How to beat the heatwave in Singapore

With the planet getting hotter and Singapore’s temperature recently hitting a 40-year high of 37 degrees Celsius, here’s how you can keep cool.


Can’t go a day without blasting the air-conditioner at home? 2023 is shaping up to be a warm year, with the mercury rising to a 40-year record of 37 degrees Celsius in Singapore in May. The intense heat looks set to persist, with US government agency National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently announcing the arrival of El Nino. The climate pattern, which describes the unusual warming of surface waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean, is known to lead to spikes in global temperatures.

Compounded by global warming and Singapore’s urban heat island effect — a phenomenon whereby densely built-up areas experience higher air temperatures than rural areas due to heat trapped by surfaces such as buildings and roads — the heatwave can trigger sweaty discomfort and health risks. The latter include heat rash, heat cramps and even heat exhaustion.

While air conditioning helps, there are other ways that can prevent such maladies and cool you down.

1. Splash about

This heatwave is the perfect reason to unleash your inner child and have fun with water activities.

Start at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir’s indoor Aqua Adventure, which boasts a looped 114m water slide – also known as the longest indoor slide in Singapore – another one that plunges visitors into pitch darkness, and a Ninja Warrior-esque over-water obstacle course. Also in the east is Wild Wild Wet, one of the island’s largest water parks.

At Sentosa, you’ll find two splash-worthy water attractions: Adventure Cove, where you can pair thrilling rides like the Riptide Rocket with marine life encounters, as well as aqua park HydroDash, which features exhilarating obstacle courses.

If a relaxing swim is all you need, head to any pool at our clubhouses – HomeTeamNS Khatib’s eight-lane swimming pool is built with eco-filtration technology that reduces chlorine usage and improves water quality.

2. Wear sunscreen

You already know that sunscreen protects the skin against ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is associated with skin ageing, sunburn and skin cancer. Sunscreen also plays a part in keeping you cool: According to a study published by the American Physiological Society, it prevents nitric oxide levels in the skin from dropping, which in turn promotes blood vessel health that plays an important role in regulating body temperature and responding to heat stress.

Dermatologist Dr Cheong Lai Leng from LL Cheong Skin & Laser Clinic advises: “Shop for sunscreens at the pharmacies. A rating of SPF 30 and above is good enough. The protection afforded by an SPF 100 sunscreen is only marginally higher than one with SPF 30, and may create a false sense of security, making you think re-application and shade-seeking behavior are unnecessary.” Additionally, mineral sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide generally cause less skin irritation than chemical sunscreens, and therefore are more tolerable for those with sensitive skin.

3. Wear the right fabrics

Back in 2021, engineers from China’s Zhejiang University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology unveiled a fabric that they claim can cool the body by nearly five degrees Celsius. Apart from reflecting UV rays, the textile uses chemical bonds to absorb body heat and re-emit its energy into space as mid-infrared radiation (MIR). While this futuristic material has yet been made commercially available, there are other high-tech fabrics you can purchase to stay cool. Wicking fabrics made of high-tech polyester from brands such as Nike, Adidas and Uniqlo draw moisture away from the body and spread it out to evaporate more easily, unlike cotton that takes longer to dry. For a sustainable alternative that won’t cleave to your skin like cotton, choose a light linen fabric, which is highly absorbent and better facilitates ventilation as air flows through its fibres.

4. Watch what you drink

Don’t wait till you’re thirsty before gulping down water because that means you’re already mildly dehydrated. Better yet, drink milk. According to a study by Scotland’s St. Andrew’s University, beverages with a little sugar, fat or protein do a more outstanding job of keeping you hydrated for longer, as they help to slow the emptying of fluid from the stomach and keep hydration happening over a longer period. Milk contains all of that. You may also want to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, as it is a diuretic, which increases the production of urine. Add that quality to excessive perspiration during a heatwave, and you’re at risk of massive dehydration.

5. Eat fruit and vegetables with hydration properties

Supplement your daily intake of fluids with water-rich fruit and vegetables. Cucumbers, watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes and cantaloupes, which are known to have a water-content of more than 90 per cent, are several hydrating options. Alternatively, throw in slices of cucumber, orange or lemon into your bottle of water for a tasty perk-me-up, or make a smoothie on the go using a portable blender.

6. Take spicy food and warm drinks

Consuming spicy food or warm drinks in sweltering heat may seem counterproductive, but such foods increase your body temperature and induce perspiration. This is known as gustatory sweating, which typically appears on the forehead, face, scalp and neck while eating. Studies have shown that energy in the form of body heat is used to convert beads of sweat into vapour, and that evaporation process is what helps cool you down.

7. Know your body’s “hot” spots

You can quickly lower your body temperature by applying something cold to pressure points where your blood vessels run close to your skin. They include the back of your neck, wrists, inside of your elbows and knees, areas close to your temples and in front of your ears. Try applying an ice cube wrapped in cloth to these pulse points, or — if you’re about to head out and brave the blistering sun — soak a bandanna in cold water and tie it around the back of your neck.

