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First Indoor PVP Airsoft in Singapore


HomeTeamNS Khatib

Level 3
2 Yishun Walk
Singapore 767944


Tuesday – Thursday: 6:00pm – 10:00pm*
Friday: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday, Sunday, Eve of PH and PH:
11:00am – 9:00pm

Monday: Closed

*PVP available from 8:00pm to 9:00pm only


Tel: 6705 9421
For enquiries, click here.

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Introducing the first indoor Player versus Player (PvP) airsoft in Singapore, TactSim features advanced moving wall panels which makes playing airsoft a different experience every season.
Our arenas are specially designed to maximize gameplay experience. Catering to all levels of airsoft enthusiasts, TactSim offers 2 airsoft arenas (PvP) and 1 target shooting range.


Play short skirmishes for a heart-thumping adrenaline-filled experience with the classic game modes — Capture the Flag and King of the Hill!


Try our selection of airsoft replicas and test your shooting skills and accuracy on targets!


Airsoft is a competitive shooting sport that was first founded in Japan in the 1970s.


Participants engage in skirmishes or scenario games against each other using airsoft replicas that launches 6mm plastic pallets at safe velocities


Airsoft games emphasize alot on teamwork, communication and honesty. Unlike other shooting sports, airsoft projectiles do not leave a mark on the participants. Participants are advised to declare their hits when they are tagged.


There are many categories of games within the airsoft sport that focuses on the different gameplay aspects. From competitive shooting, big & small scenario games, and casual games. Airsoft is a sport that has a place and style for every class of player!




Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Pants

Covered Shoes

at least 18 years old and above


Only fully vaccinated persons are allowed to enter TactSim. Masks are expected to remain worn when within the premise. Participants are given the option to remove their masks during the Player vs Player game due to the strenuous nature of the activity and the tendency for the lens of the paintball mask to fog.

Yes, we do! However, our slots are often taken up by online bookings. Thus, we strongly recommend that you make an online booking to avoid a wasted trip.

For our HomeTeamNS members, booking can be made one month in advance.

For SAFRA/PA members, booking can be made two weeks in advance.

For Guests, booking can be made only one week in advance.​

We assure you that sufficient pellets are provided for both our Player vs Player and Target Shooting activities. There may also be insufficient time to expend all pellets if you receive more than the standard amounts.

Our Player vs Player and Target Shooting activities have separate online booking forms and staggered time slots. You will need to book the 2 activities separately and anticipate a half an hour break between them.

Participants must be of 18 years of age or older, in strict accordance with guidelines set by the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department.

Unfortunately, we will only allow the use of personal knee pads, gloves and head coverings. Participants will have to use TactSim’s tactical vests and paintball masks.

Unfortunately, all bookings are subject to a no refund or rescheduling condition at time of booking.

We have an assortment of airsoft pistols, airsoft submachine guns and airsoft assault rifles for players to use depending on the game mode and weapon choices (where applicable). However, our guns undergo regular maintenance, and some may not be available at certain times.

*As of 26 April 2022, our pistols are currently unavailable.

Both activities stretch for an hour each but may shorten when players expend their pellets too quickly. Do note that the 1-hour duration includes a safety briefing and donning of gear.

We typically offer 3 games modes - “Strike Team” (Team Deathmatch), “Flag Rush” (Capture the Flag) and “Guardian” (King of the Hill). We may also offer unique thematic game modes from time to time.

The Player vs Player game requires players to be divided into 2 opposing teams. We will usually combine multiple bookings within the same timeslot for maximum enjoyment to have more players in a Player vs Player game. Should there only be 5 players for a certain timeslot, the 5 players will be divided into 3 vs 2 games.