Sacrificing his weekends to make the world a better place

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Riding High on Doing Good – SC/SGT Tay Guan Joo, Nathaniel, CE Officer at TY NPC, devotes most of his weekends to community work.


My devotion to volunteering stems from my parents’ example. They were always seeking out the old and needy and buying food for them.

My volunteering journey

In secondary school, I joined The Boys’ Brigade, whose annual Share-a-Gift project helps the less fortunate during the Christmas season. In ITE, I was a racial harmony youth ambassador with South East CDC.

While serving as a security personnel at Prison HQ during NS, I was part of a project that helped 12 inmates at Sembawang Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC). I also helped build a Learning Centre in Cambodia. Later, at Temasek Polytechnic, I was an events organiser and student ambassador.

My Home Team NS experience saw me providing advice on route safety and security measures for road races. I also oversaw the deployment of vehicles for events like the Chingay Parade processions, which can involve up to 400 buses.

Wheels of Love

In 2011, I started a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, now known as Wheels Of Love.

The initiative seeks to:
(1) promote safe motorcycle riding habits,
(2) develop a community of like-minded enthusiasts, and
(3) improve the image of riders

We now have members and sponsors coming together to conduct outreach programmes for the less privileged.

Last year, a convoy of 128 motorcycles visited the Sunshine Welfare Action Mission Home. We raised about $11,000 on top of donating nine geriatric chairs, three commode chairs, and 242 sets of pyjamas.

I am currently a road safety champion with the SPF, helping to promote road safety during public roadshows and campaigns.

Volunteers’ expectations and unforeseen crises can be challenging, but the soft skills I have picked up over time have come in handy. Every successful event makes me feel accomplished, and drives me to do even more for the community.