How to dress your house in National Day livery

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No mass National Day gatherings this year?
Fret not. Here are five creative ways to show your patriotism at home for the month.


Turn festive ornaments into patriotic decorations

Instead of making lanterns out of hong baos — as some of us would during Chinese New Year — arrange the leftover red packets into a wall mural (“I Heart SG”). Or pop your Deepavali tea lights into red glass holders — go the extra mile and paint the oil lamps red.

Hold a red-and-white dinner party

Red paper napkins and white plates go a long way to getting people in the NDP mood. Make it extra special by decorating the dining table with flowers (red and white, of course!) and even having colour-coordinated nibbles, such as red sambal belachan, unwrapped ketupat or red ang ku kueh. To cool off, make red-and-white ice pops for dessert.

Get crafty with the kids

Fun ideas include recreating the Singapore skyline with construction paper, or making your own stars-and-crescent-moon bunting. Get the young ones to write their wishes for Singapore on each star before hanging the finished artwork up to admire.

Fly the flag

In a sign of solidarity and resilience, Singaporeans have been displaying the national flag during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue this act of unity through to National Day and beyond. Better still, fire up your neighbourhood WhatsApp group and get everyone on board to create a block façade with as many flags as possible. Don’t forget to take a snapshot and hashtag #NDP2020 and #TogetherStrongerSG on social media.

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