customised team building packages

A wide range of team building activities customised to suit your needs — If you’re looking for a special way to host your corporate, school or team-driven activity, look no further. We bring the FUN to you through our carefully crafted programmes built to engage, motivate, uplift groups of all sizes!


How about a game of dodgeball with a twist?

A friendly combat sport that can be played indoors or outdoors, Archery Tag uses foam tipped arrows to play the game. In two teams, players hide behind inflatable bunkers and try to knock out the opponents on the opposite side. Using all your communication skills to work together, do you best to eliminate all the opposing players!


Strike, spare, gutter!

This game needs no introduction… Have fun playing with your friends and knock down pins to be the top scorer!


Indoor climbing for all ages!

With 19 different walls, you will be able to test your skills. Regardless of age or fitness level, climbers will be able to scale the walls with ease. Afraid to fall? No worries! Your friends will all be there with you to cheer you on!


A great activity to break a sweat. 

Dodgeball also incorporates great teamwork in order to knock out opposing players.


Create your own beats 

Using different percussion instruments, learn how to design rhythms and play them for everyone to enjoy!


Push your limits and conquer the heights!

Complete the 11 stations and be rewarded with a small flight down a zip line! Have no fear as you will have people in front and behind you for support! But be warned, you cannot back out once you start the course.


Jump in for a splashing good time! 

Learn how to build your own raft and paddle to collect objects in the pool! Will it be able to take the weight of 4 people and stay afloat?


Paintball, without the mess. 

A high energy game with lots of fun, work with your team mates to eliminate the opposite team, either by tagging them or knocking down targets.


Just like the card game, but with a huge twist. 

Played with A1 sized cards, it is a great game for groups. If you are not paying attention, you will find your hand getting bigger and bigger!


Push yourself to greater heights

From Flying Fox to Rock Climbing — we’ve got plenty of activities to get your adrenaline pumping at our Adventure Playground! But do not worry, you will not be facing them alone!
Over 10 metres tall, participants will really need to overcome their fears to complete the course!


Trust and communication are key.

Put your faith in your friends to keep you safe in this series of activities. Remember to always put your hands up to keep team mates from falling! Some stations may seem impossible at first, but as long as you do not give up, you will make it to the end!


Take a leap of faith

At 15-metres-high, you really will challenge yourself to step off the platform and fly down to the ground.


Conquer the dark and find your way out

Afraid of the dark and tight spaces? Have no fear! You will not be alone in our artificial caving system. Work your way through in complete darkness in the maze of tunnels till you reach the light at the end!


Sky’s the limit!

At our 10-metre-high rock wall, climbers will have to push themselves to climb as high as possible. do not give up till you reach the top!


Foosball, but life-sized!

Just like table soccer, except YOU are the tiny man. Players will be strapped to a rope so they can only move left and right. Once secure, game on! Communication is important to be able to pass the ball and score.


Be the last one standing

Similar to laser tag but played indoors and in the dark! Play in teams or solo and shoot to be the top scorer. With many different configurations for lives and ammo, it is a great activity to for strategic planning.


Relay Race Games

Made up of a marathon of games and tasks, participants will be separated into groups and strive to be the winning team!


Assemble your own mixture

Learn to mix, stir, and swizzle a mocktail. Stir up a little friendly competition, complete with prizes for the champions.

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