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Membership for Second and Subsequent HomeTeamNS Family Members
(Children between 5 to 21 years old) within each Family is



To recognise the importance of family support for our Home Team NSmen, HomeTeamNS has implemented the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme which allows our NSmen and their families to enjoy HomeTeamNS membership at nominal package fees. Under the new scheme, membership registration for the second and subsequent HomeTeamNS family members (children under 21 years old) within each family is free.

The one-time administrative fee of $10 for each new Family Member application will be waived until 31 March 2023 as part of a special promotion to mark the launch of the scheme.

HomeTeamNS Family Scheme Membership Fees

Membership Type2 Years5 Years10 Years
Principal Member (Ordinary / Associate)$50$100$150
First Family Member$20$35$50
Second and Subsequent Family MembersFree (Excluding a $10 administrative fee for each applicant*)

*The $10 administrative fee will be waived until 31st March 2023.


Registration can be done online via the registration link(s) below or at customer service counters at HomeTeamNS clubs from 3 October 2020. Marriage and birth certificates are required for verification purposes when registering family members.

Apply for your Family Membership via the following option(s):

Should you encounter any technical difficulties, you may write in to membership@hometeamns.sg.


New & Renewing Principal Members & 1st Family Members under the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme

HomeTeamNS Family Scheme tplay copy 1

Free* T-Play Membership

Enjoy exclusive rates to both T-Play Bukit Batok & Khatib

Sign up for HomeTeamNS Family Membership for your child and receive T-Play membership for FREE

Valid for all ages (0 to 12 years old)

Family Membership
T-Play Membership*
Sign up for 2 years plan
Get 2 years FREE
Sign up for 5 years plan
Get 5 years FREE
Sign up for 10 years plan
Get 10 years FREE

*T-Play membership will be automatically terminated when the child reaches 13 years old.

  • T-Play membership is only entitled to children of age of twelve (12) years old and below. The registration must be completed by a parent of the child to be registered.
  • The T-Play Card is non-transferable and no refund shall be given in the event of termination or cancellation of the T-Play membership.
  • T-Play may reject use of the T-Play Card if the T-Play card is suspected to have been fraudulently issued, stolen, or tampered with.
  • T-Play HomeTeamNS reserves the right to withdraw any benefit attached to the issue and/or use of T-Play Card at any time without notice to the Cardholder.
  • The Cardholder shall comply with all notices, guidelines, rules, regulations, instructions, and policies concerning the use of T-Play Card.
  • An administrative and replacement charge of $5.35 will be imposed for replacement of the loss of card.
  • T-Play HomeTeamNS reserves the right to withdraw the use of T-Play Card. Notice may be given by post or posted o T-Play website.
  • I authorise T-Play HomeTeamNS and any other advertising or marketing agency on behalf of T-Play HomeTeamNS to take, use and/or reproduce photographs, films and/or digital media of me during the usage of the facilities and/or services for any purpose deemed suitable by T-Play HomeTeamNS.
  • T-Play will not be responsible for any lost or damaged complimentary passes/membership card.
  • All children must always be accompanied by a parent.
  • T-Play membership will be automatically terminated when the child reaches 13 years old.
  • Other terms & conditions apply.
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We are Family Vouchers

Applicable for redemption at signature clubhouse facilities

$20 / $80 / $120 HomeTeamNS WeAreFamily Vouchers* and $10 / $20 Dairy Farm Group Vouchers

Principal Members who apply or renew their membership will receive HomeTeamNS WeAreFamily vouchers* and/or Dairy Farm Group vouchers as your membership gift according to the membership tenure take-up:

About HomeTeamNS WeAreFamily Vouchers

For All Members

HomeTeamNS Family Scheme sinopec 150x150 copy


Flash your digital membership card to enjoy discounts off Petrol and Diesel:
24% at Bukit Timah Petrol Service Station
23% at Yishun Petrol Service Station

HomeTeamNS Family Scheme cathay 150x150 copy

Cathay Cineplexes

1-for-1 Movie tickets at all Cathay Cineplexes and a popcorn combo at just $5 all-day, everyday including Public Holidays.

HomeTeamNS Family Scheme cathay 150x150 copy

AXA Insurance

All HomeTeamNS Ordinary Members will receive free personal accident insurance coverage of $30,000.


No action is required on your end. Your membership will be automatically rounded up in the system according to your membership term. You can view your updated membership expiry date on your digital membership card via our HomeTeamNS Mobile App or by logging in to the Member’s Portal.

The HomeTeamNS Family Scheme will run from 3 October 2020 till 30 September 2023.


Only spouses and children of the Ordinary/Associate Members of HomeTeamNS are eligible. Parents and siblings of the Principal Member are not eligible for this scheme.

The Principal Member must possess a valid (non-expired) Ordinary or Associate Membership.

Only Existing Principal Members with valid (non-expired) HomeTeamNS Family memberships as of 1st October 2020 are eligible to the one-time auto-extension. New HomeTeamNS Family Members are welcome to apply as a new Family Member and expired HomeTeamNS Family Members may renew their memberships via the scheme.

Family members who are not HomeTeamNS members. Family members who have yet to sign-up with HomeTeamNS or whose HomeTeamNS Family Memberships have expired, are welcome to apply.

Generally yes, depending on the types of promotions and benefits. For example, only HomeTeamNS Ordinary Members are entitled to voting rights at the Annual General Meetings (AGMs). Click here for more details on our on-going promotions.

