Participants will be split into

Groups of 5


Adventure HQ Climb Combo

Adventure HQ All-Access Pass

Adventure HQ All-Access Bundle

*Prices include Eve of Public Holiday, Public Holiday and School Holiday

**Affiliates include JOM/PA/SAFRA membership holders


Are you BOLD enough to defy gravity and conquer obstacles ahead of you? Adventure-seekers, look no further! Come home to Adventure HQ, the VERY first and largest multi-installation indoor adventure centre in Singapore!

Spanning across four storeys, the 2,800sqm Adventure HQ features 10 kaleidoscopic adventure installations, catering to all levels of adrenaline thrills. Join us at Adventure HQ and experience

• Singapore’s FIRST Indoor Roll Glider

• Singapore’s LONGEST 14m Indoor Slide

• Singapore’s FIRST 165m long Indoor Artificial Caving

• Singapore’s BIGGEST  Two-Tiered, 16 Elements Indoor Challenge Ropes Course


Zac Efron is doing it. Jared Leto is doing it. Jason Momoa does it – Bouldering in its finest form! A form of rock climbing, Adventure HQ introduces the art of balance and agility with little to no equipment in a safe environment via its interactive bouldering routes. Thick crash pads to cushion falls, bouldering awakens and excites muscles in a fun problem-solving environment.

Rock Climb

Offering unlimited possibilities, Adventure HQ’s Rock Climbing serves as an adrenaline canvas for climbers of all levels. With 8 climbing lanes, choose your adventure between Classic Top Rope or Automated Belaying climbing. One can expect to clock in the ultimate body workout, complimenting and boosting the overall well-being. With fun visualization of the climbing holds and goal setting routes, Adventure HQ facilitates a chic interactive puzzle to defy gravity, safely.

Urban Climb

Home to 24 interactive climbing elements, Adventure HQ promotes active entertainment by combining challenges and sports through fun play. Colourful and dynamic, Urban Climbs foster team spirit, natural competitiveness and love of adrenaline in a safe environment.

Ninja Course

An element for sports and entertainment suitable for all ages, Adventure HQ’s Ninja Course is great for improving the strength, endurance, coordination and agility. These obstacles allow participants a myriad of challenges be it training, competing or pushing the limits in a friendly competition with each other in a safe environment.

Fossil Labyrinth

The Artificial Caving experience in Adventure HQ challenges participants in a labyrinth of dark tunnels with stalactites, stalagmites, sumps, fossils and other speleo features that deliver a realistic exploration, for all ages!

Sky Venture

Ready to conquer the fear of heights? Challenge yourself to complete all 16 obstacles in Singapore’s biggest two-tiered Indoor Challenge Ropes Course! Standing at 15m, this multi-sensorial experience develops an individual’s balancing skills, self-confidence, hand-eye coordination and observation skills.

Adventure Trail

Experience the thrill of heights without the need of a harness! The challenging tunnels of nets and obstacles are a great way to deliver adrenaline in a completely safe environment. Uniquely designed aerial elements of the Adventure Trail challenges any Thrill Seeker on balance, flexibility, strength and courage in an engaging and amusing way.

Cloud Climb

Cloud Climbs are sculpture-like adventure play attractions where one can have access to the maze-like Adventure Trail or the longest indoor slide in Singapore. Explore the panoramic view of Adventure HQ from the top of the Cloud Climb and navigate your adventure to higher heights!

Firemen Slides

Finally, slides for the child in us! Adventure HQ boasts three slides, one of which hosts Singapore’s LONGEST Indoor Slide at 14m (4.5 storeys high!). There is no better way to explore Adventure HQ than zooming down the slides.

Roll Glider

Experience the FIRST and NEWEST indoor aerial attraction in Singapore! Driven by gravity and body movement of the Thrill Seeker, Roll Glider offers the adventure experience of hang-gliding, a coaster ride and proximity flight in a totally safe and accessible environment. The perfect thrill boost in the North, Adventure HQ is truly adrenaline, amplified.


Adventure HQ is conveniently located on the 1st level of our HomeTeamNS Khatib Clubhouse and is a 5 mins walk away from Khatib MRT Station (NS 14).

Adventure HQ is a magnificent 2,800sqm, spanning four storeys high.

• Monday: Closed

• Tuesday – Friday: 2pm – 10pm

• Saturday, Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday, Public Holiday & School Holidays: 10am – 10pm

There are 3 Packages available to enter Adventure HQ.


