Shape Up

Fitness Workz trainer by day, Mr World Singapore finalist by night

Mr World Singapore finalist Aidid Haidil has come a long way since his life was changed by a road accident in 2017. This fitness trainer at HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz hopes to inspire others with his story.



A model, an avid football player, and a lifelong fitness enthusiast, Mr Aidid Haidil awoke from surgery in 2017 to see his right arm and leg completely encased in casts. In addition, his upper lip had been torn apart and stitched back together.

He was lucky to be alive, having survived a major road accident in which his motorcycle collided with a lorry at the cross junction next to Marsiling MRT station. Mr Aidid had been flung off his bike into the lorry’s windshield, before landing on the road.

“I thought it was just a dream as it felt like I had just woken up from a nap,” he recalled.

The sudden awakening was soon followed by a bleak period of depression, as he slowly recovered from his injuries but continued to struggle mentally.

“Knowing that I had 20 metal implants surgically placed in me, I was demotivated and started wasting my life away. I was depressed and honestly speaking, I gave up on fitness and sports as I knew for sure that everything would not be the same anymore due to the physical challenges I have permanently.”


Mr Aidid tried to keep a cheerful face on for the sake of his supportive family and friends, but he hit his lowest ebb when he was unable to secure his dream job as a flight attendant, having failed the skin check portion of the interview due to his physical scarring.

“I sat down by the roadside just outside the building where the interview was and I broke down badly,” he said. “I sat there for a good two hours as I could not accept the fate I had been given. But something popped out in my head, telling me to give my lecturer from ITE College West a call.”

It was the turning point for Mr Aidid. His lecturer suggested that he apply for the Work Study Diploma in Fitness Management, as Mr Aidid already had a Higher NITEC in Sports Management and his lecturer was confident that he had the capability to succeed.

Recalling how proud his parents had been when he graduated from ITE, he took a leap of faith and applied for the programme. Today, Mr Aidid is a Fitness Workz trainer at HomeTeamNS Khatib. He received the Personal Trainer Certification from the American Council of Exercise last year and has made it to the finals of the Mr World Singapore 2022 competition.

If he was able to go back to the aftermath of the accident in 2017, he says he would tell himself that everything happens for a reason, and always for the better: “It happened to make me realise that not everything will go as planned. Don’t ever give up – don’t make the same mistakes and waste the upcoming years being so hard on yourself. Get back up on both feet and achieve the success you were meant to achieve.”


Five years after the accident, Mr Aidid still suffers from bouts of post-traumatic stress disorder. But he tries to keep himself occupied and focuses on his mental health.

One thing that gives him a deep sense of fulfilment is helping his clients, especially NSmen like himself at Fitness Workz. While none of them have been through a similar accident, he has assisted clients who suffer from various conditions, such as slipped discs, asthma and polycystic ovary syndrome.

He is able to understand their difficulties and meet them on another level. Over time, Mr Aidid has worked to rebuild his own fitness despite his own physical challenges, such as being unable to flex or extend his wrist fully, which means that he cannot do a proper push-up or bench press.

“I told myself that I have to find ways to strengthen and condition my body again, and not let all of this pull me down,” he said. “I fought through it. The sweat, pain and literal tears were worth it – today, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in.”

Having surpassed his former fitness levels, Mr Aidid is eager to help others do the same.

“I don’t just help the clients who have paid for their personal training sessions with me,” he said. “I attend to any gym members in need, or those who seem lost and demotivated in the gym. I approach them and guide them throughout their gym session.”


Mr Aidid first heard about the Mr World Singapore 2022 competition from gym members, who recommended that he enter. He took up the challenge, feeling that the event would serve as the perfect platform for him to share his story and inspire others in a similar situation.

“I took a chance,” he said. “The experiences I’ve gone through so far are amazing! From going to events, parties, getting sponsored by multiple companies and meeting new people from different backgrounds – it makes my life more interesting and I love it.”

He added: “I have a habit of not expecting great things, but with all the effort and sincerity I’ve put in, I’ve managed to progress on and become a finalist in Mr World Singapore. I believe that with my consistent effort and willingness, I will get to reach out to people and raise them back up on their feet to achieve success, just like me.”