8. Dehumidify your home

It’s no secret that high humidity causes us to feel clammy and uncomfortable, while low humidity increases evaporation and creates a cooling effect. While reducing indoor humidity doesn’t lower temperatures, it does improve your body’s ability to manage the heat while staving off nasty mould. To that end, you can use the dry mode on your air conditioner, which functions as a dehumidifier. If you are considering purchasing a portable dehumidifier that works by hoovering up excess moisture from the air and pumping drier air back into the room, do note that such equipment typically generates small amounts of heat during operation and can make spaces feel warmer. Choose a refrigerant dehumidifier, which releases less heat than the desiccant version.

9. Make small changes at home

Firstly, ensure that your ceiling fan is spinning counterclockwise, as this pushes cooler air downwards and prevents the recirculation of warm air rising from below. You’ll also want to keep plants, as they absorb CO2, hence reducing the greenhouse effect, and keeping spaces cooler – succulents, ficus and ferns require minimal care. To have a good night’s rest, use beddings made from cool and breathable cotton, linen, bamboo and Tencel. You can also lower the room temperature by replacing incandescent and halogen lights with LED varieties that generate significantly less heat, on top of saving energy. In the daytime, use energy-efficient blinds that reduce heat gain from sunlight. These include cellular shades designed with honeycomb-shaped cells that create air pockets and provide insulation, as well as roller shades with solar reflective fabric engineered to block heat and UV rays.

10. Use the air recirculation button in your car

Driving in a heatwave can be daunting, especially when your car feels like an oven after sitting in a sunny car park for an extended period. To ensure that your car’s air conditioning cools as quickly as possible so you don’t stew in sweat, locate the air recirculation button on your dashboard, which is typically an icon of a car bearing a sideways-u-shaped arrow. The button effectively prevents warm exterior air from recirculating within your vehicle, helping to cool the cabin more swiftly. And there are other perks: It also blocks out exhaust fumes and reduces fuel consumption, as keeping the interior air cool uses less energy than continuously cooling hot air from outside.

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Shape Up

A virtual take on forging fitness milestones

HomeTeamNS’ Virtual Fitness Training programmes at Fitness Workz are helping pave a smoother road for Home Team National Servicemen to stay in shape.



National Servicemen often find it difficult to maintain their peak condition or to remain fit and active year-round. We spoke to HomeTeamNS Fitness Trainer Assistant, Muhammad Danish’aizat Bin Kamsani, to learn more about the Virtual Fitness Training (VFT) programme by Fitness Workz and why it’s grown to become a game-changer for National Servicemen trying to balance life commitments with maintaining a high level of physical fitness for their annual Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT).


VFT is an online fitness programme designed by HomeTeamNS’ Fitness Workz gyms, in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs, specifically for National Servicemen looking to up their IPPT game.

According to Danish, the programme is ideal for National Servicemen who are willing to exercise on their own but need someone to guide them. The programme is divided into three main categories – Power, Strength, and Cardio – with exercises aimed at improving these aspects of physical fitness.

What sets VFT apart is that users can tailor the exercises to their fitness level and specific needs.

“It’s a solution that help make National Servicemen’s lives easier, especially those who have failed their IPPT. VFT affords them several options that they can choose from to complete their IPPT cycle,” explained Danish.

Another key benefit of VFT is that National Servicemen can now train and clock in their NS Fitness Improvement Training (FIT) programmes virtually, done in just 10 sessions via the VFT’s IPPT Preparatory Training regimen.


Being uniquely flexible by design, VFT has quickly become a popular choice for Home Team National Servicemen looking to stay on track with their fitness goals – even from the comfort of their own homes. According to Danish, VFT is a great help for those who find it difficult to set aside time for fitness due to work and family commitments.

They can work out anytime it suits them, and at their own pace, gradually building up their strength and endurance without feeling overwhelmed. VFT provides users with a structured and effective way to work towards their fitness goals, with expert instruction to help them stay on track and motivated, through a range of exercises specifically designed to improve IPPT performance.

The CARDIO60 programme, for instance, employs high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to boost cardiovascular strength and muscular endurance for the 2.4km run. Likewise, the CORE60 and PUMP60 programmes build core and upper-body strength respectively to help you crush the sit-up and push-up segments of the test.


While VFT provides a streamlined means to stay in shape and pass one’s IPPT, it is essential to remember that fitness is not just about hitting annual targets but improving your overall quality of life.

Danish advises National Servicemen to incorporate fitness into their lives to steadily improve their wellness.

“For example, pick up a simple sport that you love, and that will help keep you fit,” he advised.

He adds that one can adopt simple lifestyle changes to get the most out of their exercise sessions, like minimising distractions, scheduling workouts and exercising with a buddy to keep you motivated as you work towards your fitness goals.

A balanced diet and sufficient sleep are also crucial components of any fitness journey. To complement the VFT programme, one should aim to eat a balanced diet, rich in whole foods and healthy proteins, and ensure they are getting enough restful sleep.

Ultimately, consistency is key. Keep at it and, bit by bit, you may come to realise that not only are you passing successive IPPTs with ease, but also living a better, more fulfilling life.

“At the end of the day, keeping fit and active helps not only to improve your health, but also your mental state and physical ability to go about your daily life,” said Danish.

