FAQs on Social Media Contest Giveaways

All of our contests are opened to HomeTeamNS Ordinary members only (unless stated otherwise). Hence, as long as you have a valid HomeTeamNS Ordinary membership, you are allowed to partake in these contests and win lucrative prizes! Not a member yet? You can find out more at www.HomeTeamNS.sg! Such posts will also use hashtags such as #MembersOnly

All contests will be for Ordinary members unless stated that it is opened to other membership categories and/or public. Participants have the obligation to read and agree to be bound by HomeTeamNS’s social media policies, terms and conditions that govern the contests held on this Facebook page and other social media channels. All decisions made by HomeTeamNS are final.

It’s relatively easy! You just need to provide us with the correct answer and follow the instructions tagged to that post. In each contest, we will list the steps on how you could be eligible for the draw round. Most of the contests require you to LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT. Participants who did not carry out all the instructions as given will not be considered for the selection of winners. Please note that HomeTeamNS’s selection is final. Winners who use fake accounts, multiple accounts and/or deemed to have exploited any of the social media policies, terms and conditions, the HomeTeamNS management reserves the rights to forfeit their prizes.

The winners are selected randomly, unless stated otherwise in the contest’s terms and conditions. For instances where fake accounts or multiple accounts belonging to the same user are used, HomeTeamNS has the sole discretion, and reserves the right to reselect other winners. If the winner is found to be rude and breach the HomeTeamNS members’ code of conduct, his/her prize will be forfeited with immediate effect.

Winners need to be at least 18 years old to qualify. This policy governs all HomeTeamNS social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc), unless stated otherwise by the organiser (HomeTeamNS).

To learn more about the Members’ Standard of Conduct, please refer to https://www.hometeamns.sg/standards-of-conduct

All the best to all participants!

All members must have valid Ordinary Membership at the time when the prize is awarded to you. Winners are not allowed to use someone else’s Ordinary Membership or redeem the prize on behalf of a valid Ordinary member. HomeTeamNS reserves the right to award your prize to someone else if these criterion are not met.

We would be announcing the winners on our page asking for you to send a private message (PM) to learn more about the collection details. If your response is late, HomeTeamNS reserves the right to forfeit your prize.

All decisions by HomeTeamNS will be final.

If you participate in any contests organised on HomeTeamNS Facebook page, you have given your consent to provide us with your personal information such as full name and email for verification purposes. As part of PDPA, all personal information will not be shared with any third parties unless stated in the terms and conditions of the contest.

In addition, participants are encouraged to always check with the organiser (HomeTeamNS) at comms@hometeamns.sg before providing any of their personal data via Facebook private message (PM).

To learn more about HomeTeamNS Personal Data Protection Policy, please go to https://www.hometeamns.sg/hometeamns-personal-data-protection-policy/