House Rules

As part of the HomeTeamNS family, our Facebook page provides a space for our NSmen, NSFs, members and families to find out more about our latest events and promotions, share ideas as well as celebrate our NS community’s contributions to keep Singapore safe and secure. Our mission is to deepen the bond among our Home Team NSmen and we strive to be a Club that our NSmen and their families are proud of.

Thus, we strongly encourage you to share your thoughts, comments, photos, videos and NS memories with us here.

Be respectful

  • It’s important and we know you share the same beliefs as us too

Agree to disagree

  • It’s okay to air different opinions here for a meaningful and constructive discussion. But, do share them respectfully and courteously

Keep calm

  • When you get overly passionate and start to type furiously, pause, take a deep breath, and just remember that we are all humans too 😉

Share the right stuff

  • If you are sharing materials that are not owned by you, it will be good to credit your sources. Please also understand that any posts by fans (User Content) do not necessarily reflect the opinions or ideals of HomeTeamNS.

This is yours

  • Ultimately, use it! Help us to get to know you, and each other better so that we all can share and learn stuff together.