own sub-committee, we also look at family-friendly initiatives. For example, one of our initiatives is designed to help pregnant and post-partum female officers transit into roles where they can continue to excel and manage life-stage changes effectively.

How do you balance your professional and personal life, considering you are a mother, wife, daughter, and friend?

I am grateful for having supportive family, supervisors, and peers. What matters is to be able to spend quality time with them. Having the ability to multitask and prioritise also helps with managing one’s time.

What advice would you offer women seeking work-life balance in demanding careers?

Do not be shy about asking for help when you need it. There may be many issues that demand your attention and if you need the extra pair of hands, do shout out.

To thank our Home Team Officers for their contributions to the safety and security of Singapore and Singaporeans, eligible Home Team officers, national servicemen, and those serving in the Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) and Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU), will be given a complimentary one-year HomeTeamNS membership from mid-March 2024 onwards. Click here and here for details.

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