Book your VFT sessions with HomeTeamNS now! For the latest updates on VFT or Fitness Workz gyms, visit our website and Facebook page.

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Club Buzz

Saying ‘yes’ to family fun during National Family Week at HomeTeamNS Khatib

During National Family Week, HomeTeamNS Khatib welcomed guests of all ages as they bonded over a range of fun activities.



More than 5000 patrons said “yes” to family time at HomeTeamNS Khatib on 3 and 4 June 2023, where one of the six anchor events of Families for Life (FFL)’s annual National Family Week (NFW) was held. The event was graced by Grassroots Advisers for Nee Soon Group Representation Constituency (GRC), Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development, and President of HomeTeamNS, along with Ms Carrie Tan.


Children having fun in the Becky Bunny bouncy castle.

Play is an essential part of family life, when children learn and families bond. Families enjoyed a diverse range of activities that were suitable for the young and young at heart at HomeTeamNS Khatib. Strong families are the bedrock of our society. Children had a bouncing good time at the Becky Bunny bouncy castle, while also learning the family values like love, care and concern, commitment, and respect through tips that were posted throughout the castle.

A young marksman shooting down towers of cans with foam blasters.
Working together to keep the Giant Jenga tower standing.
Families working together to get their names higher up on the planking leaderboard.
It’s a battle between stripes and solids at the Pool Soccer station.

Many young ones
had a ball at the Giant Jenga and Pool Soccer – thrilling for those in action, exciting for the parents watching. Meanwhile, the older kids had a literal blast, shooting away at towers of cans with their foam blasters.

The fitspo families took up the planking challenge and grappled head-to-head with other families’ core strength and endurance to find their spot in the leaderboard.


A family browsing the selection of products at the booth.

Retail therapy was also on the cards with over 15 booths set up in the ballroom. From Chubby Buddies for the children, self-improvement books for the parents and natural handmade soap bars for grandparents to fun activities such as a themed photobooth and face-painting station, the bazaar attracted shoppers of varying ages.


MAJ (NS) Mohd Shabirin (left) talking about his National Service journey, and his experiences as a pracademic and parent.

Parenthood is a learning journey for many, and likewise for MAJ (NS) Mohd Shabirin, Vice-Chairman of HomeTeamNS’ Branding & Publicity Committee. “It’s about new discoveries,” he said during his sharing session. MAJ (NS) Shabirin thinks parenting is about understanding his children more as they grow through different stages of life, and it’s not just about what he and his wife see as parents.

Families for Life aims to inculcate a “Families for Life” mindset and value among Singaporeans. Besides Home Team NSmen volunteers sharing their personal journey and how National Service played a part in their family life, various partners offered short talks family life during the events. For example, parents were exposed to evidence-based programmes which would offer additional resources and tips for their parenting journey.

Keep saying “yes” to family time with more exciting happenings at the other HomeTeamNS clubhouses.

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Lifestyle On The Edge

Venturing off the beaten path

Adventure travel: A recent poll shows more tourists are visiting locations where you can push your limits, and some of these are within easy reach of Singapore.



There’s nothing wrong with going on a vacation purely to relax, but there are times when you crave something a little more exciting than a holiday spent lazing by the pool. In fact, a survey last October by travel portal found that 79 per cent of Singapore travellers want to get out of their comfort zones and push their own limits, with 25 per cent of them hoping to explore destinations that are off the tourist radar. So, if the call of the wild sounds irresistible, it’s time to pack your bags and choose your own adventure.


Scuba enthusiasts might already be familiar with Indonesia’s Raja Ampat, which lies just off the northwest end of Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papua. Renowned for its pristine waters and jungle-covered islands, Raja Ampat comprises four large islands – Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool – surrounded by over 1,500 smaller islands, shoals and cays. The Raja Ampat regency is home to over 1,000 types of coral fish and 540 coral varieties, so there’s plenty to see when you venture beneath the waves. It offers a variety of accommodation options to suit various budgets.

Swim with placid sea turtles amid the vast coral reefs, marvel at manta rays gliding by and encounter schools of tuna, snapper fish and giant trevallies. Pro tip: Diving season for Raja Ampat is between October to April.


Despite not having its own coastline, Laos has a chain of islands known as Si Phan Don, which are part of a delta in the Mekong River near where the southern Laotian border meets Cambodia.

There are three main islands – Don Det, Don Khon and Don Khong – which have budget hotels and tour agencies. Book a guided kayak tour and explore the numerous islands, many of which are wild and uninhabited. Navigate the tricky rapids at Pai Soi near Don Khon before going ashore to the majestic Khone Phapheng Falls, where you can catch your breath and luxuriate in the view. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin playing in the Mekong waters – a memory to treasure for life.


Sabah is home to the Coral Flyer, Borneo’s longest island-to-island zipline. Stretching 250m across the glittering aquamarine waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park in Kota Kinabalu, the Coral Flyer takes you on a ride you won’t forget, with the wind whipping through your hair as you get a flying start in the mountain forest before zipping across the sea

If that isn’t enough, try tandem paragliding. Book a tour with an experienced tandem pilot who will leap with you from Kokol Hill, about 40 minutes’ drive from Kota Kinabalu. Some also provide a souvenir GoPro video, so you can relive your experience.


