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Taking Pride in their Voluntary Service


Long-serving HTVN volunteers share their most memorable experiences with the Home Team.

Why did you volunteer with the Home Team Volunteer Network (HTVN)?

CPT (NCDCC) Peh: Since young, I had always dreamt of becoming a firefighter. I was elated when I was given the opportunity to join National Civil Defence Corps (NCDCC) as part of its pioneer batch of cadets in 2005. In NCDCC, I learnt many useful skills, including basic civil defence knowledge, how to lead others and how to better serve the community.

DSP (NPCC) Song: I joined National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) as a co-curricular activity during my secondary school days. I enjoyed the activities and peer camaraderie so much that I continued my NPCC journey as a Cadet Inspector with my alma mater when I moved on to Polytechnic. I was happy to guide my juniors in mastering their core skills. In the process, I also had opportunities to hone my leadership, planning and organisational skills. This spurred me on to carry on serving NPCC after my NS.

Ustaz Noor: I started volunteering with the Family and Inmates Throughcare Assistance Haven (FITRAH) programme at the Singapore Prison Service (SPS), as I wanted to help inmates who have ‘lost their direction’. I see a lot of unfulfilled potential in them to excel and succeed in life. The key is in taking the first step in the right direction. However, that first step is always the hardest, so I want to act as their mentor and guide them.

Share with us a memorable volunteering experience.

CPT (NCDCC) Peh: It was when I participated in the NCDCC 10th Year Anniversary Parade as the Parade Commander in 2015. It was a significant parade that commemorated our hard work and achievements in the first decade. I remember training with many others for months in the lead-up to the parade. Seeing the development in NCDCC over the years really excites and inspires me to continue serving in the Corps.

DSP (NPCC) Song: I am the Assistant Commandant for Area 14, where I’m responsible for managing a cluster of NPCC units and volunteers. When I was first appointed, I had to get to know everyone, from teachers to volunteers, as well as understand the culture and how the Area operates. I quickly got into my tasked role and helped all the units attain the Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) the following year. The journey towards this unprecedented achievement was filled with challenges, but seeing everyone’s effort come to fruition made it worthwhile and memorable.

Ustaz Noor: A man once walked up to me with his family and told me he had gone through my counselling sessions in prison. After he was integrated back into society, he listened to my advice and turned his life around by furthering his studies and eventually landed a job in a good company. I have encountered many individuals who approach me to thank me, but this was the most memorable, as I could see the grateful faces of his family members.

Any advice for those who are keen on volunteering with HTVN?

CPT (NCDCC) Peh: Step forward and be part of us. Regardless of the area you are interested to contribute in, it will surely make the community better and safer.

DSP (NPCC) Song: Regardless of your role, when you are passionate and committed in rendering your service to the organisation, it will keep you going and wanting to contribute more — and this can only benefit more people.

Ustaz Noor: Volunteering is very rewarding and fulfilling as you know that you are making a difference to someone’s life and future.

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