It’s a Wrap! A Huge Thank You to Our Sponsors and Participants for the Support!

On 13 October 2019, HomeTeamNS Fitness Ironman held its fifth Fitness Ironman annual championships. This year’s competition has garnered more than 60 participants and it is the first time that we have included the Men’s Physique Masters and Women’s Bikini categories.

Fitness Ironman 2019 also saw its partnership with established companies in Singapore’s fitness industry such as Optimum Nutrition, BSN, and Fitness Core-ner. We were also thrilled to have reputable companies such as Continental Delight and PlayPoint who also sponsored our event. It was also the first time that SparTan Asia partnered with Fitness Ironman for the competition tan for our athletes.

Over the years, we have received many encouraging and positive feedback from both our participants and audience who have attended our shows. Each year, we strive to be better so that everyone who participates or attends Fitness Ironman will have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

HomeTeamNS has a rich history of supporting health and fitness through organising fitness competitions. We aim to organise a bigger multi-sports event next year in conjunction with the opening of our HomeTeamNS Khatib clubhouse. We hope to seek your continuous support for Fitness Ironman 2020!

Winner for Men’s Bodybuilding Overalls, Sam Enaya

Winner for Men’s Physique Overalls, Ahnan Raj

Top 3 winners for Teen’s Physique (13 to 17 years old)

Top 2 winners for Women’s Bikini


Overall TitleTag NumberCompetitor’s Name
Men’s Bodybuilding Overalls7Sam Enaya
Men’s Physique Overalls31Ahnan Raj

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