In partnership with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Home Team NSmen can now choose to train and clock in their NS FIT programmes virtually from anywhere!

Hosted by HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz, we seek to provide an opportunity of convenience and alternative to help our NSmen improve their overall fitness health and train for their individual physical proficiency test (IPPT).

The VFTs will be conducted on:

• Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 12:30 pm and 6:30 pm

• Every Saturday, 9:00 am and 10:30 am


Each training session will last 1 hour.

*Each NSman must complete 10 sessions of NS FIT, inclusive of one IPPT attempt.
*Each session is limited to a maximum of 50 pax.



Login to
NS Portal

Upon entering the portal, please ensure that your email address is updated under the ‘Update My Account’ tab found on the top right hand corner of the NS Portal. Your email will be used for the VFT registration thereafter.


Book your
VFT session

Book the VFT session on NS Portal, under NS FIT. Booking should be made at least 48 hours before the class date. Bookings should be made on weekdays instead of weekends to avoid NS Portal system maintenance.



A first confirmation email will be sent to your email address, at least one day before the class.


Confirmation Email
with ZOOM Link

You will receive a second email containing the Zoom link. Click on the Zoom link to join the class!


Log in to the ZOOM session via the email confirmation link.

All NSmen participants to enter ZOOM Waiting Room and wait for admittance from the host.

Attendance will be taken, followed by a safety briefing.

Cameras must be switched ON at all times. All VFT sessions will be recorded.


Click on your desired programme to find out more.


Click here to view schedule



Duration: 1 hour


• Improve core strength and endurance which is important for all IPPT stations

• Tone and improve the body mid-section

• Perform as many proper sit-ups as possible within a minute 


Duration: 1 hour


• Improve upper body strength and endurance

• To be able to hold a plank (push up starting position) for a minute or more

• Perform as many proper push-ups as possible within a minute 


Duration: 1 hour


• Cardiovascular benefits and improves muscular strength & endurance

• Full body workout which increase metabolism rate and build explosive lower body power

• Improve your 2.4km run 


Duration: 1 hour


• A total body conditioning class where compound and isolation exercises are performed rhythmically and with equipment such as dumbbells or weighted objects for resistance. (Objects like weighted vest, bags, water bottles, resistance bands etc)

• Improve muscular strength and endurance


Duration: 1 hour


• To improve muscular strength and endurance

• To build explosive upper body and lower body power


Duration: 1 hour


• Focus on muscle definition and fat burning

• Strengthen your core, improve strength and flexibility


Yes, attendance for VFT will count towards the NSmen’s NS FIT requirements. However, these sessions have to be booked on NS Portal first before NSmen participate in such sessions.

Each NS FIT session will be considered as a half-day count towards your annual 40-day ORNS liability, capped at 10 sessions within the IPPT window (inclusive of one IPPT attempt). The sessions will not be accumulated to clock a High-Key within the work year.

No. You must be punctual for your training. The fitness instructor would not allow you to join the training if you are late.

Yes, if you sustained any injuries during VFT after the class has commenced. Injured NSmen are required to inform the Fitness Instructor immediately, if you have sustained any injuries during the training. You are also required to inform your unit on the day of the injury thereafter.

You should amend or cancel your booking via NS Portal to free up the session for other NSmen. Note that cancellations and amendments can only be done at least 48 hours before the booked date.

For your own safety, you should stop training and inform the fitness instructor immediately

For the safety of NSmen, those who have not cleared IPPT medical screening will not be allowed to book any VFT or NS FIT session. Likewise, NSmen who are not certified fit to take IPPT are also not allowed to book any NS FIT sessions in NS Portal.

Please do not join the training. You should see a doctor and if necessary, submit a request for medical review using the ‘Manage Medical’ e-service in NS Portal.

You must login and book the session personally via NS Portal.

All amendments can be done online via Manage IPPT/FIT on NS Portal. Any amendment must be done at least 48 hours before the session start date.

No. You do not need to fulfil your annual fitness requirements once you are above 45 years old (for senior officers) and 40 years old (for junior officers) respectively.

No, there is no requirement for NSmen to attempt IPPT first before booking any VFT or NS FIT session in NS Portal. However, you are required to attempt one IPPT as part of the 10-session NS FIT programme. If you pass your IPPT at any point within your IPPT window, you will be deemed to have fulfilled your annual fitness requirements and will not need to complete the remaining NS FIT sessions.

If VFT are fully booked, you can opt to participate in other NS FIT options, such as FIT at Fitness Workz Gyms, FIT@Home Team Academy (for SPF NSmen), FIT@Civil Defence Academy (for SCDF NSmen).

If you have taken 9 NS FIT sessions, you will not be able to book anymore NS FIT sessions. You are required to attempt one IPPT in order to complete the 10-session NS FIT programme. Please book your NS FIT-IPPT via NS Portal.

It will take about 3 to 5 working days for your attendance to be updated on NS Portal.