• All Access Pass: Experience 9 Interactive Installations:

  1. Boulder
  2. Rock Climb
  3. Sky Venture
  4. Urban Climb
  5. Cloud Climbs
  6. Ninja Courses
  7. Firemen Slides
  8. Fossil Labyrinth
  9. Adventure Trail
    *Roll Glider is currently UNAVAILABLE due to technical inspections for a SAFE and FUN experience. Roll Glider will be back soon!

All Access Bundle: 4pax Entry into Adventure HQ, 10% discount off All-Access Pass


Climb Combo: Experience 3 Interactive Installations for the inner Spidey in you!

  1. Boulder
  2. Rock Climb
  3. Urban Climb

The rates are as such:


HomeTeamNS PA/SAFRA Guest

Monday to Friday (Non-Peak)

Climb Combo

$32 $42 $45
All Access Pass $40 $58


All Access Bundle $180 $260


Saturday, Sunday School & Public Holidays (Peak)

Climb Combo $35 $45 $52
All Access Pass $48 $68 $78
All Access Bundle $218 $308


You can purchase tickets via HomeTeamNS Mobile App or Self-Help Kiosk on-site.

Yes, you can purchase tickets via HomeTeamNS Mobile App.

No, not all participants are required to be members to enjoy the exclusive rates. Only the person booking the tickets is required to have a valid membership. Do note that the purchaser has to be one of the participants.

As membership privileges are non-transferable, members are not allowed to book on behalf of non-members. Guest rates will be applicable instead.

50 maximum capacity in Covid-19 Stabilisation Phase.

Adventure HQ allows a maximum of 5 attendees in one booking.

Each time slot is 3 hours and 30 minutes. After each session, there will be a 30-minute mandatory disinfecting period. Next session will resume after the thorough disinfection.

Definitely! Climbing shoes and harnesses are available for rental at no additional charges. Do bring own pair of socks if rental of climbing shoes is needed.

You are required to wear comfortable sports / casual attire with covered shoes before passing entrance gantries. Participants may bring along climbing shoes and liquid chalk (strictly for Bouldering and Rock Climbing zones).

Jeans, barefoot, crocs, sandals and slippers are strictly not allowed.

Masks are required to be on throughout the whole session in Adventure HQ. Masks will only be allowed to removed when consuming water. Participants will have to keep a 3-metres distance from others.

Yes, however, masks MUST be on at all times. Vaccination status will be checked and digitally recorded during registration process.

The only time mask-off is allowed is during consumption of water.

Food and drink must not be supplied or consumed within the arena, except if the consumption of drink is necessary to preserve life or prevent injury in an emergency.

All guest and patrons who enters Adventure HQ must have their mask on at all times regardless of fully vaccinated or not.

Yes, there is a water cooler located in our briefing room. You are advised to bring along your water bottle as drinking directly from the water cooler is not allowed during COVID-19 period.

Strictly NO changing of packages, postponement of dates or refunds are allowed upon successful booking.

Adventure HQ’s traditional climbing walls over at Rock Climb utilize a self-belaying hydraulic system which allows climbers to scale the routes without the need of a belayer or a Sports Climbing certification.

No age requirement. Minimum height requirement of 1.25 metres. Maximum weight of 120kg.
For Roll Glider, the minimum weight requirement is 30kg.

For activities that requires a harness, Adventure Specialist will assess the fitment of harness before the start of each activity to ensure safety of participants. Participants will only be allowed to proceed if harness is fitted securely in accordance to manufacturer guidelines.

Due to Safe Management Measures during Stablisation Phase, capacity limit is reduced and slots are limited. Adventure HQ advices Thrill Seekers to pre-book slots to avoid disappointment and secure session slots.

Yes, you can book through the HomeTeamNS Mobile app.

There is no refund for cancellation of booking in the event of no-show or late/missed sessions.

Time slots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, the chosen time slot may be fully booked. Adventure HQ has 5o pax limited capacity for each session.

The following are additional measures on top of current existing measures already put in place.


Booking and Entry


• Only online bookings are allowed.

• No waiting or loitering allowed within or near Adventure HQ facility.

• Wearing of masks is mandatory for all individuals within Adventure HQ.


Adventure HQ grounds


• Gloves on standby to dispose forgotten/left behind face masks.

• Min. talking and shouting. Video briefings and physical demonstrations will be used.

• Sanitizers strategically placed at high touch points (counter, briefing and locker zones).


All installations


• 3.5 hours activity time

• 3-metre distance apart from other climbers at all times.

• Harness are labelled for rotation to prevent cross usage before disinfection.

• Climbing harnesses and equipment are cleaned and disinfected using mild soap and water, air dry thereafter.

• Limited capacity at each installation to avoid crowding.


For enquiries, drop us an email at advhq@hometeamns.sg or contact us at 6705 9420.