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12 reasons to head to our clubhouses this December hols

Check out the awesome activities happening at our clubhouses in the month of December.

Bukit Batok Clubhouse

Laser Quest Mission Marathon

6 Dec (Wed), 10am-12pm @ Laser Quest Arena | $16 |

Unlimited game play for 2 hours!

Adventure Day Out

10 Dec (Sun), 10am-1pm @ Adventure Centre | $60 |

Conquer the Challenge Cube and High Rope Course!

Christmas @ T-Play

24-25 Dec (Sun-Mon) @ T-Play |

Great fun for kids, with an appearance by Santa!

NS50 Swimming Course Promos

1-31 Dec |

New sign-ups enjoy 50% off the regular course fees, a complimentary swimming kit, and a trial class. T&Cs apply.

Balestier Clubhouse

Master Tree Challenge & Christmas Light-up

9 Dec (Sat), 4-8pm @ Lobby |

Win prizes in our decorate-a-tree competition and/or lucky draw!

Facilities Booking Promotions

1-31 Dec |

Celebrate the Yuletide season with us! We’re offering you a not-to-be-missed 50% off the usual rates for bookings of the following facilities:
• Tennis Court • Street Soccer Court • Dance Studio • Games Room

Sembawang Clubhouse

Poolside Movie Screening

16 Dec (Sat), 7.30-10.30am @ Poolside | | 6708-6675

Splash in with us for a movie by the pool!

12 Days to Christmas

13-24 Dec @ Lobby | | 6708-6675

Countdown to Christmas with us. We have daily activities like craft work, terrarium-building ($5 fee), storytelling and more!

Elves' Mischief

1-15 Dec @ Lobby | | 6708-6675

[NS50 Exclusive] Share with us what you love most about HomeTeamNS Sembawang, and one (realistic) gift you would love to receive this Christmas. The Elves might just grant your wish!

Tampines Clubhouse

Ultimate Boot Camp

2-3 Dec (Sat-Sun) @ Clip ‘n’ Climb, Laser Quest Arena & Bukit Batok Adventure Centre | | 6705-9418

Join us for a 2-day-1-night whirlwind of family fun!

Gingerbread House Workshop

24 Dec (Sun), 2-4pm @ Party Room | $15 | | 6705-9418

Learn to make a classic gingerbread house!

Candyland Christmas

24-25 Dec (Sun-Mon) @ Clip ‘n’ Climb & Laser Quest Arena | | 6705-9418

We’ve got lucky dips and treasure hunts going. Feeling lucky?

New Year's Eve Carnival

31 Dec (Sun) | | | 6705-9418

With so many exciting activities to choose from, you’ll be utterly spoilt for choice!

Club Buzz

Hello there, The Living Space


You’re organising your next gathering with your family or best buddies and you’re probably thinking: “My home is too small” or “To clean up aft er is such a turn-off !” Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Welcome to The Living Space – a concept venue that looks just like a home, minus the bedrooms. It’s cosy, comfortable and, most of all, configurable!

Over 150 NSmen, members and families attended the launch of The Living Space at HomeTeamNS Sembawang on 9 September. The new facility was unveiled by LTC (NS) Sim Meng San, Chairman, and members of the Sembawang Executive Committee. Invited guests and participants were treated to movie screenings, coffee appreciation workshops,terrarium building sessions, story-telling sessions and a furniture-building challenge. The Living Space is bigger than a five-room HDB flat, and is fi tted with gaming consoles, KTV and sound entertainment systems, modular furniture and multi-angled projection systems. It even has its own kitchenette and an island bar counter! This makes it perfect for parties, gatherings, celebrations, team building workshops and even informal meetings, for 40 to 50 people. PTE (NS) Muhd Firdaus said: “It’s going to be another reason to hang out more often at HomeTeamNS Sembawang. Besides coming to makan, work out, go prawning and swim, I can now book this space to lepak [relax] with my NS buddies!”

Chope (book) a slot from now till 31 December 2017 and get two hours free! Quote “Frontline x TLS” to enjoy this promotion. Rates start from $640 for a four-hour block. E-mail for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

Club Buzz

Ho Jiak Food Festival


HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok celebrated Singapore’s 52nd birthday with Ho Jiak Food Festival, lucky draws and a Gold Class live screening of the National Parade at its 236-seat auditorium. Members at the screening bagged the NS50 goodie bag, fried chicken, corn-in-a-cup, popcorn, ice cream and beverages while watching the show.

Said SGT (NS) Kan Teck San: “My wife and I had such an enjoyable day. We enjoyed the food, which added to the wonderful celebratory atmosphere.” MAJ (NS) Toh Lim Kai was glad to celebrate the nation’s birthday at HomeTeamNS. “The emcee did a fantastic job hosting the games, and creating opportunities for us to find out more about HomeTeamNS and NS50,” he said. CPL (NS) Tan Soo Hiang added enthusiastically: “We took home two of the 10 lucky draw prizes.”

