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NSMEN HOMECOMING- Rekindling Bonds

Find out how the Alumni Connect app can help you find your old NS buddies.


As part of the year-long NS50 celebrations, Mr Desmond Lee, President of HomeTeamNS and Second Minister for Home Affairs, announced the launch of HomeTeamNS Alumni Connect. Dubbed Singapore’s first National Service (NS) social broker, the Alumni Connect programme is the first of its kind in Singapore to forge alumni communities and strengthen the affiliation between NSmen and the Home Team family. Alumni Connect will provide secretariat services via the HomeTeamNS50 mobile app, and assist to re-connect NSmen with their fellow comrades from the same training batch or division. The app also serves as a one-stop shop for the Home Team NS community to access other NS50 activities, announcements and recognition packages.

Launched in conjunction with the exclusive premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming on 2 July to almost 1,000 HomeTeamNS members and their families, it was announced that Alumni Connect aims to build a network of 65 NS Alumni groups in the next two years. The feedback gathered from these groups will be used to plan future NSmen activities and clubhouses.

Other events NSmen can look forward to include NS50 editions of its signature sports events, including REAL Run and REAL Swim, more movie premieres, food festivals, free car rental and reunions at the Old Police Academy.

Upcoming Events & Promotions

Check out the exclusive perks and benefits we have for our HomeTeamNS members in celebration of the inaugural Home Team Day 2024! Find out more here:

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Check out the exclusive perks and benefits we have for our HomeTeamNS members in celebration of the inaugural Home Team Day 2024!
15th March 2024
12:21 PM

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