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Clock Your NS FIT Sessions at Fitness Workz Gyms


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On-site NS FIT at HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz Gyms

From 01 May 2021, Home Team NSmen will have the option of training at their own pace and clocking NS FIT sessions at any one of our HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz gyms. Bookings for training slots will open online via the NS Portal from 23 April 2021 onwards.


Our Fitness Workz Gyms are meant to provide alternative venues which are more convenient and accessible for Home Team NSmen to do their NS FIT fitness trainings. All NSmen are required to meet the following requirements when enrolling in our programme.
  1. Book the NS FIT session via NS Portal, at least 48 hours in advance.
  2. Self-train and burn at least 400 calories within a 1.5 hour session.
  3. Self-training should include 15 minutes of warm-up and cool down, followed by cardiovascular, upper and lower body strength training for every session.
  4. Adhere to HomeTeamNS rules and regulations when using the gyms.
  5. Wear appropriate fitness wearables (with calories and heart rate monitor) for tracking and recording of training.
  6. Bring your own drinking bottle to hydrate yourself.
  7. For hygiene purposes, please bring your personal towel when training at the gym.
  8. Focus on your training. Please adhere to safe distancing guidelines and avoid taking to others while at the gym.

Please note that at least 1 day of rest is strictly required in between training sessions.


At least 15 minutes of warm-up and cool down is required.

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Cardiovascular Exercise

Treadmill, Cycling, Rowing Machine

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Upper Body Strength Training

Shoulder Press, Chest Press, Lat Pull Down

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Lower Body Strength Training

Leg Press, Leg Extension, Hamstring Curls


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Starting 23rd April 2021

Book your slots via NS Portal from 23 April 2021 onwards.Book your slots via NS Portal from 23 April 2021 onwards.

NS Fit Fitness Training at HomeTeamNS Fitness Workz Gyms time

Time Slot

Each training slot is 1.5 hours



Bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Training slots open for sessions strictly start from 9AM and end at 9PM.


Bookings must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Do login to NS Portal on weekdays instead of weekends due to maintenance on some weekends.
All participants will be required to show their their Electronic Identification Card to the Gym Fitness Instructors on site as part of the registration process.

Please ensure that you adhere and comply to the respective gym's health and safety declaration, including COVID-19 safe entry requirements.
Respective Fitness Instructors on site will verify if you are wearing appropriate fitness wearables (with calories and heart rate tracker).

*Should you not have one with you, you will be required to borrow from the gym and to return it after your session. It is YOUR personal responsibility to take care of the wearable that you have borrowed. You will be liable for any damage to the wearable or any misplaced wearable that you had borrowed from the gym.

Feel free to ask the FI on any questions or advice related to exercise that you can choose to do, as well as the same and effective use of the available gym equipment.
Please ensure that you wipe and sanitize the gym eguipment upon usage.

At the end of your session, you will be required to show your fitness wearable to the FI on site for recording of training achievements purposes.

Please do take note that you must be punctual. HomeTeamNS has the discretion to disallow you from entering the gym. As such, you are encouraged to reach the gym 10-15 minutes before your booked session.


Each session will count towards the NSmen’s NS FIT requirements if you burn at least 400 calories by the end of the training session.

You will be paid half-day NS Service Rank Pay and Make-up Pay (where applicable) for each NS FIT session attended, capped at 10 sessions inclusive of one IPPT attempt within an IPPT window.

Yes, if you sustained any injuries during the training in the gym after you have registered for the gym fitness training session with the Gym Fitness Instructor.

You are required to burn at least 400 calories within the 1.5 hours of the training session. Your exercise regime shall include cardiovascular, upper, and lower body strength exercises. You will need to put on a fitness wearable (with calories and a heart rate tracker) to track your training. At the end of the session, you need to show the Gym Fitness Instructor to verify your training achievements, before you leave the gym.

No, you need to borrow a fitness wearable from Fitness Workz gyms. This requirement enables the Fitness Instructors to identify NSmen taking FIT in the gym and they will need to record your training achievements.

If you are not feeling well or are recovering from an illness, you should not make your way to the gym. You should cancel and amend your booking via the NS Portal, and book a new timeslot on another day. Note that cancellations and amendments can only be done at least 48 hours prior to the booked date.

For your own safety, you should stop training immediately and inform the Gym Fitness Instructor.

For the safety of NSmen, those who have not cleared IPPT medical screening will not be allowed to book the training session. Likewise, NSmen not certified fit to take IPPT are also not allowed to book the Gym fitness training session.

Please do not proceed with the training. You should see a doctor and also seek a medical review with the Home Team Medical Officer to ascertain your medical condition before doing any physical training.

Besides proper physical training attire and sports shoes, drinking water and a towel, you will need to bring along your mobile phone so that you can log in to Singpass, for verification of your Electronic Identity Card by the Gym Fitness Instructor.
All amendments can be done online via Manage IPPT and NS FIT on NS Portal at least 48 hours before the session start date. If you wish to cancel your booking but you are unable to do so in NS Portal, please contact Fitness Workz directly
No. You do not need to fulfil your annual fitness requirements once you are above 45 years old (for senior officers) and 40 years old (for junior officers) respectively.
No, there is no requirement for NSmen to attempt IPPT first before booking any NS FIT session in NS Portal. However, you are required to attempt one IPPT as part of the 10-session NS FIT programme. If you pass your IPPT at any point within your IPPT window, you will be deemed to have fulfilled your annual fitness requirements and will not need to complete the remaining NS FIT sessions.
If NS FIT at Fitness Workz Gyms are fully booked, you can opt to participate in other NS FIT options, such as FIT@Home Team Academy (for SPF NSmen), FIT@Civil Defence Academy (for SCDF NSmen), HomeTeamNS Virtual Fitness Training and SportSG Virtual Fitness Training.
If you have taken 9 NS FIT sessions, you will not be able to book any more NS FIT sessions. You are required to attempt one IPPT in order to complete the 10-session NS FIT programme. Please book your NS FIT-IPPT via NS Portal.
It will take about 3 to 5 working days for your attendance to be updated on NS Portal.
Each NS FIT session will be considered as a half-day count towards your annual 40-day ORNS liability, capped at 10 sessions within the IPPT window (inclusive of one IPPT attempt). The sessions will not be accumulated to clock a High-Key within the work year.