Club Buzz

Colours aplenty at National Gallery


A riot of colours featuring 120 paintings, sculptures, videos and installations by iconic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama greeted HomeTeamNS members and their families at the National Gallery on National Day.

“Kusama’s exhibits were expressive, full of vibrant colours and appealing to all ages,” said LTC (NS) Sim Meng San. Wendy Toh, wife of DSP (NS) Tan Pheng Soon, said their kids enjoyed Kusama’s art exhibits tremendously. She added: “The buffet dinner was also awesome. It was so thoughtful of HomeTeamNS to think of filling up our bellies before the big fireworks show!”

SUPT (NS) Nicholas Phua enjoyed catching up with long-lost NS buddies. “We reminisced about old times while our children took part in the fringe activities. Watching the fireworks display up close was definitely the highlight for us,” he said.

SUPT (NS) Nicholas Phua enjoyed catching up with long-lost NS buddies. “We reminisced about old times while our children took part in the fringe activities. Watching the fireworks display up close was definitely the highlight for us,” he said.

Club Buzz

Police Coast Guards Rule the Pool


Swimming powerhouses from SPF and SCDF made their marks at the third successful edition of the HomeTeamNS REAL®Swim. The REAL® Swim 2017 was one of the first swimming races to be held at the newly opened Our Tampines Hub Swimming Complex.

The race attracted over 300 Home Team NSmen, members, families and friends on 12 August. As part of the NS50 commemorative activities, which celebrate 50 years of National Service in Singapore, a new 50-lap category was introduced this year. While it surprised no one that the top awards went to the Police Coast Guard and Marine Command, AC Lee Chin Ek, Assistant General Secretary, HomeTeamNS, noted that Pro-Com finished strong this year by clinching the 2nd Runner-Up spot in the REAL® Swim Team Challenge. The Police Coast Guards were clearly dominant – Team 1 and Team 2 were awarded Champion and 3rd Runner-Up respectively.

Apart from the main swimming races, the event also saw fringe activities such as Aqua Zumba, Aqua Tabata, Stand-up Paddle Trials, and a Flippaball Challenge, in which everyone could participate and have fun together.

One participant, SSSGT (NS) Archer Wee, 40, raced in the morning and then went on to swim with his two daughters in the 20-lap Fun Swim. “The best thing about this event was that there was time for me to be competitive, and there was also time for me to just relax and spend time with my family.

I am so proud that my daughters and I managed to complete the fun swim together,” he shared. For more information on HomeTeamNS healthy lifestyle events, log on to

Individual Veteran CategoryIndividual (NSMen) CategoryIndividual (NSF) Category

DAC (NS) Chan Soon Chee from Singapore Police Force

CPL (NS) Syed Ilyas Aljunied from Singapore Civil Defence Force

NSF NSI Tang Lingxi from Police Coast Guard
1st runner-up

ASP (NS) Chen Kuoh Sheung John from Singapore Police Force
1st runner-up

NSI (NS) Sufiyan Hadi Bin Armita from Singapore Polcie Coast Guard
1st runner-up

CPL (NS) Mekal Ziad El Heluo from Singapore Civil Defence Force
2nd runner-up

CPL (NS) Tan Zhen Wei from Singapore Police Force
2nd runner-up

SSG (NS) Teo Wei Yang Kenneth from Singapore Police Force
2nd runner-up

SGT (NS) Chu Bay Min Ben from Singapore Civil Defence Force
Club Buzz

SpartaNS United


NBA legend Kobe Bryant once said:

Sports are such great teachers. I think of everything they’ve taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences.

At HomeTeamNS, forging camaraderie through competitions is just the right recipe for deepening the bonds among Home Team NSmen and NSFs. Previously known as the Inter-Division Competition, the HomeTeamNS Most Supportive Division (MSD) Award is the highest accolade that any NS division is able to achieve through sports and games. The award system is simple – points are awarded to divisions with high levels of participation, and additional points are given for the divisions’ competitive standing in each challenge. This year, HomeTeamNS organised nine challenges, including the Fitness Challenge, Futsal 5, the 0.38 Shooting Competition, the Darts Challenge, the Clip ‘n Climb Challenge, Bowling, the Wheel Challenge, the REAL® Run, and the REAL® Swim. The Wheel Challenge was a unique event introduced this year to test NSmen’s skills with cars and motorbikes. Over 100 participants competed to parallel park a car or change a car’s wheel in the shortest time. Bike riders had to complete a plank challenge, and those who managed to maintain their balance for the longest times garnered boisterous cheers.

However, traditional challenges such as the HomeTeamNS Fitness Challenge continued to attract both NSmen and NSFs. Some might find it hard to believe that NSmen are willing to push their fitness levels and participate in push-ups, sit-ups, a 2.4 km run, and sprint and relay events. LTA Low Kua Eng, NS Personnel officer for 3rd SCDF Division, shared: “I am proud to see NSmen finding time to train and participate in this event. It is quite a sight to see NSmen from different divisions coming together to make new friends, compete, and have fun.”

