Seeing double: A Father’s Day celebration

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Nine father-child pairs struck a pose for an online look-alike contest organised by HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse.

To commemorate Father’s Day, HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse organised a Dad-Child Look-alike Contest on its Facebook Page in May.

Nine father-child duos shared their photographs, which ranged from individual infant photos to the pair dressed in the same outfits. And what a close fight it was! Three lucky pairings walked away with a free 1-hour Studio Family Photography Session (worth $288) with Pierre Ooi Photography. “Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I appreciate and am grateful for it,” shared a participant.

Congratulations to Mr Dickson Tan, Mr Az Mohd, and Mr Grayson Wong for their winning submissions.

Mr Grayson Wong (left) and his dad during the senior’s birthday.
Photos of Mr Dickson Tan (right) and his son (left) when they were six months old, but 34 years apart. (PHOTO: Dickson Tan)
Mr Az Mohd (left) with his identical-looking son.

Keep a lookout for upcoming similar events at HomeTeamNS-JOM’s Facebook Page by clicking here.

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