Not to be confused with Indonesian West Papua, Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of New Guinea island and is an independent nation with the tourism tagline, “A million different journeys”. Visitors can dive, fish, surf and trek in unspoilt natural environments, but serious history buffs will want to tackle the eight to 10 day-long Kokoda Track, which has a reputation for being both physically challenging and emotionally moving. The 96km route goes from Kokoda Village across mountainous terrain to Owers’ Corner, taking you through World War II battlefields and memorials to the Australian soldiers who fought and died on the track. You’ll climb to the summit of Mount Bellamy for spectacular views and visit villages where wounded soldiers were cared for by brave locals who carried them back to safety.

Heading abroad for your adventurous getaway? Don’t forget travel insurance! Until 31 July 2023, Singlife with Aviva is offering HomeTeamNS members 20 per cent off its Single Trip travel insurance plan. If you have a Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Group Insurance Voluntary coverage, you’ll get an additional 30 per cent off. Simply login to the HomeTeamNS Mobile App for the promo code.


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Lifestyle On The Edge

Sail savvy using these cruise vacation hacks

Cruise the seven seas the smart way with these tips from social media cruise experts. Bon voyage!



Cruises offer something for everyone – entertainment for the kids, eateries the entire family can enjoy and plenty of kid-friendly activities that will give dads and mums a welcome break. Fuss-free cruise itineraries offer dads peace of mind knowing that everyone’s doing something they enjoy. And if you want to plan a seamless vacation for Dad, here are some hacks to make that next cruise a smooth sail all the way.


The logic is simple – the earlier you book, the cheaper the fares. Travel agent @sonya_heath shared on TikTok that tickets reflect demand, and as cabins start to fill up, you’ll likely have to pay more as the departure date approaches. Also, you’ll have a choice of better cabins when you book early.

Plan your booking around special events like an anniversary or treat Dad to a Father’s Day surprise – you just might be able to enjoy extra perks or special programmes that are planned for special occassions.


With cruise cabins, sometimes higher isn’t better. As the pool deck is usually located at the top deck, you just might be getting more than you bargained for if you choose the level below it. @jaysonjudson found that out the hard way during one trip, when he had to endure the sounds of cleaning and chair-stacking that happened at 5am as the crew were preparing for the day’s activities.


If you or your cruise companions are susceptible to seasickness, then choose rooms that are in the middle of the ship. Self-proclaimed cruise addict and travel agent @cruisinsusie shared that seas can get choppy and having a cabin situated away from the forward and the aft, staying in the middle of the ship, on the lower decks will help as there’s less movement. She also suggested having a green apple in the room to consume to alleviate any symptoms.


If your cabin comes with a balcony and chairs, chances are you’ll be air-drying some of your towels or clothes. @jaysonjudson would like to remind you that the winds at sea can get really strong, and to remember to bring large pegs to clip them firmly onto the chairs or railings. After all, you don’t want to have to pay extra for lost items or lose your swimsuits to the sea.


Cabin rooms are famously compact, and you wouldn’t want to spend half your time searching for something tucked in your luggage. @judytwinpalmstravel shares that a lot of cabin interiors have metallic surfaces, and one can instantly hang items on the wall with magnetic hooks. This will be especially useful to hang toiletries and swimsuits in the bathroom.


Free up even more cabin storage with this tip from She uses collapsible hanging suitcase organisers so she can transfer her contents directly to the cabin wardrobe in one move. She also uses hanging shoe organisers to double up as storage for smaller items like lotions, cards, pamphlets and more.


Luggage is often bulky and awkward to lay out in a small cabin, but reminds us that there’s often enough space under the bed to store them. If you’ve followed the previous tips for creating more storage in your cabin, you needn’t worry about pulling it out every time you need something and you can use it as a temporary holding area for your dirty laundry.


Part of a cruise’s attraction is its many activities and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re exploring them onboard. @smartcruiser reminds us that one should always preview all the activities and reserve the ones you don’t want to miss as soon as you board. This is even more so for main highlights which are often the unique activities on the ship or the large theatre performances.


If your cruise company comes with an app, use it. They often invest a lot in them to make their workflow more efficient, and may sometimes be the only way to book certain facilities or activities. @yourstrulychelsea lists “deck plans, reservations and entertainment options and their times” as some of the useful information you can access just through your smartphone, from anywhere on the ship.

Keep it easy and breezy with these cruise hacks and make that next sailing trip an extra memorable one for the family. Hop into HomeTeamNS’s TikTok for more wacky fun and club news.

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Helping Dad work smarter with tech

This Father’s Day, help the important men in your life get productive and fit with these tech-based gift ideas.



When it comes to job descriptions, dads have a long list of duties – chauffeur, chef, bedtime story-reader, playtime and exercise buddy, breadwinner or family provider, listening ear, advice giver, and even resident pest-buster.

This Father’s Day on June 18, help the man in your life to multi-task more efficiently by giving him the gift of tech devices and apps to improve both fitness and productivity.


