How success was ensured at the US-North Korea Summit

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Making history together – SCDF’s officers worked hand in hand with those from other agencies to ensure that the Trump-Kim summit went without a hitch.

The Trump-Kim Summit was an indelible moment in Singapore’s history, with officers from the SAF and Home Team collaborating to ensure its smooth and secure proceedings. At the summit, heightened safety measures were employed at critical areas such as Capella Singapore, St Regis and Shangri-La Hotel.

Among the officers involved was LTA (NS) Praveen Ashok Huded, a Rota Commander at Sentosa Fire Station. As one of the liaison officers positioned at the Division Event Command Post at Shangri-La, he worked with operations officers from SPF and SCDF to activate the Forward Deployment Force (FDF) in case of any emergencies at the hotel.

Praveen shares that it was heartening to see all the officers gearing up towards the common goal of ensuring a successful summit. Leading up to the event, the team conducted multiple rounds of site reconnaissance at possible summit locations, while concurrently planning for the different routes of entry and exit in case they had to respond to an incident.

“When I first heard that I would be part of this event, I was filled with excitement due to its sheer magnitude. The detailed planning by all the security agencies involved resulted in seamless operations, with everyone working well together,” he shares.

As part of the FDF, Praveen’s colleagues from Sentosa Fire Station were also stationed at Capella Hotel. The event was a success, thanks to the meticulous planning and hard work of the various teams involved.

I am proud to have played my part during the summit, which was definitely one of the highlights of my National Service with the Home Team, concludes Praveen