Declaration for HomeTeamNS Membership Application

For HomeTeamNS

I affirm that I am eligible to join HomeTeamNS though I cannot show any documentary proof at the time of submission of my application. I am fully aware that my membership will be terminated if I am later found not to be a CD/PNSman or MHA staff or HomeTeam Council/Committee Member, I declare that I will not claim for any refund of paid up membership fees for such membership termination. Please redeem your TapForMore points before renewal or expiry of membership as the TapForMore points are non-transferable. For early renewal of membership, your existing membership card will be deactivated while we are in the midst of processing your new membership card. I declare that the particulars given are correct and agree to abide by the Members Standard of Conduct, including the rules and regulations of the Association.

For PAssion Card

I hereby declare that all the entries in this membership application form are true and correct; and agree to abide and be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the Community Club Management Committees, other People’s Association Organisations and the PAssion ez-link Card Programme. I authorise the People’s Association, its officers, employees, servants and agents to disclose my personal information to its employees, service providers, vendors, grassroots organizations, affiliated organizations and other third parties as they in their absolute discretion deem necessary in connection with the PAssion ez-Link Card Programme. I further authorize People’s Association and/or People’s Association Affiliated Organizations to send me communications relating to services, products, announcements, promotions, contests or newsletters from People’s Association; its service providers, vendors, grassroots organizations, affiliated organizations; and/or other third parties via electronic mail, mobile phone text messages and/or mailers. To the extent permitted by law, I will not hold the Community Clubs or the People’s Association liable for any loss or damage as a result of my participation in their activities and services on account of any negligence, misconduct or any cause of action howsoever arising.