If Dad’s always in switched-on mode because of work, or prefers a device that can multitask, he’ll appreciate a smartwatch that offers advanced health and fitness features while also providing handy notifications from his phone.

The Apple Watch Series 8 not only comes with an enhanced workout app with multisport functionality and health features like the ability to measure your blood oxygen level, it’s also available in a number of stylish materials, case finishes and strap types – perfect for fashion-savvy Dads.

Not to be outdone, Garmin offers a range of sports-oriented smartwatches from its Forerunner 955 – a premium GPS running and triathlon model – to the Descent GI Series, which boasts a dive computer, and the MARQ Golfer (Gen 2), which includes useful features like a virtual caddie, hazard view, wind speed and direction, and more.


Sometimes you need the opposite: Instead of relying on more features, having a dedicated workspace free of excess notifications might just be what Dad needs to be at his most efficient – leaving him with more time to spend with the family.

Old-school Dads who miss pen and paper will appreciate a digital notebook like reMarkable, which describes itself as a ‘paper tablet’. The award-winning device allows you to scribble notes and ideas on its surface, which are then converted to typed text and organised for easy reference. Enthusiasts praise the unique textured surface, which makes writing by hand a deeply satisfying task.

If the kids are loud and Dad works from home, get him the Logitech Zone Vibe 100. Covered in a comfortable knitted fabric, the lightweight wireless headphones come with a noise-cancelling, flip-down microphone boom for meetings, as well as 40mm speakers that deliver a rich audio experience when Dad’s enjoying his downtime gaming or watching movies.


Is Dad juggling multiple projects and tasks at work? If he’s overwhelmed by his to-do list, the right app can help him stay on top of things. Gift him a subscription or sign him up for a trial so he can discover the functions he prefers. 

Trello promises a ‘productivity powerhouse’ on their website, in the form of boards, lists and cards that help keep big projects with lots of moving parts organised. Using the boards function, he and his team members can see project timelines and upcoming tasks, while lists allow users to break down a task into its different stages. Cards are for storing information, ideas and more, and can be moved across lists for easy access and recall.

Another popular productivity-oriented platform is Asana, which is useful for Dads doing cross-functional work, or Dads who run their own businesses. Users can add the same tasks to multiple projects automatically, monitor the progress of multiple teams, and build personalised visualisations with custom fields and charts. It also integrates well with frequently used platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, Google Drive and more.

For Dads who need to keep up with non-fiction reading – whether for work or out of interest – but who just don’t have the time, there’s Blinkist. The popular app distils non-fiction books and podcasts into 15 succinct minutes, allowing users to glean insights from fields like money and economics, career and business, inspiration and personal growth, creativity and others.


For those ready to splurge, a smart home gym will allow Dad to exercise without setting foot outside the house – perfect for squeezing in a quick workout between meetings or starting the day with a 10-minute jog on the treadmill before his shower. 

The Bowflex Treadmill 56 comes not only with extended grips equipped with heart rate sensors and a large high-definition touchscreen display that can stream your favourite entertainment, it can be paired with the JRNY app that offers adaptive workouts and scenic runs.

For a smart free weight machine, there’s the Tempo Fitness System which taps AI and 3D mapping technologies to provide real-time form suggestions as you work out. It also counts your reps, offers personalised recommendations and performance tracking.

You can even have an at-home personal trainer with lululemon Studio Mirror, formerly known as The Mirror. It’s a fitness system housed in – you guessed it – a smart mirror. Dad can choose from the range of workouts offered, such as cardio, yoga or strength training, and enjoy personalised coaching with workout modification suggestions designed to help him perform better.

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Shape Up

Excess denied: Everything to know about calories

Fitness first: A HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz trainer offers simple, effective tips to burn off the festive flab.



Festive and holiday periods are times to revel, refresh and reconnect with loved ones and head home with happy hearts and full bellies. While it’s easy to pack on the pounds during festive periods – after all, who can say no to a cheat day (or two) – the holidays needn’t always be about overindulgence.

HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz trainer Aidid Haidil shares his perspective on why it’s so easy to put on weight during festive periods, how to watch your calories amid the merrymaking and, when all else fails, how to trim that tummy in the aftermath.


The main drivers behind festive period weight gain are typically twofold: Increased food intake and reduced exercise. While the obvious solution for those watching their weight is to simply eat less and work out more, it can be hard to resist the temptation to indulge in.

According to Aidid, understanding the complexities of where your calories come from can make a huge difference in your consumption habits while celebrating.

“Some foods may seem small and light on calories, but may in fact be packed with calories from the ingredients they contain,” he advised.

Festive favourites like cakes and snacks, for instance, are often full of butter and sugar – both of which are incredibly calorically dense. Besides food, the fitness trainer also advises watching your liquid calories. Sweet drinks can make a big impact on weight gain, containing high amounts of sugar and being very easy to consume in large quantities. Keeping track of your intake can also help you keep the kilos off.


It’s not a must to refuse every snack that comes your way. One can still partake in all their favourite foods and traditional meals so long as they maintain a mindset of moderation. In this regard, mindfulness is key. 

Aidid himself has a few tricks up his sleeve to minimise weight gain while still enjoying festive food, especially with Hari Raya Haji incoming.

