HomeTeamNS Cohesion: Team-building At Its Finest

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With the belief that combined efforts are more productive and effective, HomeTeamNS team-building and cohesion programmes unite and build camaraderie among NSmen.


The HomeTeamNS Cohesion initiative has flourished since its inception in 2014. From just a handful of activities then to its current offering of over 40 different activities, the team works closely with respective National Service commanders to customise the sessions according to the needs and preferences of the units.

The activities range from indoor to outdoor and low- to high-impact, all of which promote esprit de corps among the men. Some of these unique team-building activities include Laser Quest, Clip ‘n Climb, Giant Uno and Pool Soccer, which are held within the HomeTeamNS clubhouses.

In 2018, 32,000 NSmen from various Ministry of Home Affairs agencies got to experience over 300 Cohesion programmes.

As part of its constant search for new and invigorating team-building pursuits, 21 new activities have been introduced this year. The exciting line-up includes pedal go-kart, jungle darts and art jamming, among others. All were well received by the participants.

“Creating an event with such an energetic and enthusiastic bunch is not only a breeze but an enjoyable experience. Well done, HomeTeamNS!”
– Neo Jin Xian , Singapore Civil Defence Force

“I think Cohesion is a step above what we typically experience at work and in general. We don’t really get to rest, but we are able to have fun, and relieve stress in an informal environment without the pressure of balancing work-life and National Service.”
– Zachary Adam Cain, Singapore Civil Defence Force

“There was never an activity that was not well received by our Police NS counterparts. HomeTeamNS has proven to be a highly reliable, independent and proactive organisation that is willing to go the extra mile in facilitating and meeting customers’ expectations.”
– Muhammad Hafiz, Singapore Police Force


For more information on HomeTeamNS Cohesion, visit here.

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