Introducing the first indoor Player versus Player (PvP) airsoft in Singapore, TactSim features advanced moving wall panels which makes playing airsoft a different experience every season.

Our arenas are specially designed to maximize gameplay experience. Catering to all levels of airsoft enthusiasts, TactSim offers 2 airsoft arenas (PvP) and 1 target shooting range.

Airsoft Arenas*

Play short skirmishes for a heart-thumping adrenaline-filled experience with the classic game modes — Capture the Flag and King of the Hill!

Target Shooting Range

Try our selection of airsoft replicas and test your shooting skills and accuracy on targets!



  • Up to 5 pax per booking 
  • Note: No personal gears allowed 

  • 1 – 4 pax per booking



PVP players are required to wear long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and covered shoes. All TactSim activities (including Target Shooting) require players to be at least 18 years old and above (NRIC or other official identification will be requested upon entry for verification purposes) and the main reservation holder must be present during the game. 


Airsoft is a competitive shooting sport that was first founded in Japan in the 1970s.


Participants engage in skirmishes or scenario games against each other using airsoft replicas that launches 6mm plastic pellets at safe velocities.


Airsoft games emphasize a lot on teamwork, communication and honesty. Unlike other shooting sports, airsoft projectiles do not leave a mark on the participants. Participants are advised to declare their hits when they are tagged.


There are many categories of games within the airsoft sport that focuses on the different gameplay aspects. From competitive shooting, big & small scenario games, and casual games, Airsoft is a sport that has a place and style for every class of player!


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Q: Do we allow unvaccinated / partially vaccinated participants in our facility?

Yes, however, the mask MUST be on at all times. Vaccination status will be checked and digitally recorded during the registration process.

Q: What is different with the new booking system?

The new booking system will require players to book in groups of 2, 4, 6 or 8 pax, instead of the previous 5 or 10 pax. As Player vs Player is a team-oriented sport, this new system ensures a fair game for both teams with an equal number of players on each team. 

Q: Are there any changes to play time?

There are no changes to play time – all slots will remain as 1-hour slots, with at least 3 guaranteed games. A compulsory safety briefing of about 15 minutes will be conducted.

Q: How long is a game’s duration?

Each game lasts for 5 minutes.

Alternatively, players can request 10 – 15 minutes of game time, reducing the number of gameplays.

Q: How many game modes are available?

There are up to 3 different game modes depending on players’ preference – Strike Team (Team Death Match), Flag Rush (Capture the Flag), Guardian (King of the Hill). Our marshals have also created unique game modes – just ask anyone of them should you wish to try them out.

Players are also welcome to pitch their own game modes for marshals to run for them.

Q: Understand that the standard number of magazines per person is 3, may I request for more magazines if I were to book for 2 pax only?

Issuance of more magazines per person is subject to the armorer’s decision to issue depending on availability and security concerns.

Q: How should I book for Player vs Player and Target Shooting for a 3-hour visit?

With a staggered timeslot, a Player vs Player slot can be booked first, followed by Target Shooting, and then another Player vs Player slot.

Kindly note the following:

  • Target Shooting
    • Only 3 weapons will be issued for 3 people. Alternating between players is allowed with ammunition to be shared.
  • 2nd Player vs Player slot
    • As the safety briefing was already conducted for the 1st round, the second briefing can be skipped entirely. You will have a full 1-hour of play time.

Q: I am 2 months away from my 18th birthday, am I still allowed to play?

Unfortunately, according to the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD) guidelines, we will not be able to allow you to play. All players have to be 18 and above on the day of visit.

Q: Can I bring my own equipment for use?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of masks purchased from various sources, and we will always prioritize your safety first. We have safe, tested and effective masks available for player use.

Q: I can’t make it on the day of my booking, may I transfer it to someone else?

Unfortunately, bookings are non-transferable and the person who booked the session must be present on the day of booking.