You are able to sign your family members for up to 2, 5, or 10 years, so long as the family membership duration does not surpass the Principal Member’s membership expiry date.

The HomeTeamNS Family Scheme is currently available only to spouses and children of our Ordinary and Associate members.  Notwithstanding, we do strongly encourage other family members to sign up for Family Membership, outside of HomeTeamNS Family Scheme.

Children aged below 21 years old may apply for HomeTeamNS Family Membership. All Family Memberships shall expire once the child turns 21 years old, regardless of the remaining years of membership.

Children aged below 5 years are now eligible to sign up as a HomeTeamNS Family Member for free.

Please note that for children within this group, only a 5-Year Membership Term is available. The Principal Member is also required to have a remaining Membership Term of at least 5 years in order to be eligible to sign up for his/her child from this age group.


For the first family member, the regular membership rates of $20 (2-year), $35 (5-year) and $50 (10-year) shall apply. For subsequent family members, under the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme, regardless of a 2, 5, or 10 year term, the membership fee is free-of-charge and only a $10 Admin Fee will be imposed.

Example of pricing and savings based on a 5-year Membership

Based on a 5-years membershipPrincipalFirst Family MemberSecond Family MemberThird Family MemberTotalUsual PriceSavings
Family of 2$100$35$135
Family of 3$100$35$10$145$170$25
Family of 4$100$35$10$10$155$205$50

The Admin Fee for HomeTeamNS Family Scheme will be waived for family members of Ordinary/Associate Members who sign-up for a limited promotional period. Please sign up quickly to enjoy this promotion!


Through HomeTeamNS’ enhanced and digital offerings, members are able to enjoy the convenience of accessing their membership privileges via their phone. As such, HomeTeamNS encourages Members to download the HomeTeamNS Digital Membership Card via the HomeTeamNS Mobile App.

• For a 2-year Family Membership, only digital membership cards will be provided.

• For 5 and 10-year Family Memberships, members will have to request for a physical Membership Card by replying to the membership confirmation email upon application. Your physical membership card will be mailed within 2-3 weeks of submission of your request.

The supporting documents required are scanned copies of:

(i) marriage certificates for spouses; and

(ii) birth certificates for children.

These documents may be uploaded via the HomeTeamNS Members Portal

Members can apply for the Family Membership via the Member’s Portal. Should you encounter any technical difficulties, you may write to enquiries@hometeamns.sg.


• Child will have to be between 0 months to 12 years old.

• Parent is required to have at least 2-year HomeTeamNS (Ordinary/Associate) membership to be eligible.

• Child has signed-up for Family Membership under the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme.

• Exclusive play rates to both T-Play Bukit Batok and Khatib (under HomeTeamNS Family rate)

• Privileged rates for birthday packages

• Special rates for events and activities

• Free entry on child’s birthday month*

• An email will be sent to the registered email to inform about the successful registration of the T-play membership.

• Processing of the T-Play membership will take approximately 2 weeks but we strive to do it within the shortest possible time.

• With this, you can simply login to the HomeTeamNS Mobile App to make bookings. For assistance, you can e-mail us at tplay@hometeamns.sg.

Yes, as long as your children have registered for the Family Membership under the HomeTeamNS Family Scheme.

Inform our Playground Leader that you are a T-Play member, provide us with the child’s name and either the last 4 characters of Birth Cert number or contact number for verification.

Once the child has signed up for HomeTeamNS Family Membership, he/she will be automatically registered for T-Play membership. There is no further action required from the parent/main member.


Principal Members who apply or renew their membership at our usual membership fees will be eligible to receive the WeAreFamily Vouchers. Please note that applications/renewals at promotional rates (i.e. free or discounted) are not applicable.

All HomeTeamNS Ordinary/ Associate membership sign-ups and renewals will be receiving e-Vouchers (promo codes) in denominations of $10.

The quantity of e-vouchers that you will receive be based on the following:

• 2-year HomeTeamNS Ordinary/Associate Membership: $20

• 5-year HomeTeamNS Ordinary/Associate Membership: $80

• 10-year HomeTeamNS Ordinary/Associate Membership: $120

The promo codes will be sent to your registered email within 3 to 5 working days from the sign-up/renewal of HomeTeamNS Ordinary and Associate Membership.

You may apply the promo codes on the facilities booking page for the following facilities:

• Adventure HQ

• Clip ‘n Climb

• Fitness Workz

• Futsal

• GameZone at Playpen

• Laser Quest

• T-Play

• TactSim

• Paintball (coming soon)

Only one promo code (equivalent to a $10 voucher) can be applied in one transaction.

Yes. The promo codes are valid for one year, from the date that you receive them via email.

Yes, the promo codes are transferrable.

The promo codes will be sent to the email registered during your membership sign-up/renewal. If you do not receive the email with the promo codes within 3 – 5 working days, please check your spam/junk folder or email membership@hometeamns.sg  for assistance.

The promo code may have been used or expired, or not applicable for the facility. Please contact the respective facility for assistance.

There is no limit to the number of promo codes you can use for each facility. However, please note that only one promo code (equivalent to a $10 voucher) can be applied in one transaction.

Scheduled Downtime: 4 Dec 2022, Sun from 12am to 4am

We will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance on 4 Dec 2022, Sun from 12am to 4am. Our website, Member's Portal and Facility Booking portals will not be available during this time. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.