Meet the thrill-seeker who’s aiming high for his next big adventure

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Nazron Hadi’s (middle) idea of an adventure involves taking in the high peaks and soaring views at Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal.

This thrill-seeker is a HomeTeamNS Adventure Senior Executive whose ultimate travel adventure destination is Nepal.



As a Senior Executive in the Business Development Department of HomeTeamNS, Nazron Hadi thinks about water a lot. That’s because he is tasked with overseeing operations, safety, business opportunities and processes at Aqua Adventure, Singapore’s first integrated indoor water park located at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir.

While he enthusiastically recommends that newcomers to HomeTeamNS visit Aqua Adventure, Nazron’s idea of a thrilling adventure during his downtime features high peaks and soaring views instead of diving or swimming. “My ultimate adventure destination is Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp,” he said. “It’s a dream I’ve long wanted to do, but I just haven’t found the time or company.”

According to Nazron, Annapurna Base Camp – a 60km-long trek starting from the city of Pokhara – appeals to him because of the prospect of a breathtaking view at the end of a long climb. “It will give me a sense of achievement and satisfaction,” he explained.


As a bona fide thrill-seeker, Nazron is eager to try new things wherever he goes. While Annapurna will have to wait for now, he plans to head down south on his next journey.

“I would like to caravan across New Zealand,” he said. “It would be exciting to see all the mountains and lakes. It’s like camping on the go, but with all the amenities fully loaded.”

To get into the right mood for his epic overland adventure, Nazron offered a sample of what his perfect driving playlist would sound like: “I would pick upbeat and fast-paced songs that keep me moving, like Thrift Shop by Macklemore, Helena by My Chemical Romance, and Danza Kuduro by Don Omar.”

He also appreciates having a flexible itinerary that allows him to make spontaneous plans, which adds an element of adventure to holidays abroad.

“I spent 11 days in Sri Lanka with my cousin,” he recounted. “We visited four different places, but only booked our accommodation in advance at two of these locations. It was exciting because I didn’t know what lay in store for us. Everything was such an eye-opener, from the culture to the scenery, people and landscape. It was just exhilarating.”


While he treasures spontaneity, Nazron is also practical and believes in being well-prepared. The one item he’d want on a desert island – apart from food and water – is a Swiss Army Knife.

“It can cut food and even make shelter,” he reasoned. “It’s important for my survival.”

And if he were to embark on a Bear Grylls-style man vs. nature adventure showdown, he knows exactly who he’d bring (no, it’s not Bear Grylls): “I would bring my best friend, because he has similar interests and is into exploring, outdoor adventures and travelling like me.”

Nazron also has a pro-tip or two for anyone wanting to prep for the adventure of a lifetime overseas: “I would definitely ask them to try out Adventure HQ at HomeTeamNS Khatib, especially the height activities and the amazing walls that they have. They should also head over to the Fitness Workz Gyms to train their stamina.”


Being a fan of adventure travel doesn’t mean having to leave things to chance. Finding the right service providers can help provide additional peace of mind so you can make the most of your journey. For instance, HomeTeamNS members enjoy 20-per-cent discounts on Singlife with Aviva Single Trip Travel Insurance and 10-per-cent off the base rate at Hertz car rentals worldwide.

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