5 easy warm-ups to get your day started

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GET FIT FAST – Power up for the day ahead with these super-quick morning exercises that condition and energise both body and mind.

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Rev up your metabolism and get your blood pumping with these easy fast-paced moves.

Run In Place

Find a comfortable area and run on the spot, remembering to engage your core, swing your arms, and lift your feet as high as possible to increase your heart rate. For a more intense workout, increase your speed. Slow down during the last minute to help your body recover.

Jog for up to five minutes.


Begin in a squat position, with your hands on the floor in front of you. Now kick your feet back so that you’re in a push-up position, and immediately return your feet to your original squat position. Jump as high as you can from this position.

Do up to 10 reps.


This popular yoga pose eases and strengthens your spine and internal organs, and improves breathing.

Cat Pose

Get on all fours, with your shoulders directly over your hands and your hips directly over your knees. Look straight ahead. Now exhale, drop your chin to your chest, and lower the crown of your head, gently arching your back as you do so. Bring your navel up to your spine and breathe gently as you hold this pose for 10 seconds. Return to your original position.

Do three to five reps.


These easy exercises help loosen you up. Goodbye, sore shoulders, stiff hips and tight quads!

Shoulder Rolls

Get on all fours on your bed, positioning your shoulders over your hands. Keeping your elbows straight, rotate your right shoulder clockwise, performing 10 circles before switching direction. Repeat with the left shoulder.

Do three reps per shoulder.

Quadriceps Stretch

Standing with your feet together and your hips straight, bend your right knee back and grab your right foot in your right hand. Try to keep your knees and body straight as you hold this pose for 30 seconds. Release your right leg and repeat with your left leg.

Do three reps per leg.


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