A first-time scuba diver shares his Sembawang Clubhouse experience

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Testing the Waters – There’s a first time for everything! A HomeTeamNS volunteer dipped his toes into scuba-diving at our Sembawang clubhouse.


HomeTeamNS Sembawang recently welcomed a new dive centre – Diventures Scuba – and club members and friends were invited to give scuba-diving a try. Here’s what Ordinary member Mohamad Khaidir bin Rahman thought of his experience.

Share your before- and after-class thoughts with us.

With this being my first scuba-diving experience, I was slightly nervous prior to the class as I was concerned about the underwater breathing techniques. I understood that it involves a certain amount of control, which would determine the ease with which, and how long, I could stay underwater.

I was encouraged to try out scuba-diving because I wanted to experience the wonder of being fully submerged in water. The feeling of weightlessness was something I wanted to be exposed to, and during the class, it felt great. Plus the instructors were really assuring underwater, and this helped boost my underwater confidence. It was an amazing experience all in all.

Did you face any difficulties during the class?

When water leaked into my scuba mask, I struggled a bit. It took some time and practice before I managed to clear the water from my mask. The encouragement I received from the instructors really helped.

Any further thoughts on the try-out?

I am definitely considering signing up for the course with my family members. I think this is also a good bonding activity for my NS buddies and me to pick up together.