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HomeTeam Volunteer Network: A million ways to help in 2021


2021 brings us a clean slate — the perfect opportunity to start anew and become a better version of ourselves. Five volunteers from the Home Team Volunteer Network share why you should make volunteering your New Year’s resolution.


Volunteer Scheme:

Crime Prevention Ambassador

“Volunteering keeps my passion going forever, as I have a lot of love to serve the people and my nation.”


Volunteer Scheme:

National Police Cadet Corps 

“Volunteering should always be one of our top priorities in life, as it is a treasure trove filled with enriching experiences and satisfaction. It is also purposeful and fulfilling to give back to the society for a good cause. Since we can gain much from developing and helping others, I want to encourage those who are interested to come on board and give volunteering a go!”


Volunteer Scheme:

Anti-Drug Abuse Advocacy (A3) Network

“Volunteering teaches us how to appreciate the small things in life and gives us a sense of fulfilment. There are many people in the community who needs help in different aspects of their lives, and it is important that we give back to society. A little help goes a long way and every action will benefit others in one way or another. Through volunteering, I have learnt that it is the little things that matter most. I encourage everyone to lend a helping hand to those in need.


Volunteer Scheme:

Yellow Ribbon Project

“When we make a resolution to volunteer, we are setting an honourable goal to do something useful — not only for ourselves, but for the beneficiaries of the services we volunteer with. It may be a small action on our part, but it means a lot to the beneficiaries. Volunteering may not be the solution to everything but it’s a start to something.”


Volunteer Scheme:

National Civil Defence Cadet Corps

“Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose, as it allows me to meet new people and contribute to the community. Through volunteering, I have developed social skills and learnt to understand the needs of others better. It has also boosted my mental and physical health!”

Visit for more information on our volunteer schemes.

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