What you need to know about the inaugural Centralised PNSF Promotion Ceremony

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A group of NSFs saw their contributions to the country recognised at the inaugural Centralised PNSF Promotion Ceremony.

The Centralised PNSF Promotion Ceremony was held on May 14 at Republic Polytechnic’s The Republic Cultural Centre to celebrate the promotions of NSFs from the 166th, 167th and 168th Intakes with their loved ones.

The event was graced by Director Manpower (DMP) SAC Teo Chun Ching, who during his speech emphasised the importance of National Service. He also highlighted the roles that NSFs play in protecting the security of our nation.

New initiatives to benefit PNSmen, such as the Defensive Riding Course and a mobile application called Workplace, were revealed during the ceremony.

To prepare the NSFs for their next journey as PNSmen, the event featured a segment on midterm engagement, where representatives from PNSD covered various topics such as IPPT/RT, make-up pay and exit permit.

NSFs were also reminded of the zero tolerance standpoint by SPF on criminal offences, and advised to remain law abiding even when they are PNSmen.


Among the NSFs who were up for promotion was an officer from the Public Transport Security Command (Transcom) who shared his experience at SPF. SCCPL Zaki said,

I have learnt and grown to be a better officer at Transcom. I will definitely keep the experience and values I’ve gained as a police officer for the future, be it in my studies or at work.

“I encourage all of you to work hard, make the most of your two years in NS, and bring along your new life skills when you ORD.” The event concluded with a photo-taking session with family members, followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner.

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