Futsal 5 also saw the Airport Police Division (APD) participating for the fi rst time. SUPT (NS) Mulyadi Ahmad fondly shared that he treated the team to breakfast before the tournament, and was proud that his fellow NSmen clinched the 2nd Runner-Up position in their maiden football tournament at HomeTeamNS. “These fellas could have won first place if I’d promised them lunch and dinner,” he quipped.

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The Last Hurrah


On Saturday, 22 July, Mr Desmond Lee, President of HomeTeamNS, and Mr Hoong Wee Teck, Commissioner of Police, hosted the Reunion @ Old Police Academy (OPA) for all SPF National Servicemen, retired and serving officers, and their families to recognise National Servicemen as part of the year-long NS50 celebrations. The OPA was the training ground of police officers from 1929 to 2005. A few Police National Servicemen decided to hold one last hurrah and a final walk down memory lane before six of its buildings give way to the construction of the Mount Pleasant MRT station.

To mark this special occasion, specially selected berets, nametags and a whistle, among other artefacts, were stored in a time capsule to be opened only in 2067. And guests were led on a heritage walk, which passed through several iconic areas of the OPA compound.

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NSMEN HOMECOMING- Rekindling Bonds


As part of the year-long NS50 celebrations, Mr Desmond Lee, President of HomeTeamNS and Second Minister for Home Affairs, announced the launch of HomeTeamNS Alumni Connect. Dubbed Singapore’s first National Service (NS) social broker, the Alumni Connect programme is the first of its kind in Singapore to forge alumni communities and strengthen the affiliation between NSmen and the Home Team family. Alumni Connect will provide secretariat services via the HomeTeamNS50 mobile app, and assist to re-connect NSmen with their fellow comrades from the same training batch or division. The app also serves as a one-stop shop for the Home Team NS community to access other NS50 activities, announcements and recognition packages.

Launched in conjunction with the exclusive premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming on 2 July to almost 1,000 HomeTeamNS members and their families, it was announced that Alumni Connect aims to build a network of 65 NS Alumni groups in the next two years. The feedback gathered from these groups will be used to plan future NSmen activities and clubhouses.

Other events NSmen can look forward to include NS50 editions of its signature sports events, including REAL Run and REAL Swim, more movie premieres, food festivals, free car rental and reunions at the Old Police Academy.

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The Home Team Show and Festival 2017 (HTSF), which took place from 3 to 7 May, features “one Home One Team” as its theme. It stressed that Singapore is our “One Home” to protect, and that the Home Team and the community must work together as “one Team” to ensure its safety and security.

HTSF paid tribute to all Home Team officers – regulars, civilians and National Servicemen – and ran in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of NS.

Significantly, this year also marks 20 years of the Home Team concept where Home Team departments work closely, thus enhancing operational effectiveness.

Gracing the Festival on 6 May as Guest of Honour was President Tony Tan, who thanked Home Team officers and NSmen for their dedication and commitment to protecting Singaporeans.

President Tony Tan was the Guest of Honour at the HTSF 2017

Stressing that everyone is responsible in keeping Singapore safe in the face of terrorism, he added: “With the Home Team working hand in hand with the community, I am confident that Singapore will continue to be a safe and secure home for all of us.”

Visitors at the Home Team Vehicle Display got close to the SPF Bomb and Explosives Investigation Division command vehicle and SCDF emergency medical technician bike, among others.

HTSF’s Waterfront Activities showcased Home Team maritime capabilities, featuring the Police Coast Guard and SCDF vessels. It had static displays and high-speed boat chases and stunts.

The Gala Show, created by creative director Dick Lee, wowed 5,000 people at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It had short films interspersed with performances by top local singers and Home Team officers.

There was a parade of 11 contingents – Guard-of-Honour, Flag Party, Singapore Police Force (SPF) Band, various Home Team departments, a volunteer contingent, National Police Cadet Corps and National Civil Defence Cadet Corps.

Home Team officers who died in the line of duty were also honoured by the audience as a single bagpipe played Amazing Grace.

A huge screen that took one entire side of the stadium provided vivid projections. Together with pyrotechnics and fire on stage, these drummed in the terrorism threat, featuring the bombing of a fictitious local mall and response by the emergency services.

Taufik Batisah opened the Gala Show with a festival theme song by Dick Lee

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also thanked the Home Team. In a video, he said: “We trust you and we have confidence in you.”

While the Home Team has made Singapore one of the safest cities, he added: “Nevertheless, we must remain vigilant. We face new security threats. The Home Team will build new capabilities to meet the challenges.”

HTSF comprised an exhibition, displays and a gala show in the Singapore Sports Hub vicinity. The exhibition area features four zones:

Themes “Who We Are”, it featured life-sized multimedia displays showcasing Home team officers sharing their stories.

“What We Do” showcased rescue equipment that visitors could touch, to learn about the tools that officers use in their missions.

“How We Come Together” featured Home Team joint-operation demonstrations to take down criminals and shut down drug trafficking.

The “Ready For The Future” exhibition highlighted future capabilities as part of the Home team transformation.


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