Frontline Magazine FAQ

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In light of HomeTeamNS’ digitalisation and sustainability efforts, our bi-monthly Frontline magazine will be fully digital by July 2021. This move will reduce our carbon footprint and provide you with more content on a monthly basis.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Digital With Us!


The shift from print to digital is in line with our digitalisation and sustainability efforts to cater to the changing needs of current and future generations of NSmen, and their families.

Enjoy the multi-sensory delivery of a wide range of stories and information on the latest exciting happenings and membership promotions that you can get with your HomeTeamNS membership. You will be able to read on the move, skip to a specific topic seamlessly, and obtain information quickly in the touch of a fingertip with the new digital format.

Frontline can be accessed from, or from HomeTeamNS mobile app. The Frontline magazine is mobile friendly.

The last print version of Frontline will be the May/Jun 2021 issue. There will be no option available to continue receiving Frontline in hard copy after the cessation of the print edition.

If your email is registered with HomeTeamNS, you will be automatically opted in for the digital magazine. If you do not have a registered email, please register your email via the Members Portal.

Frontline Newsletter will be sent to the registered email address that is tied to your HomeTeamNS membership. Should you wish to update your email address, kindly do so via the Members Portal.

The print edition of Frontline is distributed on a complimentary basis to HomeTeamNS members who have subscribed for it as part of their privileges.

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