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Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is a university of Singapore with a rich heritage in providing lifelong, learner-centric and industry-relevant education, with a strong social emphasis that transcends disciplinary focus. Committed to the promotion of lifelong learning, SUSS offers a variety of sponsorships to new as well as existing students pursuing their studies in SUSS.

The SUSS-HomeTeamNS Sponsorship scheme aims to provide suitable candidates with the opportunity to enrol in programmes with SUSS and develop skills for life.

Who is Eligible?
Application for the SUSS-HomeTeamNS Sponsorship is open to all HomeTeamNS Ordinary members. You must have impressive academic and co-curricular activities records, strong language skills and demonstrable leadership qualities. Applicants who are currently applying for admission to the undergraduate programmes (or existing undergraduate students) must not already be degree holders.

New students must meet the admission requirements for the programme of study applied for at SUSS. They must separately seek admission to the programme and must be accepted for admission before being considered for the sponsorship.

Tenure of Sponsorship
The sponsorship is awarded for the period required to complete the full programme of study.

Value of Sponsorship
The value of the sponsorship for part-time undergraduate programmes is as follows:

*Please refer to the SUSS website for the value of sponsorship for Bachelor of Laws and graduate programmes.

There is no bond attached to the sponsorship.

Hear what SUSS-HomeTeamNS Sponsorship recipient Azmi Ahmad had to say here.

How To Apply
To apply for the sponsorship, you need to submit your application online by the stipulated closing date. You may wish to view the e-guide before you apply for the sponsorship.

For new students, you must submit your admission e-application first before submitting your application for sponsorship.

Previously unsuccessful candidates need not re-apply. Only successful candidates shall be notified via email by mid-November for the January Semester.

Terms & Conditions