Besides modelling and acting, Mr Aidid still enjoys his first love – football – and of course, working out at the gym. Despite his pageant success, he plans to remain in the fitness industry.

“I want to be better, gain more knowledge and further progress in this line of work,” he says of his career as a trainer. “My goals are not just for me, but also for society. I want to be the reason why people are inspired and get out of their hiding spots to achieve greatness as well.”

Shape Up

How to put your best foot forward for the REAL® Run

Here’s how you can conquer the REAL® Run, whether you’re crossing that finish line for the first time or aiming to beat your personal best.



It’s finally back: The REAL® Run.

HomeTeamNS’ annual signature event is back on the streets for the first time since the pandemic. Flagging off on October 8, the 26th REAL® Run makes a true return to form as a long-awaited physical run offering 5km and 10km categories, at Gardens by the Bay, The Meadow.

This year’s event looks to bring together runners itching for that race-day atmosphere that was missing during the virtual events staged during the pandemic. The question stands: are you ready to make the most of it?

As the saying goes, success occurs when opportunity meets preparation – let’s go over the full run-down of how best to gear yourself for the big day, from start to finish.


First up, physical training.

REAL® Run offers two categories: the 5km and 10km run. While this isn’t quite a marathon, it’s worth bearing in mind that these are still far longer distances than the 2.4km many of us are familiar with.

Consistency is key – ensuring you can avoid both burnout and injury are key to a successful training plan. This is particularly true for beginners; it’s important to start out slow and ramp the intensity over time.

As a general rule of thumb, training between 3-4 times a week with rest days in between is ideal. A solid baseline training program generally takes place over 8 weeks, with more weeks being beneficial if you need that extra bit of prep.

For beginners, start your runs at around half of your target race distance, and gradually ramp up weekly until you can run 90%-100% of the full mileage.

For intermediate and advanced runners, throw in some interval training and tempo runs in between to improve speed and pace alongside the long runs you’ll already be used to for building endurance.

Regardless of your level of fitness or experience, remember to take the appropriate injury prevention measures. Take rest or active rest days, ice and compress joints, do plenty of stretching and, of course, eat a healthy and balanced diet.


Following weeks of training, one certainly won’t want to falter as they approach the literal and figurative finishing line.

After all, you’ve trained so hard and geared yourself mentally for so long – no reason to not finish strong by ensuring you’re well-prepared for the race day itself.

Veteran runners will know that race day prep actually begins the week before.

Continue to condition your body, but start paying extra attention to not overdoing it in order to avoid injury. Mix in several long, slow runs with a couple days of interval training at your target 5km or 10km race pace broken up with light jogging in between.

The little things matter: Clipping your toenails (don’t do this too close to the race day!), visualising the actual race and thinking of your post-run celebration plans are all small strategies that the pros incorporate before their runs.

A little bit of prep at this point also goes a long way. Lay out your race day outfit, fitness accessories and running shoes. The less you scramble on the day itself, the better your chance of being in peak condition mentally and physically during the run.

Two days ahead of time, you’ll want to ensure you get in good, carb-heavy meals to maximise both your body (nutrition) and mind (motivation) as you await the day to come. At the same time, hydrate well throughout the day.

As with all important days, you’ll also want to make sure your body gets plenty of rest a couple days before; two good night’s sleep of about 8-9 hours should do the trick.


On the day itself, try to get a solid meal in about 2-3 hours before the race – an energy bar about an hour before the starting horn is also a good idea for that extra boost.

Remember to pace yourself by starting at a measured pace and ramping up as you get into the swing of things. If you’ve got a fitness watch, use that to keep time and check yourself against the pace you’ve become most accustomed to during training.

If all goes according to plan, the light at the end of the tunnel will come into view sooner than you’ll probably expect. Keep at it, and you’ll cross that glorious finishing line in no time – all according to plan!

But perhaps the most important tip of all: remember to enjoy yourself. Relish in the run, soak in the vibes, and don’t forget to smile when you cross the finish line!

Now that you’re equipped with the race tips, take the next stride and register for the REAL® Run now. Registration is now extended to 21 September 2022, and is open to HomeTeamNS members, SAFRA and Passion Card holders, and the public. For more details on the race entitlements and fees, please visit our website.