Fun facts every Singaporean should know about our National Day celebrations

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Lavelle Tan cheering her heart out at the National Day Parade on 9 August 2017.

As 9 August draws near, here are some fun facts about our collective favourite day.


Fun pack fun fact

The quintessential NDP funpacks debuted in 1991, with more than 70,000 distributed to the audience at the National Stadium.

Forking up for 50

Image Credit: SG50

SG50 featured the most elaborate National Day Parade, with some $40.5m spent on producing it.

At all cost

Image Credit: Jordan Tan/


That’s how much scalpers were charging for NDP tickets in the late 1990s!

Expensive lyric sheet

Image Credit: TheSmartLocal

Forgot the lyrics to the National Anthem? Use a magnifying glass on the


note which has the lyrics in microtext.

National Effort

14, 000

The number of participants, volunteers and personnel required to put up the NDP.

5-flat flag

The national flag used in the flypast during the parade measures nearly 490 square metres – that’s the size of almost five HDB 5-room flats!

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