1. Standards of Conduct

1.1     Maintain courteous relations with the Club, employees, fellow members and guests.

1.2     Uphold the highest standards of personal conduct so to reflect the image and stature of the Club.

1.3     Familiarize themselves with, and abide by, the spirit, rules and regulations of the Club.

1.4     Observe the highest standards of conduct and integrity when representing the Club at outside events.

1.5    Conduct of any member that is detrimental to the best interests of the Club will be immediately referred to the Directors or Clubhouse Managers for disciplinary procedures, which may include suspension of privileges or the termination of membership.

2. Harassment

2.1     HomeTeamNS does not tolerate harassment.  Any form of harassment related to staff of HomeTeamNS, race, colour, sex, religion, national origin or age is a violation of this policy and will be treated as a serious disciplinary matter.  This policy applies to Members, guests and employees.

3.  Employees

3.1     Members and guests shall not reprimand employees or discuss Club affairs with any employee.  Complaints and concerns shall be directed in writing to Director of Operations.

4. Alcohol

4.1     Members and guests shall abide by the rules and regulations as set up by the relevant authority on consumption of alcohol. Members and guests under the age of eighteen (18) are not allowed to smoke or consume alcoholic drinks within the premises. Members or guests who violate the rule is subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the management.

4.2     HomeTeamNS reserves the right, with or without notice, to add, delete, change, or modify its operating policies and procedures at any time, in the best interests of the club.​


5. Expulsion and Suspension of Members

5.1     If a Member or guest, at any time, does not comply with the rules and regulations of the Club as are in force, or committed a crime, or if the conduct or behavior of any such person, whether inside or outside the Club, is in the opinion of the Club, injurious or detrimental to the character, reputation and image of the Club and its Members, the Club may call upon the Member to resign.

5.2     If the member refuses to resign within seven days of a request to do so, the Club may expel the Member and upon expulsion shall cease to be a Member of the club and the Membership shall be forfeited to the Club.

5.3     Instead of calling on the Member to resign, the Club may, at its discretion, suspend the offending member from use of the Club and from all of the rights and privileges of Membership for such a period as determined by the Club.

5.4     It is specifically provided and acknowledged that non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the Club shall be cause for the Club to expel or suspend the member.


6. Liability on Cessation of Membership

6.1     Any person ceasing to be a Member, regardless of how the Membership ceased, shall be liable for and shall pay all amounts owing to the Club.  Any persons ceasing to be a Member shall forfeit all rights to use the Club and all cards, badges and documents to that persons Membership.

For all feedbacks or complaints, please head over to https://www.hometeamns.sg/feedback/.

*Implementation with effect from 1 October 2014.​​