Preparing For A Rainy Day

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The SPF holds financial planning workshops for PNSFs to help them manage and improve their finances.


Many of us have heard the idiom, ‘save for a rainy day’, but few of us heed the advice. A 2017 survey conducted by Singapore’s national financial programme MoneySense found that half of working adults aged 17 to 29 had not started on any financial planning, thinking that it was too early.

The survey also found that among those who have not started planning, slightly more than one quarter did not know where or how to start. The conclusion was that Singaporeans need to be more proactive in working towards their financial goals.

To help Full-Time Police National Servicemen (PNSFs) begin their financial planning early, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) schedules its PNSFs to attend the Financial Planning for Home Team NSFs Workshop conducted by the Institute for Financial Literacy (IFL). IFL is a collaboration between MoneySense and Singapore Polytechnic Enterprise. As the outreach arm of MoneySense, IFL conducts free and unbiased financial education programmes for the public.

The workshops were previously conducted in a physical setting. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were moved online to ensure compliance with Safe Management Measures.

“PNSFs should begin financial planning as early as possible to ensure that their financial goals can be met.”


The 90-minute online session covers various topics: setting SMART financial goals, practising good financial habits, financial pitfalls, financial products and services, and an overview of the various Government Schemes such as the Central Provident Fund (CPF).

The SPF recognises that financial literacy is a key life skill and hopes that PNSFs will find the sessions useful in preparing them for the future. PNSFs should begin financial planning as early as possible to ensure that their financial goals can be met. Start early for a better future!

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