New Speed Wall record at MSD Clip ‘n Climb Challenge

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Stretching the Limits – Clip ‘n Climb Challenge – a HomeTeamNS Most Supportive Division (MSD) event – is back for its second year.


In March, 120 NSmen and NSFs from Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) turned up at HomeTeamNS Tampines’ Clip ‘n Climb arena, eager to clinch the championship for the 2nd MSD challenge
of the year.

There were 18 walls for the participants to take up, and they had to complete as many as possible within the stipulated time of 30 minutes.

At the Clip ‘n Climb Speed Wall, which all the teams had to climb, ProCom achieved an impressive timing of 4.84 seconds, breaking last year’s record of 5.55 seconds.

ProCom emerged champion, with a perfect score of 720! Close behind them were TransCom (1st Runner-up) and 4th Division (2nd Runner-up).

COL Lee Yam Ming, General Secretary, HomeTeamNS Management Committee, who graced the event as guest of honour, had a whale of a time with all the participants.

What made this year’s challenge unique was the inclusion of participants’ family members. They didn’t just come to show support for their loved ones – they also competed in our recreational segment, the Children’s Laser Quest Mission.

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