“I select a small plate and pick the foods that I am most interested in. Once done, do not immediately take another serving, but wait for a while to allow your stomach to digest the food and to tell your body that you actually ate enough.”

He adds that eating a light meal before heading off to any festive celebration can help you get full faster, lowering your overall calorie intake. Family members can also help one another cut calories amid the festivities.

“If your family members are the ones cooking, consider with healthier alternatives, or reducing the quantity of ingredients like salt and oil,” shared Aidid.


Sometimes, the festive period will end and, despite your best efforts, you’ve piled on the kilos. The best thing to do is to be conscientious in your lifestyle choices.

“Start with the basics of eating right – three meals a day, no skipped meals – and just staying active with light exercises. Also, remember to drink plenty of water,” said Aidid.

He recommends simple ways to move more like brisk walking, swimming, jogging and playing sports. Hitting weights at the gym or doing resistance training at home with bodyweight workouts can also be a great way to build strength while you cut fat.


Above all, ensuring that you maintain a healthy routine sustainably over the long term makes the biggest difference. When it comes to workouts, Aidid advises against anything too intense. Basic exercise sessions two or three times a week, each not lasting more than an hour, work best.

“Train smart and with proper form and technique, and know when to stop. Don’t overexert or overtrain – these are major causes of injury these days,” he added.

Staying motivated and consistent by creating a daily routine and sticking to it is a surefire way to see results. He says that while one typically sees results in just a month, he recommends sticking it out and progressively improving for at least 3 to 4 months.

Of course, just like how you come together for festive celebrations, it never hurts to involve your family in your fitness journey.

“Set a goal. Support one another. Share progress pictures. Motivate each other on both good and bad days. Change the lifestyle at home. Be more active together – that is how family members can influence not only themselves, but others around them to keep fit, get fit and manage their weight,” he concluded.

Need a place to stay motivated? Sign up for a gym membership with Fitness Workz now.

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On The Edge

Meet the thrill-seeker who’s aiming high for his next big adventure

This thrill-seeker is a HomeTeamNS Adventure Senior Executive whose ultimate travel adventure destination is Nepal.



As a Senior Executive in the Business Development Department of HomeTeamNS, Nazron Hadi thinks about water a lot. That’s because he is tasked with overseeing operations, safety, business opportunities and processes at Aqua Adventure, Singapore’s first integrated indoor water park located at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir.

While he enthusiastically recommends that newcomers to HomeTeamNS visit Aqua Adventure, Nazron’s idea of a thrilling adventure during his downtime features high peaks and soaring views instead of diving or swimming. “My ultimate adventure destination is Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp,” he said. “It’s a dream I’ve long wanted to do, but I just haven’t found the time or company.”

According to Nazron, Annapurna Base Camp – a 60km-long trek starting from the city of Pokhara – appeals to him because of the prospect of a breathtaking view at the end of a long climb. “It will give me a sense of achievement and satisfaction,” he explained.


As a bona fide thrill-seeker, Nazron is eager to try new things wherever he goes. While Annapurna will have to wait for now, he plans to head down south on his next journey.

“I would like to caravan across New Zealand,” he said. “It would be exciting to see all the mountains and lakes. It’s like camping on the go, but with all the amenities fully loaded.”

To get into the right mood for his epic overland adventure, Nazron offered a sample of what his perfect driving playlist would sound like: “I would pick upbeat and fast-paced songs that keep me moving, like Thrift Shop by Macklemore, Helena by My Chemical Romance, and Danza Kuduro by Don Omar.”

He also appreciates having a flexible itinerary that allows him to make spontaneous plans, which adds an element of adventure to holidays abroad.

“I spent 11 days in Sri Lanka with my cousin,” he recounted. “We visited four different places, but only booked our accommodation in advance at two of these locations. It was exciting because I didn’t know what lay in store for us. Everything was such an eye-opener, from the culture to the scenery, people and landscape. It was just exhilarating.”


While he treasures spontaneity, Nazron is also practical and believes in being well-prepared. The one item he’d want on a desert island – apart from food and water – is a Swiss Army Knife.

“It can cut food and even make shelter,” he reasoned. “It’s important for my survival.”

And if he were to embark on a Bear Grylls-style man vs. nature adventure showdown, he knows exactly who he’d bring (no, it’s not Bear Grylls): “I would bring my best friend, because he has similar interests and is into exploring, outdoor adventures and travelling like me.”

Nazron also has a pro-tip or two for anyone wanting to prep for the adventure of a lifetime overseas: “I would definitely ask them to try out Adventure HQ at HomeTeamNS Khatib, especially the height activities and the amazing walls that they have. They should also head over to the Fitness Workz Gyms to train their stamina.”


Being a fan of adventure travel doesn’t mean having to leave things to chance. Finding the right service providers can help provide additional peace of mind so you can make the most of your journey. For instance, HomeTeamNS members enjoy 20-per-cent discounts on Singlife with Aviva Single Trip Travel Insurance and 10-per-cent off the base rate at Hertz car rentals worldwide.

