CPL (NS) Charles Yeo on Making Multimedia Waves

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Growing up, I was never academically inclined. To be frank, studies and my future were the last things on my mind. Suffice to say, I didn’t do well in school.

The turning point came after my N levels, when my dad handed me a newspaper cut-out about a new programme at NAFA – multimedia studies.

At that age, I thought it would be cool to study in the arts field; that I could wear whatever I wanted and hang out with cool kids. So I enrolled at NAFA.

The surprising thing was that I discovered how much I loved the multimedia field. I made a complete turnaround and focused on my studies, which led to me being one of the top students in my cohort.

This interest was further strengthened in NS, where I was attached to the Multimedia Team [formerly known as Corporate Audio Video Section or CAVS].

My superiors supported me, and I created new methods of video production. I believe that was the first time the department had used animation and 3D visual effects.

This experience in NS was an important part in my career as a professional in the multimedia industry. Learning to deal with people of all walks of life and high-ranking officials has taught me how to manage clients and their needs – not to mention managing projects and deadlines.

I set up Vividthree Productions Pte Ltd with two friends after leaving NS. We started with simple graphic design work like doing banners but moved into visual effects, 3D animation and computer-generated imagery as we expanded.

Since then, I have worked on several exciting projects, including doing the visual effects for popular movies like the Ah Boys To Men series.

Most recently, my company was commissioned to produce the overall projection video that was screened at the Home Team Show and Festival. This meant a lot to me as I had the opportunity to work with the Multimedia Team again and contribute back to the Home Team.


Also, this was the first time the Home Team was doing a parade on its own, and I feel very fortunate to be part of the NS50 celebrations. I learnt quite a lot about how the Home Team has evolved through the years, and have a deeper understanding of the sacrifices and hard work put in by our Home Team force.

I am also an advocate of lifelong learning. I have three children and want to set a
good example for them. That is one of the reasons why I am currently pursuing my MBA at the age of 39.

Despite the fact that I was never academically inclined in my youth, I always harboured a secret dream of being a graduate, and am working towards achieving that now.


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