How to rest, reset and rejuvenate in the new year

To invigorate both body and soul, take things down a notch and practise some mindfulness


If the post-holiday return to work still feels like a drag, it might be time to take stock and practise some mindfulness by paying attention to and acknowledging your physical and mental needs.

Whether you crave a retreat into a cosy ManCave (albeit one that’s not necessarily limited to men) or want to sweat it out with a good sparring session, allow yourself the time and space you need to relax and reset. You’ll find yourself calmer, more productive and ready to tackle whatever the year brings.


More Singaporeans than ever are enjoying their caffeine in the form of brewed or specialty gourmet coffees and teas. Instead of sitting down with the same old instant cuppa or supermarket tea bag, why not switch up your morning ritual by brewing loose-leaf tea or investing in a coffee-maker. The latter range from affordable one-cup French presses to precisely-engineered Italian espresso machines with curves like a Bugatti, and similarly eye-popping prices.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Japanese matcha, Chinese oolong or South Asian-style chai – both green and black tea leaves contain powerful antioxidants that are beneficial to our health. Coffee has an even longer list of benefits, from preventing Parkinson’s disease to having an antidepressant effect. Brewing your own drink from scratch allows you to control the flavour, temperature and sweetness levels to perfection — and might just be the form of creative self-care you need to kickstart a happier, more productive morning routine.

If you’d rather be pampered, let someone else make you a cup of good old fashioned kopi or teh instead, while you sit back and relax at the newly-opened Heavenly Wang Cafe at the HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok Clubhouse.


A good stretch can relax you like nothing else. HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok offers a selection of yoga courses to ease your way into a healthier mindset.

Hatha Yoga classes run every Wednesday from 8pm to 9.30pm, for a 10-session term. The total fees are S$110 for Ordinary, Associate and Family members, S$120 for Social and Affiliate members, and S$130 for guests.

If you prefer weekend stretches, Hatha Yoga is also available every Saturday between 11am and 12pm. There are eight sessions in total, with fees costing S$95 for Ordinary, Associate and Family members, S$104.50 for Social and Affiliate members, and S$114 for guests.

To take it really slow, turn to Yin Yang Yoga, which combines passively held poses that work on the connective tissues and joints along with the more traditional, stamina and strength-oriented form of yoga. Classes are held every Saturday from 10am to 11am, and the same fees as above apply. Click here to sign up for courses, or email to learn more.

New to the yoga scene? HomeTeamNS Khatib will be having a free trial yoga class for members on 28 January 2022 from 7pm to 8pm, at Level 2, Ballroom Foyer! Non-members can also join in the fun at only S$5.


Music soothes the savage beast – and in humans, studies have shown that music might be able to soothe cortisol response. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone, as levels of it rise whenever our bodies are stressed. In addition, music can trigger the release of dopamine and oxytocin, chemicals that result in improved mood and sense of well-being.

Whether you’re putting together the perfect Spotify playlist for your work commute or dusting off your old guitar on Saturday night, music is a great way to stimulate your creativity and relax. Best of all, it can be a solo activity – think singing in the shower – or a fun way to connect with friends and family, such as jamming together in a studio.


If you want to get your heart pumping, a full-body workout like Zumba will do the trick. The intense blend of dance moves with aerobic activity set to the thumping beat of Latin-influenced music, will certainly work up a happy sweat.

HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok plays host to Zumba classes every Monday from 7.30pm to 8.30pm and every Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm. There are eight sessions in total. Ordinary, Associate and Family members pay S$90, while Social and Affiliate members pay S$100. Guests’ fees are S$110. Interested in signing up to sweat it out? Click here, or email for more information.


Live out your Bruce Lee fantasies by getting off the couch and signing up for judo and karate classes at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier. Apart from the fitness benefits, you’ll perhaps even discover a lifelong passion for martial arts. Learn more here by checking out the classes under the Courses tab.

Until 31 January, receive S$20 food and beverage vouchers when you sign up. Limited slots are available, so don’t hesitate.

If your new year’s resolution is to pick up Karate as a new hobby, join HomeTeamNS Khatib and their free trial class for HomeTeamNS members! Held on 27 January 2022 from 7.30pm to 8.30pm, at Level 2, Ballroom Foyer, be sure to fight your way into the new year. Non-members can also join the trial class at only S$5.


The hamster-wheel of work, home (and for many of us, work-from-home), malls and errands can get dull, especially when you seem to be visiting the same old places on autopilot. Why not open up Google Maps and look for a part of Singapore you haven’t been to? After all, seeing new places (even if they’re in the same country) stimulates your brain and diminishes boredom.

Take in charming black-and-white houses in peaceful Wessex Estate (and stop for a drink at the well-loved Western food institution, Colbar), or admire the dark, Gothic architecture of creative hub The Mill, incongruously set in an industrial estate. If you want to get out in nature, the Japanese Cemetery Park in Hougang is a serene and poignant memorial to Singapore’s early Japanese community, or you can split the cost of a yacht charter with friends to explore the Southern Islands of Singapore.

Wherever you go, make sure you have good walking shoes, an open mind and a sense of adventure.


If the distractions and noise of work-from-home are eating into your productivity, what about working from a ManCave?

From now until 31 March, the ManCaves at HomeTeamNS Khatib offers an opportunity to work in a refreshing new setting during weekdays. And if you need a break, the ManCaves features game consoles, high-quality audio systems and even a private BBQ patio.

Frontline Digital newsletter subscribers enjoy 50-per-cent off a ManCave booking, which includes the exclusive use of a ManCave for 4 hours during peak periods (weekends) and complimentary WiFi usage among other benefits.

