When Technology and Innovation Meets Gym Workouts

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From immersive workouts harnessing virtual reality to special equipment and recovery zones, these innovative gyms and classes take your fitness routine to a whole new level.


Supercharged workouts

Clad yourself in VisionGym Singapore’s PowerSuit, which channels electric impulse currents to deep muscle layers that are said to be more difficult to stimulate during conventional training. The fitness studio – which specialises in electro muscle stimulation – has trainers who control these currents to drive more energy, speed, strength, endurance and mobility in each 20-minute workout. Exercising this way is said to minimise injuries, whether you’re doing strength training or have a weight loss goal.

Ride on

Pedal furiously through ancient jungles, barrel through fiery lava rings, and fly down steep glaciers to pulsating beats during THE TRIP™. The 30- to 40-minute Les Mills spin class – which features videos projected onto ultra-wide screens offering 260-degree views – is offered at Pure Fitness outlets with immersive studios. The gyms also offer virtual-reality-based cycling experiences, complete with goggles, that transform regular rides into high-octane car races and horseback riding sessions.

Making waves

Co-founded by former national water polo players and a yoga instructor, The Fitness Project helps you to master calisthenics like push-ups and squats, as well as yoga and pilates moves, on water. Conducted in a pool, its workouts see participants balancing on special floating mats to engage smaller muscles commonly neglected in conventional exercises, and focus on injury prevention.

Run and recover

Move over, “dreadmills” – here come the Woodway Curve (self-powered treadmill), Sproing (treadmill with soft cushion base to simulate beach running) and Skillmill (non-motorised treadmill that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training), found at selected Virgin Active gyms. After a thorough workout, kick back in temperature- and humidity-controlled Himalayan salt rooms for cleansing the respiratory tract before rejuvenating under experiential showers infused with essential oils.