25km in 5 virtual runs


8 Jul – 9 Nov 2021

Registration Closing Date: 10 October 2021
Upload Closing Date: 9 November 2021

Regular Exercise Active Lifestyle Run

Annual HomeTeamNS flagship event REAL® Run marks 25th Anniversary

FUN FACT: REAL® Run is 9 years older than HomeTeamNS! Started by the Singapore Police Association for National Servicemen back in 1996, REAL® Run has come a long way and has been held at many different locations in Singapore.

From a small-scale event comprising of only runners from the Singapore Police Force to hosting over 10,000 runners coming from all over the world, REAL® Run has never lost sight of her main goal in promoting Regular Exercise, Active Lifestyle for all, especially for our Home Team guardians.

2020 had been an unprecedented year, when the nation goes through a crisis not of a decade, but a generation that not only halted life, but also put the stability and unity of our nation to the test. When the pandemic threatened the event last year, REAL® Run pulled through and HomeTeamNS’ first full-fledged virtual run was held from July to November 2020.

To commemorate and continue our legacy, this year’s virtual run will be in 2 different modes to elevate and excite your REAL® experience this 8th July through a 4-month long engagement.

With busy urbanites working from home, it is vital and crucial for us to engage them to stay healthy and active, for the benefit of their physical and mental well-being. Should the pandemic situation ease up, a physical (non-competitive) run might be held at the end of the event. Stay tuned to the reveal of the highly anticipated location in October!

Symbolising the wish for REAL® Run to continue running, regardless of the obstacles ahead, REAL® Run 2021 will be launched on 8th July, where the number ‘8’ represents the infinity symbol (∞) and ‘7’ represents the various past locations that REAL® Run was held physically, to keep the run routes new and exciting.



This year, we have added two newly minted challenges to spice things up — The Leaderboard Run (Competitive) & Sole-mate Run (Non-Competitive). Purposefully organised to aid and motivate runners to complete the 25KM distance, join us for either of these runs and stand to win attractive prizes from our contests and lucky draws.

Click on the map to view and save the race route on your Strava app.


Click here to view the current Leaderboard

Previous Route:


Relive past REAL® Run routes and stand to win a personalised Minifigure and other attractive prizes.
(Only applicable to Leaderboard category participants)

• REAL® Run 2021 Leaderboard Run – Gardens by the Bay:
8 to 21 Jul 2021

• DOUBLE YOUR RUN with On – Punggol Waterway Park:
5 to 18 Aug 2021

• STARBALM REAL® Run 2021 Leaderboard Run – Sentosa:
2 Sep to 15 Sep 2021


Run in the vicinity and end off at either of our three clubhouses to win attractive prizes.
(Lucky Draw Contest – Open to all participants)

• Sole-Mate Run @ HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier:
22 Jul to 4 Aug 2021

• STARBALM Sole-Mate Run @ HomeTeamNS Khatib:
19 Aug to 1 Sep 2021

• Polar Sole-Mate Run @ HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok:
16 to 29 Sep 2021

New to Virtual Run?

Complete the Virtual Run at your own pace, time and running route. All you need to do is register for the run and send a screenshot of your running app showing the map, time of run and distance covered.

Pictures are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product.




Actual size may have +/- 1 to 2 cm variation from the size chart above.
Participants are advised to select the sizing carefully during registration to avoid any sizing issues.

*Please note: Shirt sizes are available while stocks last.

DIMENSIONS: Measures over 7.6 cm high, 5 cm long and 3.5 cm wide
*Colour of the Finisher Trophy mailed out will be at random.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this event/site.




How do I know if my registration is successful?
Please check your email (including your spam folder) for a confirmation email upon payment received. If you do not hear from us within 2 days, please contact us.
What type of e-payments do you accept?
We only accept MasterCard and Visa payments. If you are facing issues, please contact us.




What is the distance required to clock for virtual run?
This year REAL® Run is a 25km virtual run which allows you to run any time, anywhere at your convenience in up to 5 runs. Do note that you will need to hit a minimum distance of 5km for each run.
How long do I have to complete the run?
We will be accepting uploads from 8 July to 9 November 2021.
Do I need to complete all Leaderboard and Sole-Mate runs in order to receive my entitlements?
No, you are not required to complete all Leaderboard or Sole-Mate Run in order to receive your entitlement. You will receive your entitlements once you complete your 25km run.

The Leaderboard Run (Competitive) and Sole-Mate Run (Non-Competitive) are purposefully organised to aid and motivate runners to complete the 25KM distance. Join us for either of these runs and stand to win attractive prizes!

How do I know if my run is valid?
For your run to be valid, the minimum distance of 5km per screenshot must be covered. Make sure that your upload shows:

• Date of Run (From 8 July onwards)
• Total Distance
• Total Time

Do you accept pedometers / step-trackers?
No, we only accept GPS enabled apps. If you are unsure, please contact us.
Can I cycle, scoot or use powered mobility devices?
Can I clock my distance using treadmill?
Which running app(s) do you accept?
We accept all major running and fitness apps that are GPS enabled. Such apps include but are not limited to Strava, RunKeeper, Fitbit and Garmin Connect etc. Do note that only Strava app will be accepted for those participating in the Leaderboard Run.
When can I upload my run?
You can upload a screenshot of your run via this link from 8 July onwards upon completion of your 25km run.
Is there a minimum pace for the run to be valid?
No, This is a non-competitive run. You can run at your own pace and time.
What type of uploads do you accept?

The screenshot of your app must clearly show the following:


  • Total distance of the run
  • Time (or pace) of the run
  • Date and time that the run was completed (Date on screenshot of run should be captured from 8 July 2021 onwards.)

