5 Fun Facts about CPL (NS) Muhammad Sholihin bin Rahman

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CPL (NS) Muhammad Sholihin bin Rahman shares how he stays agile and alert to carry out his life-saving duties as a first responder.

How do you stay fit?

Muay Thai one of the best ways to keep fit, relieve stress and socialise with other people. It also gives me confidence.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not training for sports?

I like to play the mobile shooting game “Call of Duty”.

How would you describe yourself?

I am an easy-going person. Sometimes, people might mistakenly think that I’m unfriendly when they first meet me. I’m also very flexible so I can adapt to situations and people easily.

Which teacher or mentor has inspired you in life or your sports training?

I look up to people who can still engage in the physical training that I do when they’re in their 40s. My former mixed martial arts coach, who has already turned 40, can still beat me in combat.

What are the three values that matter most to you?

Respect, integrity and kindness.

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