Levelling up

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Back by popular demand, SkillFest makes a comeback during the September school holidays, where junior HomeTeamNS members and friends took away essential life skills through a five-day programme.



HomeTeamNS kicked off the second edition of SkillFest on 6 September 2021. Blending fun and learning, the five-day programme seeks to uplift the academic and personal development of children between ages five and 12 through a series of activities. These touched on areas that included L.I.F.E, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), S.T.E.M, Athletic and Hike skills.



Participants were introduced to the four pillars of life — Leadership, Initiative, Friendship and Empowerment — through an assortment of activities conducted at HomeTeamNS Khatib‘s Adventure HQ. The children were first divided into small groups, after which they used their leadership, physical and creative proficiencies to overcome various obstacles. Highlights included activities that improved physical coordination, as participants solved mysteries in the Fossil Labyrinth; built team spirit by conquering the Urban Climb; and strengthened muscular endurance and agility while navigating through the Ninja Course.



Held at the Peranakan-themed T-Play at HomeTeamNS Khatib, Day Two of SkillsFest taught participants how to express their emotions appropriately through art and emojis. The activities were infused with aspects of Peranakan culture — from a creative twist of ‘Baba Says’ that tested the reflexes and control, to a cooking session that included a blind taste test of spices.

As they immersed in the world of the Nonyas and Babas, the children learnt how they could self-manage positive and negative emotions. They also had a blast during the playground playtime, where they indulged in imaginative play, fostered teamwork skills and made new friends.



Participants spent the third day of the programme refining their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M) skills through unique and fun gameplay at HomeTeamNS Tampines’ Clip ‘N Climb and Laser Quest.

Who knew that climbing up a rock wall (at Clip ‘N Climb) could teach one about Newton’s law of gravity? And at Laser Quest, scoring as many points as possible when striking laser lights on targets helped participants understand the mechanics behind the laser device.

The children also embarked on an Eco-Trail at Our Tampines Hub’s Eco Garden to learn about solar technology and how the slightest efforts in improving the natural environment can create a positive impact in the long run.



Geared up for a sporty day, participants tried out various physical activities at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok’s Fitness Workz and Adventure Centre, and learnt about the value of strength, speed and coordination.

The children were pumped up as they tested their limits on the climbing rope course and rock-climbing wall, and sweat it out at the Fitness Junior Masterclass workout. With a focus on speed and coordination, the futsal clinic gave participants tips and tricks on how to win a match.



The attendees turned into happy campers and adventurers at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok Clubhouse on the last day of the programme. They learnt various outdoor skills such as tent-pitching, setting up a fire for cooking, map and compass reading, and administering basic first aid.

The activities were designed to cultivate effective teamwork and leadership skills among the participants, as they relied on one another to pitch a tent as a team. At the same time, first aid skills were taught to impart the knowledge of how to react in emergency situations.

Participants were then brought to Little Guilin for an exciting hiking experience, where they put their map and compass reading skills to use, and led their teams through the scenic park.

Missed out on all the fun? Stay tuned for the next edition of SkillFest coming up during the November and December school holidays! Check out the HomeTeamNS Official Facebook Page for the latest updates.

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SkillFest made a comeback during the September school holidays, where junior HomeTeamNS members and friends took away essential life skills through a five-day programme.

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