SUSS-HomeTeamNS Sponsorship Testimonies

SUSS-HomeTeamNS Sponsorship Testimonies Azmi Ahmad

Hear from SUSS-HomeTeamNS sponsorship recipient- Azmi Ahmad

Having learnt that the SUSS-HomeTeamNS sponsorship is open to HomeTeamNS members and I happened to meet the requirements, I decided to apply for it. After all, it as an opportunity to upgrade myself and obtain a better academic qualification without having to worry about my financial situation.

Apart from the education sponsorship, as a HomeTeamNS member, I have access to the clubhouses and facilities at a discounted rate as well as privileges at selected merchant outlets. In addition, the HomeTeamNS passion card allows me to earn and redeem points when shopping at participating stores.

With up to 80% of the total course fee covered, I am able to focus my attention on studying without worrying about my finances. In the long run, I hope that this sponsorship stands out in my resume when I seek career advancement and gives me confidence to pursue other goals in life.

For individuals who wish to pursue their degree but are held back financially, obtaining a sponsorship can make it possible to achieve your goals. I believe that financial constraints should not be an excuse to progress academically if an individual is truly keen and has the potential to succeed in life.

SUSS-HomeTeamNS Sponsorship Testimonies Justin Lee

Hear from SUSS-HomeTeamNS sponsorship recipient- Justin Lee

I am till this day quite surprised that many aren’t aware of this scholarship. I came across it while reading the HometeamNS magazine- Frontline. At that time, I just completed my NS and I did not want to study full time because the opportunity cost was too high. We had two years to think. Long story short, with hope, determination and a little anger I was going to walk the road less traveled during that time and as a result I applied for the scholarship.

I was from SPF, PCG during NS. Naturally, being a HomeTeamNS member, it allowed me to stay in touch with the affairs of the world. Other perks include the awareness of programmes, quizzes, mini contests organized by HomeTeam. I took part in one that resulted in me receiving a free finance book from Dennis Ng. Much has changed from there. You should be a HomeTeamNS member because you might never know, it might change you like it did to me. Keep an open mind 🙂

The scholarship and my course of study is a springboard for my career even though it is not related at all in shape or form, most noticeably when going for interviews. This would be the main topic of interest during the conversation and helps me stand out from other applicants. I am in the landscape industry but studying accountancy.

In addition, taking on this sponsorship has pushed my boundaries and opened up a whole new perspective on life, work and education. It gives a macro picture of what we are doing and the reasons why. It is truly lifelong learning. I met like-minded friends and admire those who are also undertaking these challenges. Understanding your priorities and good time management are keys to success.

Have courage. Give it a try and take the chance. Don’t be afraid. You just might get it! Remember: that’s just the beginning.

SUSS-HomeTeamNS Sponsorship Testimonies Hanafi Said

Hear from SUSS-HomeTeamNS sponsorship recipient- Hanafi Said

I have been a Home Team member since my National Service days so when I was considering to pursue a degree in 2015, I heard about the SUSS-HomeTeamNS (formerly UniSim-HomeTeamNS) sponsorship from a friend, I decided to give it a try since I was planning to enroll into SUSS anyway.

I frequent the Fitness Workz gym at the Bukit Batok clubhouse and the membership prices are discounted if you are a HomeTeamNS member, so you get to save some money while staying in shape. There are plenty other perks I can get as a member, like periodic discounts from affiliated merchants and so on.

It has definitely been a lot of help from the financial aspect. Although I have income from my full-time job, it’s good to know that bulk of your course fees are being taken care of. In addition, since one of the requirements of the sponsorship is to maintain a GPA above 3.5, I have been more driven to study diligently and secure good grades.

If you want to do well in your degree programme and make the most of your time in school, then you should take up the sponsorship as the minimum GPA criteria will help you stay focused and motivated. In addition, I think it will look good in your resume, so it might help you land that dream job.