Even if you can’t climb a mountain anytime soon, you can still get an adrenaline rush at HomeTeamNS clubhouses. Plus, you get to maintain your physical fitness until your next big adventure.

Take action, at Action Motion

The gamified obstacle course not only puts you through a series of heart-thumping zones that test your speed, strength and agility, it keeps things competitive with a live scoreboard – so you can challenge yourself, and your friends.

Challenge yourself at Adventure Centre

Gather your friends and family for a customised package at Adventure Centre, where you can pick any two activities from abseiling, rock climbing, a 50m-long flying fox zipline and a challenge rope course.

Take aim at Tactsim

The first indoor player vs. player airsoft arena in Singapore has advanced moving wall panels to keep things fresh with every visit – so you can’t predict your opponents’ next moves. Keep your reflexes sharp and hone your accuracy, all while having fun.

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Club Buzz

A day in the life of an Action Motion specialist

His job may seem like it’s all play, but plenty of hard work goes into ensuring that Action Motion guests stay safe and have fun.



To the uninitiated, the specialists at Action Motion – Singapore’s first digital active experience arena at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir that offers gamification and augmented reality elements –seem to spend their entire day hard at play.

While players at Action Motion focus on conquering obstacles and setting high scores, specialists encourage them. While they certainly enjoy their jobs, there’s also a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation that helps ensure that Action Motion players enjoy themselves at every turn.

Specialists like A’fif Nazali, wear many hats to ensure guests get the most from their visit to Action Motion. He lifts the lid on what it’s like to be serious about having fun.


A'fif and his team observe the Action Motion arena for guests who may require assistance.
A'fif and his team observe the Action Motion arena for guests who may require assistance.

Before the various obstacles – which include rolling logs and pop-up stubs – are activated for visitors, they’re subjected to technical checks by specialists like A’fif.

“As part of our daily checks during the facility’s opening and closing, we ensure that all our installations are in good working condition and safe to use,” he shares. “We have an operation checklist for us to cross-reference and spot any faulty or unsafe conditions.”

These apply not just to the mechanical elements but to equipment and station gear as well, as specialists watch for signs of wear and tear. Even as players engage in each experience, A’fif and his team will observe the arena much like lifeguards and provide immediate assistance should the need arise. Specialists also provide safety briefings before encounters at Valo Climb and Ascend Lab. Players will be instructed on how to gently descend from the bouldering and rock-climbing walls, correctly harness themselves, and use the auto-belay system available.

On top of maintaining safety and managing operations, A’fif explains that they love to create a fun atmosphere because he wants to ensure that “my visitors are always excited to visit Action Motion.”


Players can accumulate their points through various installations in Action Motion such as the Valo Climb.

Action Motion’s biggest draw has to be its gamifier system, which displays player scores and timings on a leaderboard – the first obstacle course in Singapore to do so. This adds a competitive layer for even more fun, and A’fif is all for it.

“We encourage our members to keep challenging themselves by using the gamifier system,” he said, adding that it allows anyone to discover their own potential. “They could actively challenge themselves or with friends and family, to either beat their own personal scores or even the highest points on the leaderboard screen.”

“The feature helps us to stay active by encouraging people from different walks of life to learn that we can improve ourselves by beating our own standards,” he explains, believing sincerely that players can “become a better version of themselves when they leave our doors”.

This is why Action Motion has no age restriction, just a minimum height requirement of 1.25m to attempt the obstacles. Through these encounters, the young specialist also enjoys his interaction with fellow HomeTeamNS members who served their National Service in the SPF or SCDF units. He especially loves listening to them reminisce about “their glory days”.

“I enjoy meeting different people from all walks of life,” A’fif says. “And I love challenging and engaging my participants to become a better version of themselves by attempting the most difficult but fun activities.”


Players can get a taste of augmented reality gameplay with Valo Jump in Action Motion.

Spending a few hours at Action Motion offers visitors a fun way to stay in shape. “Staying active means keeping healthy, and being healthy means we are able to have more time with our loved ones,” A’fif said.

Get a cardio workout at Valo Jump (which is also where A’fif enjoys bringing his kids) as you bounce to score points, or work on your mobility, balance and strength as you work your way across the obstacles in Rapid Action. Enjoy the view from up high? Try rock-climbing safely at the Ascend Lab with its auto-belay equipment.

And if a player shows signs of discouragement, A’fif is always at hand to offer support and motivation. “We will see if they are able to give it a go again,” he shares. “If not, we will bring them to a safe spot for us to encourage and to see what we could do to help them complete the activity.”

After all, it’s all in the name of challenging yourself in a fun, safe way.

Experience for yourself how Action Motion brings fun and bonding while keeping you active.

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Club Buzz Featured

Long, proud journey of service with the Home Team

Home Team’s two longest-serving National Servicemen – SUPT (NS) Mohd Azman Mohd Sidek and COL (NS) Jorge Lau Hock Huat – share with us what motivated them to continue serving after their statutory age, and how their roles have changed over their decades of service.



For COL (NS) Jorge Lau Hock Huat, 2017 was a very special year. Not only was it the 50th anniversary of National Service (NS), it was also his 50th birthday.