Can I submit my run screenshot after each run?
No, you would need to submit all run screenshots (total of 25km) in one submission via this link.
Do I need to run all the Leaderboard Run and Sole-Mate Runs for the virtual run?
No, the Leaderboard Run and Sole-Mate Runs are organised to aid you in completing the 25km distance.
When will I receive my entitlements?
Entitlements will be mailed out in batches starting from mid-August upon validation of your screenshot. Do note that the colour of the Finisher Trophy mailed out will be on random basis.
Where do you ship to?
Only Singapore.


REAL® RUN – Leaderboard Run


What is Leaderboard Run?
The Leaderboard Run is a virtual running challenge where we engage a community of runners to connect virtually by competing against runners of their age categories and gender through the use of Strava app. Should the pandemic situation ease up, a physical (non-competitive) run might be held for runners who are the top 5% finisher of each category. Runners who are eligible for the physical run will receive an exclusive Minifigure personalised with their name.
How do I sign up for Leaderboard Run?
You would need to sign up via the registration link by choosing one of the following categories from the dropdown list:


  • Virtual Run + Leaderboard Run
  • Virtual Run + Leaderboard Run + Anniversary T-Shirt
Why must I use Strava to clock my run?
HomeTeamNS will take reference from Strava for the validation and tabulation of the run.
Where can I find the route for Leaderboard Run?
The route will be shared on REAL® Run website.
How would I know what is my standing after my run?
We will be publishing the top 20 finisher for each category on REAL® Run website.
Can I challenge all Leaderboard Run?
Yes, you may challenge all the 3 Leaderboard Run but you will only be entitled to one personalised Minifigure with your name if you come in as the top 5% finisher for all Leaderboard Run.

How many attempts am I given for each Leaderboard Run?
You are allowed to attempt as many times as you wish for the Leaderboard Run within the event period for the designated Leaderboard Run.
What is the closing date for Leaderboard Run?
The closing date for the Leaderboard Run will be:

  • Gardens by the Bay – 21 July 2021
  • Punggol Waterway Park – 18 August 2021
  • Sentosa – 15 September 2021

More information can be found on REAL® Run website.

Do I need to submit my screenshot to the Organiser to validate my run?
You do not need to submit your screenshot to the Organiser as your run will be validated by Strava and tabulated into the Leaderboard Run.
Can I use the run screenshot from Leaderboard Run as one of my screenshot uploads?
Yes, you may use your run screenshot from Leaderboard Run as one of your screenshot uploads.
Why is my run not reflected on Strava Leaderboard?
Please ensure that you have set your privacy control for “Activities” in Strava to “Everyone” in order for your run to be shown on the Leaderboard.
Why is my run not recorded or captured by Strava?
You may have deviated from the route or missed either the start or end point during your run. Do check our website to find out more information on our route.
How come my run was not recorded or capture by Strava?
You may have deviated from the route or missed either the start or end point during your run. Do visit REAL® Run website to find out more information on our route.
When will I receive my personalised Minifigure?
You will receive your personalised Minifigure at physical run venue. Do note that the physical run will be dependent on the government regulations nearer to the date. If we are unable to proceed with the physical run by 27 September 2021, we will mail out the personalised Minifigure to you.


REAL® RUN – Sole-Mate Run


How do I sign up for Sole-Mate run?
You will be eligible to participate in Sole-Mate Run once you have registered for REAL® Run.
Is there a designated route for Sole-Mate Run?
There is no designated route for Sole-Mate Run, you just need to clock a minimum of 5km and end your run at any of our clubhouses (Balestier, Bukit Batok or Khatib) during the respective event period. You can find the schedule on our website.
Can I take part in all Sole-Mate Runs?
Can I have multiple submissions within a Sole-Mate Run?
Yes, but your run must be clocked on different dates to be eligible.
When is the closing date for Sole-Mate Run?
The closing dates for Sole-Mate Run will be:

  • Balestier – 4 August 2021
  • Khatib – 1 September 2021
  • Bukit Batok – 29 September 2021

More information can be found on REAL® Run website.

What type of screenshot would be required to qualify for the Sole-Mate Run?
The screenshot of your app must clearly show the following:

  • Total distance of the run (Minimum 5km)
  • Time (or pace) of the run
  • Date and time that the run was completed
  • End at designated HomeTeamNS Clubhouse

Can I use the run screenshot from Sole-Mate Run as one of my screenshot uploads?


Redeem a FREE Salad Bowl & 100 Plus
@ HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier

Event Period: 22 July – 4 August 2021

Start your run or walk anywhere
Clock a minimum of 5km
End your route at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier
Comment with your route screenshot on the post
Terms and conditions apply


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Photo Contest: Win $500 Cash & Prizes

Event Period: 8 July to 9 November 2021

Show us your running photos from now till 9 Nov. Three lucky winners stand to win a total of $500 cash and prizes! Double your chance when you post a photo of yourself in a REAL® Run T-shirt or you take your photos in Sentosa!
1st Prize :
$300 Cash + On Shoes + $50 Siam Kitchen Voucher
2nd Prize :
$150 Cash + On Shoes + STARBALM Bundle
3rd Prize :
$50 Cash + STARBALM Bundle + $50 Suki-Suki Thai Voucher
6 x Bonus Prizes :
30-Token Sentosa Fun Pass (worth $30 each)

Like REAL RUN (Singapore) Facebook Page
Take a photo when you are out for your run/walk
Comment on the post with your photo
Terms and conditions apply


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