Wheel You Take Up The Challenge? They Did and Sped Their Way Through!

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There was no stopping the participants at the Wheel Challenge as they raced through the go-kart circuit at breakneck speeds.


The Most Supportive Division (MSD) “Wheel You Take Up The Challenge” and kart-nival brought over 150 participants to the KF1 Karting Circuit at the Singapore Turf Club, where Home Team officers, HomeTeamNS members and their families got to ride the extreme 50km/h go-karts.

The MSD challenge among the Home Team officers was intense as they raced
for the Champion’s trophy. Eventually,
J Division Team 1 emerged as the winner. J Division Team 2 was the first runner-up, and Protective Security Command (ProCom) cemented its place as the second runner-up. Guest of honour AC Poh Lye Hin, Assistant General Secretary of the HomeTeamNS Management Committee, handed out the medals and prizes.

After the dust from the MSD racers had settled, HomeTeamNS members and their families also got to enjoy the thrill of speed in the go-karts.

“It was fun but also tiring. The curves were a big challenge and I had to keep the cart under control to prevent crashing into the barrier,” said Effa Bakar, who experienced the racing circuit with her family. “There was a friendly competition among the families, and it gave us an adrenaline rush.”

Carnival games, as well as a sumptuous spread of food stations, were thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees.

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