Club Buzz

The learning never stops

From cohesion programmes with NSmen and SkillFest with junior HomeTeamNS members, learn from our Business Development team how these activities promote bonding, learning, and teambuilding among the young and young at heart.


Cohesion activities are a time for teams to come together, learn and grow – whether in a classroom, on a field or even out in a paintball arena. But have you ever wondered what goes into the planning and execution of these programmes?

We speak to Nur’Atiqah Aidah, an Executive Cohesion Accounts Specialist, and Syahmi Azmi, a Business Development and Marketing Executive. Both are part of the HomeTeamNS Business Development Team and they share a passion for ensuring that HomeTeamNS’ cohesion programmes and team-building activities are always fun, memorable and fulfilling.


Nur’Atiqah Aidah, an Executive Cohesion Accounts Specialist, who oversees all cohesion and non-cohesion programmes in HomeTeamNS.

Ms Nur’Atiqah oversees all cohesion and non-cohesion programmes across the different HomeTeamNS clubhouses, while her colleague Mr Syahmi Azmi is responsible for SkillFest, the HomeTeamNS Signature School Holidays Programme for junior members aged six to 12 years old.

Says Ms Nur’Atiqah: “HomeTeamNS believes strongly that our forte is in our service. We believe that cohesion programmes and team-building activities provide a different environment for the participants to explore their capabilities and test their strength as a team. These activities challenge their willpower and mental strength, and can provide insights into how they are able to work and cope as a team.”

The HomeTeamNS Business Development team offer clients a variety of cohesion programmes that encourage teamwork while also inspiring participants to challenge their limits.

She adds that the Cohesion Team is very experienced at handling group sizes of anywhere between 50 to 200 people, with 600 participants being the highest number she has worked with, pre-pandemic. (For that, the entire HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok clubhouse had to be put into service, so that all 600 guests could participate in activities at the same time.) In addition, HomeTeamNS prides itself on being a one-stop centre for all programming-related activities and any other requirements that organisations might have, such as transportation, food and beverage catering, and even customised door gifts.

Syahmi Azmi, a Business Development and Marketing Executive at HomeTeamNS.

When it comes to the little ones, Mr Syahmi says that SkillFest, a popular programme, is designed to introduce and develop lifelong skills in children, such as athletics, social and emotional learning, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). As part of SkillFest, the children get to explore HomeTeamNS’ self-run facilities such as the Adventure HQ, Clip ‘n Climb and T-Play, and do fun and exciting experiments, crafts and sports.

Not to be outdone, the grown-ups can enjoy an eclectic mix of cohesion activities at HomeTeamNS ranging from indoor ones like art jamming and mixology to unusual sports, like water soccer and tchoukball. According to Ms Nur’Atiqah, all activities are developed based on the type of skills that they would like to develop and the different capabilities and ages of participants, as well as feedback from previous participants like NSmen.

“Before COVID, our NSmen would come back to us yearly based on their reservist period,” she explains. “So as a team, we always try to come up with something different and interesting to entice them.”

The activities for children are just as carefully planned. Mr Syahmi shares that programmes like SkillFest are based on important social, learning and physical skills that are meant to help grow character. “The skills developed can then be incorporated into their daily and school life,” he added.

According to Ms Nur’Atiqah, the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenging period for the Business Development Team as 95 per cent of their cohesion and non-cohesion programmes were on-site. In true HomeTeamNS spirit, the team rallied and quickly adapted, picking up new digital skills, acquiring new software and even honing their soft skills in order to deliver the reformatted programming online, via their laptops. Mr Syahmi adds that when on-site programmes were allowed again, the team then had to come up with additional COVID-19 safety initiatives on top of the existing government-recommended measures, to assure parents that their children could participate safely.


The Singapore Police Force’s Central Division (A Div) has engaged HomeTeamNS to run team-building and cohesion programmes for their PNSmen on multiple occasions. According to their feedback, not only were the customised activities very well-received by participants, the PNSmen also came away having built a strong camaraderie with each other – a successfully met objective.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure that participants meet their objectives, safely and with maximum fun,” says Ms Nur’Atiqah. “These objectives can vary from simple ones like building bridges within a new department, to understanding how a department can function better across different management levels.”

Participants can also gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like when HomeTeamNS collaborated with the 3rd Div Singapore Civil Defence Force Division HQ to conduct a hands-on fire safety lesson. “Participants experienced using a fire extinguisher to put out an actual flame,” recounts Mr Syahmi. “HomeTeamNS also has a new Paintball Arena, and paintball has been incorporated into SkillFest. We devised a target shoot challenge, where participants experience shooting both static and moving targets under the close supervision of a specialist.”

Another recently-added activity is Pedal Go Kart, available at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok. “Go Karting has always been a popular request by our clients and NSmen,” says Ms Nur’Atiqah. “So we have created a racing route over at our Adventure Centre. Instead of pedalling it alone, participants have a relay system. Once they finish the route, they have to head over and hand the Go Kart to a team member to finish the given number of rounds.”

These fun-filled activities are not just a good time for all – they are opportunities for participants to go beyond their comfort zones to challenge themselves, make new friends and develop themselves further than they thought possible. As one happy parent wrote in his feedback after a rock climbing activity in SkillFest September 2021: “My son was able to climb to heights that he had never ventured to previously. This really amazes us as our children are able to realise their own potential, which they have never explored before.”

Check out HomeTeamNS’ wide range of customisable cohesion programmes and activities here, and visit the HomeTeamNS website and Facebook for the latest updates.