Home Team Volunteers on a Learning Trip

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Sharing responsibility – Find out how volunteering with the Home Team can make good citizenry more meaningful.

Home Team volunteers are ordinary people from among us who are on an extraordinary mission. There are currently 13 volunteer schemes and Home Team volunteers hold diverse roles, ranging from frontline operations to sharing their knowledge and expertise to help safeguard against scams, and keeping our homes and communities safe from fires, among other exciting roles. Those in the different volunteer schemes can look forward to learn skills such as self-defence techniques, lifesaving skills, and also soft skills like engagement and public speaking.

In addition, the Home Team believes that it is also important for volunteers to interact with each other, and to have an understanding about the larger safety and security landscape. Therefore, another training highlight for volunteers is the series of learning journey sessions during which they get to visit different Home Team establishments, such as the Emergency Preparedness Centre and Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, Changi Airport, Police Coast Guard, Changi Prison Complex and so forth. Known as “Walking With the Home Team” (WWHT), these experiential visits bring together volunteers from various Home Team Departments to get a better insight into the work of, and challenges faced by, regular Home Team Officers.

Come join the Home Team, and help keep our Singapore safe and secure!

Visit to Pre-release Centre at Changi Prison Complex – Volunteers visited the Visual Arts Hub (VAH) which uses art as a tool for rehabilitation, allowing inmates to express themselves via various art forms such as painting, batik design or pottery.

Visit to Marina Bay Neighbourhood Police Centre – Volunteers had the chance to gear up and have a taste of what it feels like to put on frontline equipment such as bullet proof vests and riot gear.

Visit to Changi Airport Terminal 4 – Volunteers got a behind-the-scenes look at how technology is helping to create a seamless passenger experience from immigration clearance and centralised security screening.

Volunteers from the Civil Defence Lionhearter (CDLH) Club at the Emergency Preparedness Centre and Civil Defence Heritage Gallery.

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