“It made me feel like I was born with NS,” he recalled. “During NS50, I had the privilege of meeting President Tony Tan and the First Lady during the Home Team Festival at Kallang Wave.”  

The double celebration heralded another milestone the following year, when COL (NS) Lau became the first NSman in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to have successfully extended his NS service beyond the age of 50 under the Volunteer Extension Scheme (VES).

Like COL (NS) Lau, SUPT (NS) Mohd Azman Mohd Sidek is also participating in the VES at the ripe age of 59. SUPT (NS) Azman is an SGSecure trainer who has also played an active role in HomeTeamNS, serving as the first chairman for HomeTeamNS’ REAL RUN committee. Over their long period of service, both men have seen National Servicemen play more important roles over time.


COL (NS) Lau’s journey began in 1986, when he enlisted with the Singapore Armed Forces. After three months of basic military training, he was selected for officer cadet training with the Singapore Police Force (SPF), where he served until his Operationally Ready Date (ORD).

In the early 1990s, he was transferred to the SCDF, where he is currently Deputy Division Commander NS, 3rd SCDF Division Battalion Commander, 32B RBn Deputy Battalion Commander, 32A RBn Head Ops, 32A RBn Company Commander, and NHG Medical Company Personnel Officer, GWBn.

He has also collected a slew of awards along the way – such as the HomeTeamNS Meritorious Award (Gold) and HomeTeamNS 20 Years Long Service Award in 2021, and the Long Service Medal (Civil Defence) at the National Day Awards 2020 – and has been part of numerous committees. He has chaired the 3rd SCDF Division Tactical Forum and co-chaired the Clubhouse Development Committee (North), which oversaw the building of HomeTeamNS Khatib.

“After more than three decades of service as an NSman, I was referred to as a ‘career National Serviceman’,” he said. “During my NS years, I was literally everything, everywhere – participating in many of the NS50 committees, ICTs, NS unit exercises, NS dialogues, and Home Team events and activities.”


At the ripe age of 59, SUPT (NS) Mohd Azman Mohd Sidek is also participating in the VES.

SUPT (NS) Azman, who enlisted for National Service in 1981, said that he decided to extend his service after enjoying his time as an NSF and National Serviceman with the SPF.

“This is my way of paying it forward,” he explained. “In addition, given my profession (I am an educator), my role in SGSecure is very relevant, because I want to play my part in educating our youths to navigate their lives grounded on specific principles.”

In extending his service, SUPT (NS) Azman was joined until recently by a batchmate, SUPT (NS) Ow Kok Meng, who stepped down two years ago to focus on other things. “We have been buddies for so long and have shared many amazing NS-related memories together. Both of us also share the same passion and attitude in wanting to pay it forward, which stems from us being in the same profession as educators.”

SUPT (NS) Azman’s pride in the next generation is evident when he mentions that his son is an NSman with SCDF: “Between the two of us, we have the Home Team covered – SPF and SCDF!”

Now in his 42nd year of serving the nation, SUPT (NS) Azman is still as dedicated as he was in 1981. Of the awards he’s collected, he said: “It is always good to be recognised, but that is not the reason that I am still at it. It’s about who I am and what I love to do, in the SPF and other areas of my life. If there’s anything that I might eventually treasure, it would be the bragging rights of being the longest-serving National Serviceman in Singapore across all the uniformed services!”

“Extend because you want to, and because there is a niche for you to contribute to,” advises SUPT (NS) Azman. “This way, your motivation and passion will make your contributions so much more meaningful.”


COL (NS) Lau attained his Operationally Ready National Serviceman (ORNS) status in 2021 and relinquished his post as deputy division commander of the 3rd SCDF Division. He continues to serve as a volunteer in the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU), as part of the CDAU Executive Committee. He is also a mentor to the CDAU Recruitment Team and the CDAU officers in the 3rd SCDF Division.

He says that over the three decades and counting of his service, Home Team National Servicemen have played a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of Singapore, going far beyond policing and firefighting duties.

“Something that was little known in the past is that SCDF ORNSmen were involved in Ops LionHeart deployments, where they worked alongside with SCDF’s elite unit, the Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART), in overseas Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) missions,” said COL (NS) Lau. “In October 2022, SCDF became the first Asia-Pacific organisation to have its USAR framework accredited for its ORNS Rescue and Medical Units. Hence, NS has definitely transformed and evolved compared to the early years.”

SUPT (NS) Azman, the former NS commander with the SPF, added: “I have personally seen National Servicemen rising from playing a support role to working hand-in-hand with the regulars, as the overall responsibilities for SPF officers – both regulars and NSmen – have evolved and become more demanding. The roles have similarly evolved, including appointments and ranks to recognise the roles of NS commanders.”

COL (NS) Lau concurs that service and duty apply to both NS and other parts of life, such as one’s career. “Service and duty are the keys to developing trust and respect,” he said. “Hence, I believe in taking pride in everything we do, yet being humble in serving the community. I would tell NSFs and National Servicemen who are thinking of extending their service that leadership is all about serving – serving Singapore, serving the National Servicemen under your command, and serving beyond your NS communities. Serve with a willing heart, and the rest will fall into place.”

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