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Insider concert survival guide: Navigate concerts like a pro with these tips

Secured your tickets to a must-see live music event? Here are strategies for an unforgettable concert experience.

Secured your tickets to a must-see live music event? Here are strategies for an unforgettable concert experience.



Music-wise, Singapore is rocking it in 2024 with a slew of live concerts from critically-acclaimed artists like Coldplay and Taylor Swift, to shows from GRAMMY award-winning artist Bruno Mars, Korean singer-songwriter IU, and former One Direction member Niall Horan, who will be gracing our shores next.

If you’ve snagged tickets to a highly-anticipated upcoming gig, here are tips from our Home Team NSmen on how to have the best time – from beating the post-concert travel crowd to concert etiquette and post-concert supper options.


Whether it’s for personal comfort, safety of your belongings, or to get to places quickly, try to keep it simple on concert day. “Be minimal, for example, dressing lightly and comfortably (within theme of course!) because Singapore’s weather can be unforgiving,” says content creator SGT1 (NS) Fauzi Aziz, who volunteers with the HomeTeamNS Branding and Publicity committee. “Bag checks are notoriously troublesome too. So, if you can carry a small bag or even do without one, that would be great.” 

Fauzi Aziz at Taylor Swift's 'The Eras Tour'


For a better overall experience, getting to know the band or artist in advance is recommended. “I would listen to the setlist on repeat for a week or so in advance,” says CPL (NS) Tedrick Chin, Officer, Corporate Communications at HomeTeamNS. “Alongside that, I’d listen to the songs that the band or artist has performed for the tour in other destinations prior to their show in Singapore.”

Tedrick Chin (first from right) after ONE OK ROCK's 'Luxury Disease Asia Tour'

Fauzi agrees, “It’s especially useful to familiarise myself with songs that I may not have listened to before. I also try to learn some lyrics because I love singing along at concerts.”


Everyone wants to have a good time so it’s important to be gracious and practise social distancing as well. “Be aware of the people around you and be respectful of them and their space. I know it’s easy to get away with the energy of the concert but it’s for the safety of yourself and others,” Fauzi says. “Personally, I do appreciate standing room tickets because you get to stand up freely during the concert, but I try to stand at the back so I’d be more comfortable and safe throughout.”

Tedrick adds, “If you are in the standing pen, don’t push. It makes for a terrible experience getting shoved around by so many people.”

Sharne Sulaiman (middle) at HONNE's 'May 2023 Asia Tour'

Architect CPL (NS) Sharne Sulaiman, who volunteers with the HomeTeamNS Strategic Review committee, says, “No phones please. It’s very common to raise your phone in the air to video something spectacular, but it can block the person behind you from enjoying that experience. We know the video is ‘for the gram’ so take that eight-second video and enjoy the rest of the concert. The sound quality recorded on your phone will never beat what you hear in person on the day itself.”


Concert tickets are hot property these days and getting prepared before the pre-sale event is a must-do to secure your seats. Sharne advises, “Stay updated by subscribing to e-newsletters from SISTIC, Esplanade, Live Nation, and other concert venues and organisers. Try to be members on all these platforms so you’ll have higher changes of getting privileged first releases.”

Coldplay's 'Music of the Spheres World Tour' captured by Daryl Seah

During the pre-sale event, you can “increase your odds of purchasing tickets by opening multiple tabs and logging into the ticketing platform beforehand,” says CPL (NS) Daryl Seah, Executive, Events and Sales at HomeTeamNS.

Fauzi suggests going solo. “I don’t mind going to concerts alone so it might be easier to get single tickets than for a large group of friends. In a previous concert experience, I bought a single ticket a couple of rows below my friends who were going and on the day itself, I managed to swap seats with the person who sat beside my friends,” he shares.


Round-up your outing with a satisfying meal. Fast food is an easy, inexpensive option that’s suitably indulgent. Other good options that open late or 24 hours include Daryl’s favourites: Hai Di Lao and Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant.

“My personal favourite supper spot is Zamas at River Valley. It’s further from the usual concert venues but that to me is the selling point because you don’t want to have to squeeze with everyone at the spots nearby. My go-to order is Maggi goreng and teh pandan,” Fauzi adds.


Travelling home is always one of the least favourite parts of any concert experience. However, we live in an age where shuttle bus services such as Grab Shuttle are now available, making the trip home a little more bearable.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel like getting caught in the squeeze as you enter Stadium MRT, consider walking a little further to Mountbatten or Kallang MRT stations. Daryl shares, “After the concert, concertgoers can walk over to Mountbatten MRT station to avoid the crowd as there is always a crowd entering Stadium MRT station.”

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