Protectors of the sea

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The Singapore port is one of the busiest in the world, with ships arriving or departing every three minutes. Our nation’s reputation as a leading maritime hub is due in no small part to the tireless efforts of Police Coast Guard (PCG) officers like SC/SGT (1) Haziq Syabirin and SC/SGT (1) Haziq Bin Noorman, who patrol Singapore’s territorial waters.
Before PCG officers can be deployed for patrols out at sea, they are required to undergo a rigorous 12-week Maritime Policing Course (MPC), where Emergency Response Team (ERT) training is part of the curriculum. The MPC covers navigation, seamanship, vessel boarding and search drills, weapons drills and live firing. The training can be challenging but SC/SGT (1) Haziq Syabirin found the experience rewarding, sharing that it taught him the importance of teamwork, and allowed him to build strong camaraderie among his course mates.

Upon completion of the course, the officers are posted to their respective regional bases — and it is there that they start performing boat patrols. The officers would soon discover the intricacies of seafaring, where volatile weather conditions and sea states could make navigation challenging and unpredictable.
“Every man who has served National Service has his own experience to share, and I am proud to have served with PCG.”
SC/SGT (1) Haziq Syabirin
While on patrol, the officers are called upon to respond to a wide variety of cases. SC/SGT (1) Haziq Bin Noorman vividly remembers saving a teenager who was stranded at sea. The rainy weather and rough water conditions had carried the victim far out to sea, but SC/SGT (1) Haziq Bin Noorman and his team managed to successfully rescue him.

Both SC/SGT (1) Haziq Syabirin and SC/SGT (1) Haziq Bin Noorman share that such cases teach them to be calm and confident when dealing with difficult situations. PCG provides a holistic experience for PNS officers and grooms them to be matured and disciplined individuals.
“PCG is unique when compared to the other units in SPF. Officers from PCG get to experience patrolling onboard a boat out at sea and witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset.”
SC/SGT (1) Haziq Bin Noorman

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