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Muscle bikers but HomeTeamNS members are no Hell’s Angels

Proud owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, HomeTeamNS members Mohamed Farhan bin Mohamed Tahar and Muhammad Khalis bin Zulkifli share on their love of adventure, their brotherhood of bikers and the rules of the road.

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What brought your unique clique together?

Khalis: We were colleagues and friends with a shared interest in motorcycles. It was with Farhan and Shafi’s (another colleague) encouragement that I decided to attend one of Harley-Davidson of Singapore motorbike club’s Friday evening rides. What better way to bond than over our love of two wheels, camaraderie and travel?

Farhan: Owning a Harley was something that never crossed my mind. I had just gotten my Class 2 licence when I met Shafi, who introduced me to the motorcycle brand. All my stereotypical perceptions of it were debunked when I visited the dealership; two weeks later, I was a proud owner of the beautiful Roadster XL1200CX. This then sparked the interest of my colleagues Khalis and Riduan, and they eventually got their own bikes. Khalis rides a CVO Roadking and Riduan took over my Roadster when I switched to the Street Rod. And that’s how our group came about.

What does freedom on the road mean to you?

Farhan: It means feeling the elements as you ride down the road with your buddies, the sound of the wind rushing by as the markings on the tarmac become a blur. The destination doesn’t really matter; it’s all about the journey.

Khalis: Only riders can really relate to this. There is that vulnerability when you feel the wind go past you, but with it come the thrill and the adrenalin. Add the roar of a Harley engine and it just feels complete… and free.

Have you made any notable trips as a group?

Farhan: It was my first riding trip to Kuala Lumpur on the eve of 2018. The adrenalin rush I experienced when riding at speeds beyond 90km/h was invigorating! One of our buddies ended up running out of fuel on the highway. The trip really brought us together and showed how each of us react to emergencies.

Khalis: It was definitely the KL trip on the eve of 2018. There were some memorable incidents along the way, and one of it involved me being the slowest even though I was on the 110ci (slim S). The teamwork we learnt at work was applied here, and more trust and understanding was definitely built between us on the trip.

Is this group of riders within HomeTeamNS going to expand?

Khalis: I believe we will! The Home Team family thrives on adrenalin, so they can definitely appreciate the raw, muscular, heart-pumping action Harleys deliver.

Farhan: For sure. We’re always willing to include like-minded individuals. HomeTeamNS is definitely a good place to reach them as we are all friendly and energetic people.

What would you like to share with those who wish to subscribe to this genre of group motorcycling?

Farhan: Have an open mind. I would not have experienced this thrill had I kept within my comfort zone.

Khalis: Stick to our principles of safety while looking out for others as we enjoy our rides. Always remember that to go fast, you can go alone, but to go far, we have to go together.

Do you feel that HomeTeamNS and the Harley-Davidson brand share similar values?

Khalis: Definitely. I can sum it up in one word: passion. The passion you see in our people as they live up to their uniform is the same passion you see in the riders who enjoy twisting the throttle and roaring down the tarmac.

Farhan: Most definitely. Harley-Davidson is inclusive and welcoming, very much like HomeTeamNS.

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15th March 2024
12:21 PM

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